Chapter 106 - Thank You, Boss

Chapter 106 of 200 chapters

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The system of course had many different styles of maid dresses for different occasions. Mag roughly looked through the whole catalogue and chose two long maid dresses, one black and white, the other blue and white, both similar in style.

The system used Rem’s picture for its catalogue—a black and white dress revealing delicate collarbones, a white apron, a white bow around the neck, and a white hairband. The other dress’s hairband was black. Five pairs of black stockings and five pairs of white ones were bundled with the two dresses.

As to shoes, Mag chose two pairs of flat leather ones—one pair black and one pair white, simple but comfortable. After all, working eight hours in a busy restaurant called for no heels.

“That will be 11 gold coins. The clothes and shoes will start being manufactured after you pay, and will be ready in about five minutes. Do you want to pay now?” the system said.

“Okay. Yes.” Mag was pretty happy with the two maid dresses which would not reveal too much of her body. It was kind of his secret addiction, which he couldn’t feed anywhere else.

“Payment received. Body measurements taken. Manufacturing the dresses and shoes. They will be ready in five minutes,” the system said.

Amy was also very happy that her father hired Yabemiya. “Sister Miya, it’s really not a dream. Can’t you recognize Aden Square?” Amy said as she looked at Yabemiya, who was still rooted to the spot.

Yabemiya was brought back to earth. She turned to Mag. “The salary… The salary is too high. It’s really too much. I only made 800 a month before, so you only need to pay 800. I’ll work hard,” she said, shaking her head.

Smiling, Mag shook his head. “No, you deserve it. Our target customers are middle and high-class people. You just need to work harder and be more devoted to this job to earn this salary.” He opened the menu on the table. “Your free lunch is a plate of Yangzhou fried rice or two roujiamos. When we have more dishes, you can choose anything priced less than 600 copper coins for lunch.”

Yabemiya’s eyes went wide. “600 copper coins!” she exclaimed as she stared at the price on the menu. 600 for a plate of Yangzhou fried rice! The tasty food I just had should have been this fried rice.

But it’s not expensive for such an amazing dish, she thought. Only, she couldn’t afford it.

Now she got to eat it every day for free, or she could eat other food of the same price. The price of her free lunch was much higher than her salary.

“It’s settled then. And the salary is your probation period salary. Based on your performance in this month, maybe I’ll raise your salary. Take a seat. I’ll bring you some water and your clothes.” Mag signaled her to sit down, and then walked towards the kitchen with the glass on the table.

Second-class waitresses earned at least 4,500 copper coins a month, and their average salary was around 5,000. Yabemiya’ prettiness was more than enough for her to become a first-class waitress.

So, Mag was using a first-class waitress to do a third-class one’s job, and giving her the salary for a second-class waitress. He was getting the better end of the deal in every way.

Nonetheless, Mag wasn’t exactly an exploiter, because Yabemiya couldn’t find any job anywhere else even though she didn’t ask for much. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fainted from hunger.

Mag provided only free lunches because the ingredients were very expensive—nearly 300 copper coins for a plate of fried rice, much more than her salary. He would sooner raise her salary than provide all three meals for free.

He had a spare room on the second floor, but he didn’t like other people sleeping in his house. He wanted to keep his distance from his employee. I’ll just pay her in advance so she can rent a house.

When Yabemiya took the glass of water from Mag, she was still not quite herself. Luck had always eluded her before, but now after she woke up, she got overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of happiness. She had eaten delicious food, got approval, and even got a job—her most desired job which would enable her to talk with customers!

Most importantly, her monthly salary was as much as 4,500 copper coins, and she got to eat delicious lunch for free! She was drowning in happiness.

Mag understood that it was too much information for her to take in at once. When the system told him the clothes and shoes were finished and bagged in three bags, he went upstairs to collect them and asked the system to print two maid photos for him. After all, people here didn’t wear this kind of clothes. If she didn’t know how to put them on, it was not proper for him to teach her.

“These are your clothes and shoes. Wear them when you come work tomorrow,” Mag said, putting the bags on the table. “Here is 25 gold coins. Find a comfortable and safe place to stay. The money left should be enough for your food this month. You’ll get the remaining payment come the first of next month.” He handed the coins to Yabemiya.

“Thank you, Boss. I’ll work hard.” Yabemiya took the coins with her two hands, her eyes watery. It was the first time she had received so much care and recognition.

Mag hired her not out of pity or because he coveted her body, but because he truly believed in her ability to do this job. His trust in her helped her find the meaning of life. She knew now that she was not that bad, and that there was at least one job she could do.

Mag nodded with a smile. “I’ll call you Miya. I would very like to see you smile more. You look very pretty when you smile,” he said. “You should go and find a house. It’ll get dark soon.”

“You can do it, Sister Miya! See you tomorrow!” Amy said, waving her little hand.

Yabemiya nodded. “See you.” She picked up the three bags, cast a grateful glance at Mag and Amy, and walked out, wondering what kind of clothes were in these bags. She was wearing the clothes her mother left her.

“Father, Sister Miya doesn’t have to sell matches anymore, does she?” Amy asked.

Mag nodded, smiling. “No, she doesn’t. She’ll be a member of our restaurant,” he said. Looks like Amy will get along well with her.

Now that he had found himself a waitress, Mag felt quite relieved. He gave the system his permission to install the window shade, and went upstairs with Amy to take a bath. When they came downstairs again, the window shade had been installed. It was almost time for dinner. Mag pulled down the window shade and turned on the crystal chandeliers. No one could see them now. The system’s product was of high quality as always.

Mag heard several knocks during dinner and ignored them. After a little while, they left. He was pretty happy with this result.

The next morning, Mag woke up at about 5 am to prepare ingredients. He walked up to the window shade to open it and found a girl in a maid dress standing outside, pouting and gazing at him with an awkward gesture.