Chapter 108 - Good Morning, Mag

Chapter 108 of 200 chapters

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Yabemiya was taken aback by this turn of events. She had never seen this coming. She watched as Amy enjoyed roujiamo, the look on her face a little odd.

Amy looked so adorable while eating. She was holding the roujiamo in her hands, chewing fast like a little squirrel. She got some gravy on the corner of her lips. The happy and cheerful look on her face made the young waitress swallow many times.

Although she didn’t know the taste of roujiamo, she could tell from the strong aroma and the fact that Amy was stuffing herself that it had to be as delicious as Yangzhou fried rice.

Mag looked at Yabemiya who was swallowing quietly, and then looked down at the roujiamo in his hand. It’s not easy for her to watch us gorging on such delicious food. He hesitated a moment before he smiled, and said, “You must be hungry now since you came here so early. Do you want to have a roujiamo now? And you can eat one for lunch.”

“No, no, no. Thank you, Boss. I’m not hungry, and we have an agreement,” Yabemiya said adamantly, shaking her head. Then she looked at the roujiamo in Mag’s hand and asked expectantly, “But, can I have two of these for lunch?”

“Sure.” Mag nodded. It’s impressive that she can resist the good food and follow the rules. Mag got back to eating his food and said not a word.

“Meow!!!” the kitten in Amy’s arms shouted at Mag, revealing its teeth, its eyes staring at the fried rice before Mag full of desire. Apparently, the sheep milk couldn’t satisfy it anymore.

“Father, can Ugly Duckling eat anything else?” asked Amy.

The kitten looked at Mag, expectant.

Mag thought for a moment and shook his head. “It’s not even a week old. We’d better feed it milk for another one or two days.” Little kittens had a fragile stomach. Although Ugly Duckling might not be a normal cat, it was still too soon for it to eat the chewy vegetables in the fried rice.

“Meow, meow…” Ugly Duckling cried out in frustration. It looked up at the ceiling, tears welling up in its eyes.

After they finished eating breakfast, people were already lining up outside.

“I’m famished. I ate nothing yesterday. I’ll have to eat four roujiamos for breakfast!” Harrison said, smiling.

Gjergj curled his lip, standing behind him. “As if I would believe that. I guess you only skipped super,” he said.

Harrison laughed. “You’ve guessed right! There’s no school today, but why didn’t Parmer tag along? He always likes following you around.”

“He said a child visited his school yesterday, and she beat him at arithmetic. He was sad for a whole evening. He woke up in the morning to try to memorize the multiplication table. He said he wouldn’t go out until he has memorized the whole thing. So I’ll bring some food home for him.”

Harrison’s eyes went wide. “She’s even better than our arithmetic genius? And she’s not a student there? That’s very interesting!” He laughed. “Looks like it’s a terrible blow to him. Maybe you should buy a roujiamo for him to cheer him up.”

Gjergj shook his head. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. If Miranda saw the roujiamo, she would definitely want to eat it. I’ll take him with me when I come here tomorrow. I guess he’ll feel better by then.” Then he smiled, and added, “Actually, it’s not a bad thing for him. He always thought of himself as the brightest student in his class before. He played with Parbor every day after school. Now this little blow has motivated him to study harder.”

Harrison waved his hand. “Boys are not girls. Let him play. I’m free tomorrow. I’ll take them to the stud farm and then eat here.”

Gjergj nodded. “All right. Then I won’t go to the forge tomorrow. We’ll introduce my boys to the little girl here. I’m sure they’ll like her.”

A man cast a glance though the window and saw Yabemiya. “Why, there’s a young girl inside. Could she be the owner’s wife?”

“Mag rested a day to find a wife?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe she’s a waitress. The restaurant is so busy, Mag can’t handle it himself.”

They started talking about who the girl was while waiting. Now no customers knocked at Mag’s door except for the new ones. They knew he wouldn’t open until restaurant’s opening hours. No one dared to kick the door down, because the last thing they wanted was to get banned.

Sargeras had paid 10 gold coins for a chair, so apparently this exquisite wooden door was worth dozens of gold coins.

“Customers are here. Should I open the door to let them in?” Yabemiya said as she looked at the long line outside, ready to stand up.

Mag shook his head. “No. Don’t open the door. We open at 7:30.” He turned over the menu on the table and pushed it towards Yabemiya. “Our rules. Take a look. You can warn them when they break the rules. If they don’t listen, just tell me.”

Yabemiya was taken by surprise. Don’t open the door? She had only seen people waiting outside the Fryer Tavern and few other busy restaurants on Aden Square during dinner hours, but never in the early morning.

And yet, her boss wouldn’t let those customers come in until opening time! She hesitated a moment and refrained from asking stupid questions. Then, she dropped her gaze to the menu. She saw four rules in gold letters: a, no yelling in the restaurant…

She grew amazed as she read the rules.

As far as she was concerned, customers always came first. Restaurants should even try to meet their occasional unreasonable demands.

However, Mag had shown her a completely different restaurant, a restaurant of equity.

Customers were welcome to eat here, but they would be asked to leave if they didn’t follow the rules. She hadn’t heard anything like this before, and now, she had to execute these rules.

“Miya, clear the table. I’ll open the door. Your work starts now,” Mag said to Yabemiya as he finished eating his roujiamo, smiling. He rose to his feet and walked over to the customers. The door opened with a “ding”.

They smiled and greeted Mag, complaining about yesterday.

“Good morning, Mag,” Krassu said as he walked in. He hadn’t come yesterday and the day before. He had trimmed his beard, and it was shorter yet neater now.

Mag nodded. “Good morning.” He narrowed his eyes. He hasn’t given up.

Amy’s face lit up as she saw Krassu. “Half-beard grandpa, you said you would buy me something to eat. I know what I want to eat!”