Chapter 107 - Then Let Me Show You

Chapter 107 of 200 chapters

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Yabemiya was looking at herself in the window and making a cute gesture, her lips pouting, her arms extended, her left leg raised backwards. Mag froze for an instant and smiled despite himself.

She was pretty cute.

She was wearing the black and white maid dress today. It fitted her like a glove since it had been customized by the system. She had lean limbs, big breasts, and the dress was very flattering to her body.

She wore a white hairband—her blond hair in a side ponytail on the right—knee-high stockings, and black leather shoes. She looked very energetic right now with that smile.

Yabemiya was startled. She quickly drew back her limbs and straightened, blushing in abashment. How… How did it become transparent all of a sudden? The boss saw me. So embarrassing!

Mag opened the door. “Good morning, Miya. You’re so early. Come on in,” Mag said, smiling. He hadn’t expected to see her so early. He hadn’t told her when to come here yesterday.

Yabemiya walked over to Mag. “Good morning, Boss. I saw on the door that you open at 7:30 am when I left yesterday, so I thought I should come early to help you,” she said with a serious expression, her face still red. Then she added, “I’ve had breakfast on the way here.”

Mag smiled. “I see. You don’t have to come so early next time. I can prepare ingredients myself. You just need to work during opening hours.” He turned sideways to let her come in. She’s pretty meticulous, he thought happily.

“I worked in the kitchen for many years. I know how to prepare ingredients. I can wash and cut vegetables, clean the kitchen… I can do a lot of things,” Yabemiya said eagerly. She was a better hand at working in the kitchen than greeting and serving people.

Mag shook his head with a smile. “You don’t need to do any of those, and I don’t think you can cut vegetables for me. I’ll tell you if I need any help.” The system provided all the ingredients, and he didn’t think Yabemiya was capable of processing them for him. She is pretty enthusiastic, though.

Mag poured a glass of water for her. “Take a seat and have some rest,” Mag said with a smile. “Amy hasn’t woken up. I’ll go prepare the ingredients. It’s your first day working here, so just try to adapt to your new job and the environment. Don’t be upset even if anything goes wrong. Just do your best. We’ll be very busy after we open, so enjoy your leisure time now.” Then he turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

“Okay. Thank you, Boss.” Yabemiya held the warm glass in her hands, feeling warmth in her heart. She had been forced to work like an animal by her old boss. She had worked long hours every day with little rest.

However, her new boss didn’t make her do anything they hadn’t agreed on, and he addressed her in a tone that made her feel respected. She hesitated a moment and seated herself. As she studied the beautiful restaurant, she thought, The dish is priced at 600 copper coins, so the ingredients must be meticulously processed and cooked. I’d do well to just stay here.

Mag deftly kneaded dough and stewed meat. When he glanced back over his shoulder, she was sitting meekly, quiet. He nodded contentedly. She is pretty, obedient, quiet, hard-working, and has good manners. It’s not easy to find such a good waitress like her. Guess I’m pretty lucky.

At around 7 am, Amy woke up and changed into her clothes. She washed up, brushed her teeth, and came downstairs holding Ugly Duckling. She watched Mag at the kitchen door and rubbed her eyes. “Good morning, Father,” she said.

“Morning, Amy,” Mag said, smiling. He took a look at his flour-covered hands, walked over to her, and softly kissed her hair. Then he pointed to Yabemiya. “Miya is here. Go play with her. I’ll make breakfast.”

Amy nodded. “Okay,” she said. “But Father, I have to wait for half-beard grandpa to come here first, and then I’ll eat my fried rice. He promised. So just make one roujiamo for me.”

Smiling, Mag nodded. “All right.” Krassu hadn’t come here the day before last. Amy had mentioned this little agreement of theirs several times now. She was waiting for him to deliver on his promise.

Amy turned around, holding Ugly Duckling in her arms. “Good morning, Sister Miya,” she said. Then her eyes lit up immediately. “Wow, you’re so beautiful today. I like your new clothes.”

Amy’s praise brought a smile to Yabemiya’s face. Abashed, she looked at Amy, and said, “Thank you. Amy’s more beautiful than me.”

Amy thought a moment and nodded. “Yes. I think so too.” She climbed onto the chair opposite the young waitress.

“Meow, meow…” Ugly Duckling regarded Yabemiya with wary curiosity. It had been annoyed by her when she touched its head yesterday, but it found her more pleasant now.

“Is this a cat?” Yabemiya asked curiously, looking at Ugly Darkling. She had never seen an orange and white cat before.

Amy shook her head. “No. Actually, it’s a duckling,” she explained patiently, “but it’s too ugly, so I named it Ugly Duckling. It will become a swan when it grows up.”

The waitress didn’t understand. “It’s a duckling, and it will become a swan?”

Amy nodded. “Yes. I’m waiting for it to grow up.” Then she recalled what Yabemiya had said when she was unconscious. “I’m sure you’ll like it too.”

“Yes. It’s very cute.” She gazed at the kitten. “Can I hold it?” she asked hesitantly.

Amy nodded. “Sure. But we have to ask its permission first,” she said, looking down at Ugly Duckling.

The kitten covered its eyes with one paw and lifted another to signal its refusal to be held by her.

Amy shrugged regretfully. “Looks like it doesn’t want to be held by you right now.”

The waitress drew back her hands. “Such an interesting little thing,” she said, not unhappy. The aroma of stewed meat floated out of the kitchen, so strong that she took a deep sniff. It’s a little different from Yangzhou fried rice. It should be la zhi roujiamo which is priced at 300 copper coins each on the menu. She was a little curious and expectant.

“Breakfast is ready.” Mag walked out, holding a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and two roujiamos. He handed a roujiamo to Amy, sat beside her, and started eating.

The rice, which had absorbed the essence of the Spring of Life, would get his body into the best condition. One la zhi roujiamo would pump him up, eliminate his morning weariness, and fill him up with energy.

The aromatic smell made Yabemiya swallow as she gazed at the roujiamo in Amy’s hands.

Amy looked at her roujiamo, and then at Yabemiya. “Sister Miya, do you want to know what la zhi roujiamo tastes like?”

Her body responded spontaneously. She nodded. Amy will let me try it? What do I do? she wondered.

“Then let me show you,” Amy said, smiling. She brought the roujiamo to her mouth with two hands and took a bite. Then she nodded merrily. “It’s very tasty!”