Chapter 102 - I Must Be Dreaming

Chapter 102 of 200 chapters

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It was a girl in gray linen-cotton clothes, her head resting on her left arm, which pointed in the direction of the restaurant. She wore her blond hair in a side ponytail. Only one side of her face could be seen. She looked very skinny, and her loose clothes made her seem even smaller.

Amy gazed at the girl, worried. “What happened to her?” Ugly Duckling cried in Amy’s arms.

Why is she lying here? Mag wondered. He crouched down and put a finger under her nose. She’s breathing faintly. I don’t see any injuries. If she doesn’t have any kind of illness, she must have fainted from hunger.

There was a pair of golden horns projecting from her head, like deer horns. Looks like she’s not a human girl. She might be a demon or an orc. I don’t think elves have horns.

“Roa… Roast goose…” the girl murmured suddenly.

Amy’s eyes brightened right away. “Roast goose! Father, she is indeed the Little Match Girl! She has grown up!” Then, she looked at her, and said sympathetically, “Poor girl. Let’s help her, Father. But, Ugly Duckling is so little…”

“Meow! Meow!!” the kitten cried out uneasily.

Mag took a look around. “All right. Let’s help her,” he said. Few people pass by here normally. How long has she been lying here? he wondered.

If someone evil came across her, God knows what would happen to her. Mag opened the door and put the basket on a table. Then he walked over to the girl and helped her up.

Mag could barely lift Amy up now, so he wasn’t able to carry her in his arms. Fortunately, the girl was pretty light. He dragged her slowly into the restaurant and seated her comfortably.

“She’s so beautiful.” Amy’s eyes lit up as she looked at the blonde girl.

Mag was also a little surprised. The girl was very beautiful, and was about 18. Only her slim eyebrows were sticking up like two little swords, adding some sternness to her pretty face.

Right now she looked very pale. Her lips were dry. Maybe she hadn’t had anything for a long time. She curled up on the chair like a little cat. Such a pitiful sight!

Mag took a look at her horns. “Could she be a dragon?” he murmured in a low voice. Then he walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of warm water for her, but she still hadn’t woken up after drinking the water.

“Dad, is she okay?” Amy asked her father, worried.

Mag nodded. “I think she’s just too hungry. I’ll make her some rainbow fried rice for when she wakes up,” he said. If she can’t wake up, maybe I’ll have to make some gruel for her.

“Father, you’re so kind. I’ll be a kind person like you,” Amy said as she looked at Mag with adoring eyes.

Mag nodded, smiling. “That’s my good girl. We should have a good heart and help others when we can. But remember, our safety always comes first. Do not try to be a hero.”

Amy nodded solemnly. “Yes, Father.”

Mag went into the kitchen to cook the fried rice. Amy sat opposite the blonde girl, holding Ugly Duckling in her arms, looking at the girl with a worried look on her face. The kitten reached out its little paw to claw at the table, making a rustling sound.

The blond girl breathed more smoothly after drinking water. She frowned, seemingly trying to wake up, but failed.

Pleasant aroma floated up from the half-closed kitchen. The kitten stopped clawing and craned its little head towards the kitchen, its blue eyes full of desire.

“Stop looking. It’s not for you,” Amy said calmly.

“Meow, meow!” the kitten cried out in frustration and anger. Then it went back into her arms and shut its eyes.

The blonde girl’s nostrils moved slightly as the aroma of the fried rice permeated the room. Her eyelids quivered as if she was struggling to open her eyes.

“Father, she seems to be waking up!” Amy shouted at her father in the kitchen, watching the blonde girl.

Maybe she heard Amy’s shouting, but Yabemiya opened her eyes slowly. Her left eye was golden, while her right eye was dark. She looked around, and saw a grand room, beautiful paintings on the wall, fancy chandeliers, clean tables, and an adorable half-elf girl holding an orange cat in her arms.

Where am I? Am I dreaming? Yabemiya didn’t understand. She only remembered seeing a pretty restaurant, a restaurant like a palace that wasn’t supposed to be on Aden Square, before fainting from hunger.

Now she found herself sitting in that restaurant. Everything is just so beautiful! The half-elf girl is so pretty and so adorable! Even the orange kitten in her arms is fluffy and cute!

I must be dreaming!

What amazed her even more was the seductive smell in the air. What is giving off such a pleasant smell? Her stomach was rumbling, and she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. She looked toward the kitchen with some effort. A tall, lean, and handsome middle-aged man was walking towards her, holding a plate of colorful food while smiling gently.

Such a beautiful dream before I die of hunger!

Yabemiya was totally attracted by the aromatic dish. Colorful ingredients have been chopped into evenly sized grains, making the dish look as if it were a plate of rainbow. The most prominent smell is that of eggs. The mixed aroma of different ingredients is so inviting.

“Go ahead and eat,” Mag said with a smile, putting down the plate in front of Yabemiya. She looks a little confused, but at least she woke up. She can eat some food by herself now.

Mag was a little startled when he saw her eyes. It’s very rare.

“Thank you,” Nabemiya said politely, even though she thought it was a dream. Then she picked up the spoon and scooped some rice in the middle.

Every rice grain was perfectly coated by golden eggs, every ingredient had been chopped into the same size, and the surface had an oily gleam. So many ingredients have been cooked together? She had never seen this way of cooking before.

She brought the rice into her mouth. Her eyes brightened right away!