Chapter 100 - Roasted Meat Restaurant

Chapter 100 of 200 chapters

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Mag nodded. He asked for a pen and paper and wrote down the 9×9 table. In order to explain it better, he wrote down the whole 81 terms. Then he explained the decimal system in detail.

People here were using the sexagesimal system, and it had more than 1,700 terms, so the multiplication and division of two-digit numbers and more were extremely complicated. One would be considered a mathematics expert here if he or she was able to do the division of three-digit numbers and more.

So, before spreading the 9×9 table, this complicated system had to be replaced. History has proved that the decimal system invented by the Chinese sages was the simplest and most universal system. This system and the 9×9 table together were enough to solve most of the mathematical problems in life. It was an era in which the ancient Chinese dominated the whole world in arithmetic.

Luna watched beside Mag, her eyes bright and her mouth wide. She was an arithmetics teacher, and grew up in an arithmetical family. She could see what Amy hadn’t seen.

Although she couldn’t fully understand the decimal system, Mag’s simple and ingenious explanation had helped her see the excellence of this system. She saw infinite possibilities in this system and the catchy 9×9 table.

“Mag, I don’t know if your system is universal, but you’re undoubtedly a genius,” Luna said earnestly as she watched Mag put down the pen.

Smiling, Mag shook his head. “I’m not a genius. I just know a little more than you.” He didn’t know what effect the wisdom of the ancient sages would have on this world.

“I’ll have it delivered to Rodu as soon as possible. I don’t have the ability to verify it or assess its value, but I’m sure it will cause quite a stir in the arithmetic world. And the word ‘Mamy’ won’t be forgotten.” Luna found Mag modest and courteous. He’s a great cook, and a genius in arithmetic. He would even use the word ‘Mamy’ to sign such a great discovery. Talk about spoiling a child.

Such an interesting and mysterious man! Is there anything he can’t do?

Amy gazed at Mag, eyes shining. Even Teacher Luna said Dad is a genius. Dad is indeed amazing.

Mag nodded, smiling. I don’t think they have the concept of thesis or patent in this world, and I don’t plan on using this to make money. It will be our awesome advertisement.

He didn’t come here to teach the 9×9 table. He remembered his mission of finding a magic teacher for Amy. “Miss Field, I’ve come here with Amy to visit you, and I have a question. Can the magic teachers here teach a student outside school hours? Amy is interested in magic, but she’s not old enough to be enrolled, so I want to hire a teacher to teach her some basic knowledge about magic.”

Luna shook her head regretfully. “I’m afraid they can’t. Teachers here are not allowed to provide paid lessons outside school, or they will be dismissed.” Then she took a look at Amy, and added, “Amy can study here next year, but she won’t be able to get access to magic knowledge until she gets older. After her magic talent is confirmed by a magic teacher, she will be taught with other kids like her.”

Never thought Mag would come here personally to find a private magic teacher for Amy, thought Luna.

“I see. Thank you, Miss Field.” Mag was a little disappointed, but he was powerless against their rules. His plans had fallen through. Now he had to find another way.

“Amy is young. There is no need to rush to learn magic. It’s very dull,” Luna said, smiling at Amy.

Amy shook her head. “Teacher Luna, I love magic. I think it’s very interesting.”

Mag and Amy stayed in Luna’s office for a while before they left. When they walked through the gate, the old man and the orc gaped at them with confusion. They didn’t know when they had entered.

I have to have it delivered to my grandfather now. It may prove to be an important turning point in his cause of spreading the knowledge of arithmetics. He will be very interested in him. Luna watched Mag leave by the window, excited. Then she strode to the table, picked up the two pieces of paper, put them in her pocket carefully, and walked out.

“Father, are we going back home now?” Amy asked as she looked up at Mag, holding his finger. She was in a good mood today. Her song had been praised by the children, and she had beaten Parmer with the 9×9 table her father taught her. She didn’t feel inferior to them anymore.

Mag shook his head. “No. Now that we’re out here, we should enjoy ourselves. Let’s go find lunch.” Staying at his restaurant every day was boring, and it was just lunchtime, so he walked towards a pretty busy roasted meat restaurant with Amy. Let me see what this restaurant has to offer.

Ugly Duckling had fallen asleep again. Mag had covered it with the towel, so no one would know what was inside the basket unless it cried out.

The aroma of the roasted meat tickled their noses the moment they walked in. However, Mag frowned. There is a smell of mutton in that aroma. The spice is too pungent; it smells even stronger than pepper.

“Father, are we eating roasted meat?” Amy’s eyes were shining with excitement. She had never had roasted meat before.

Mag was hesitating, debating whether to stay or not. The expectant look on Amy’s face helped him make up his mind. He nodded. “Yes.” They seated themselves by a window.

This restaurant was quite popular on Aden Square, almost as popular as the Fryer Tavern. People always lined up here at dinner time. Even during lunch, the room with over 20 tables was almost full.

Mag took a look at the plate on the table nearby. The mutton had been cut into pieces, a little black. On the surface was some black sauce and seasoning. Two customers were enjoying their meat, talking and laughing, seeming pretty satisfied with the food.

The sauce is not even on the meat, the timing of the seasoning was wrong, the temperature of the fire was too high, the meat has been overcooked. Did an assistant cook make that? One look at the dish and Mag wanted to criticize it.

Smile, I’m an owner of a restaurant now. If I can’t control my vicious tongue, I may be recognized, and they may think I came here to look for trouble. Mag calmed himself down, opened the menu, and ordered a plate of mutton and a plate of beef. These were the most expensive ones on the menu, each plate 88 copper coins.

Mag lifted an eyebrow. Now I understand the looks on their faces when they see our menu. The cheapest was a set meal for children, 20 copper coins, even cheaper than his egg!