Chapter 112 - Mission Accomplished

Chapter 112 of 200 chapters

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Yabemiya looked at the roujiamo on the table, hesitant. The blissful experience she had just had from eating the roujiamo was itching at her. It tasted completely different from Yangzhou fried rice. It would be a shame if she could only have one bite.

“Sister Miya, your breasts are showing through,” Amy said with her hand pointing at Yabemiya’s chest.

The young waitress froze for an instant. She looked down and blushed immediately. She quickly turned to button her dress. Then she turned back, head bowed and face red with embarrassment.

Mag was very calm. He had seen this stuff so often that it didn’t even affect him anymore. She’s just a little girl; besides, she’s my employee.

“Sister Miya, you can hide your tail after finishing your roujiamos,” advised Amy as she ate the fried rice. “If it’s any consolation, we find it very cute.”

Mag nodded. “I think it’s a good idea if you still want to eat them. Nobody would know that you have a tail.”

Yabemiya looked at the genuine look in the eyes of Mag and Amy, hesitated a moment, and nodded. She picked up the overturned chairs, lifted the roujiamo on the table, let out her breath in a long exhalation, and took another bite.

The pleasant taste spread in her mouth and turned into a violent current. Her tail popped up again. She didn’t roar, though. Her chest heaved slightly, but she didn’t burst her dress.

She wagged her golden tail behind her with joy. After a while, she finished the two roujiamos. Looking at the empty bag in her hand, the young waitress ran her pink tongue over her red lips, not quite satisfied.

“Sister Miya, it’s very delicious, right?” Amy asked proudly.

Yabemiya nodded earnestly. “Yes. The roujiamo made by boss is very tasty!” She had never had anything this good before. In fact, she had never imagined that such divine food existed. “And I think my strength has increased a little. It seems to have a special effect on me.”

“Then you can eat roujiamo instead of fried rice for lunch if you want,” Mag said, smiling, and took a bite of his roujiamo. He felt very good with two girls praising him every day.

After lunch, Mag had a rest. At 11:30 am, he opened the door.

Although Yabemiya wasn’t able to control her transformation right now, she only needed a minute to retract her tail. It wasn’t too big a trouble for her, so her worries had lessened greatly.

Her strength had increased, making Mag a little envious. She seemed to have inexhaustible energy in her skinny body. Even hundreds of trips a day between the kitchen and the dining room wouldn’t even tire her a bit.

After dinner, Yabemiya cleaned the restaurant. Then she said goodbye to Mag and Amy, who were about to wash the dishes. Today she had smiled what she used to smile in a year. Turns out working can be pleasant too , she realized.

“Bye, Sister Miya,” Amy said as she waved her little hand sleepily, holding Ugly Duckling in her arms.

“Be careful on your way home,” Mag said, smiling.

“Thank you, Boss. I will.” Yabemiya gave a serious nod and left.

Mag put the last few bowls in the kitchen cupboard. It was much easier now that he had a waitress. He had slaved away in the kitchen for a long day, but he didn’t feel tired. The legwork was indeed more tiring than cooking.

“Congratulations!” the system said. “You have accomplished the mission of selling 1,000 roujiamos in ten days and unlocked the tofu pudding. Please go to the test field within 24 hours.”

I finally did it , Mag thought. Then, a glittering experience bag appeared in his head. Looks like I have to spend months in the test field again. Sweet and savory tofu pudding are very different.

Mag carried the sleepy Amy and Ugly Duckling upstairs. Then he washed up and brushed his teeth. After the two little things fell asleep, he lay down on the bed, tilted his head, and glanced at the clock. It was already 10 pm. He closed his eyes and entered the test field.

Inside the experience bag, there were savory tofu pudding, sweet tofu pudding, and spicy tofu pudding. The spicy one was gray, so Mag couldn’t click it, which meant he had no right to learn it currently.

I’m an owner now, so the right thing to do is meet more customers’ needs and try to make more money. Mag smiled. He had made up his mind.

He didn’t need to consider whether or not his tofu puddings would start a war between the savory tofu pudding people and the sweet ones. He was not like the sweet tofu pudding guy who sold his highly profitable restaurant to open a bar just because his restaurant had to sell savory tofu pudding.

On the cooking bench he saw a cylindrical blender, which was of a similar size to his rice cooker. Next to the blender stood a wooden barrel and a brown earthen jar. There were two sacks of soybeans on the floor, and he found plaster, various seasonings, and all the sides he needed.

“This should be a dish easy enough to do. I may be able to leave the test field earlier than before,” Mag muttered to himself. Then the look on his face became odd when he thought of the remarks he had made about the tofu pudding in his previous life. It may not be easy after all.

He didn’t have to soak the soybeans in the test field. He blended the beans in the blender and poured the blended soy milk over several sheets of gauze and into the barrel to strain it. Then he poured the strained soy milk into the pot and boiled it over high heat.

He dissolved the plaster with some water and poured the mixture into the earthen jar. Then he added the hot soy milk into it. After a while, the thin soy milk had magically turned into tender tofu pudding.

Mag raised an eyebrow. Making tofu pudding is indeed very easy. Never thought I’d succeed at the first try.

“The color is not white enough and it tastes too firm. Do it again!” the system said.

Mag took a closer look at the food. “It’s really not white enough…” Clearly it was not as simple as it seemed.

As time went by, Meg had tried hundreds and thousands of times and failed.

“System, try again.” Mag put two bowls of tofu pudding on the cooking bench softly.

The one on the left was white and tender, seasoned with golden-red syrup; the one on the right was seasoned with orange-red sauce, mashed garlic, shredded zha cai, wood-ear mushrooms, and green onions.