Chapter 114 - A Melee Magic Caster

Chapter 114 of 200 chapters

Chapter 114: A Melee Magic Caster

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Mag Alex had been given many titles—dragon slayer, Griffin Knight, Imperial General. Since the first and second price were equally matched in strength, Mag Alex could almost determine the course of the war. He had been young and had gradually become the mainstay of the imperial army, so even the king asked for his opinion.

Most people thought Mag Alex would never side with the second prince; there was no love lost between the army and the Magus Tower. The army supported the first prince, and even the marshal spoke highly of him.

Now, the first prince had a better chance at winning the throne, or so they thought.

Mag pointed his pen at the second prince, and then at the first prince. Actually, Mag Alex hadn’t decided to side with either until that incident. He had found the second prince mild and the first belligerent and witless, so he hadn’t wanted the first to be the next king.

After that incident, what the first prince had done really disappointed Mag Alex. He had tried to make the most of that incident, and nobody had cared a bit about his and his daughter’s safety. He was indeed as cold-hearted as he had expected.

The elven queen must have been behind all this. Otherwise, no one would have dared to take Amy from the elven princess. Besides, not everyone could give orders to those high-tier elf magic casters.

As to the demons, they must have been hired to muddy the waters and take the blame. They blamed them for that incident and rounded up all the demons in Rodu for questioning. Then they were all deported from the Roth Empire. Humans and demons were at each other’s throats. The lord of demons must have been furious.

The reason why Mag didn’t die after all his meridians had been broken was probably because of Amy and the elven princess, who was the elven queen’s only heir. The queen must have spared Mag’s life for her sake.

She must be in the Wind Forest right now. I don’t know what happened to her, but she should be safe unless the queen has found a better heir. Mag drew a circle around “elven princess”.

Even such a strong warrior as Mag Alex had almost got himself killed. He had managed to settle here, so clearly Mag couldn’t blow who he really was right now. He needed to find out what had happened to the elven princess first, and then decide whether it was safe for Amy to see her.

Mag hadn’t planned to get himself in trouble looking for her until he saw Amy’s sad face. He didn’t want her to be so unhappy.

The little thing was very sensitive. She had asked Mag about her mother once when she was little, but Mag hadn’t said a word. She never asked again after. Mag had thought she had forgotten about her mother, but obviously he was wrong. She only hid her longings in her heart.

Next rest day, I’ll go to a detective agency in disguise and ask about the elves. Guess I have to try to find out everything about the elven princess again, Mag thought, looking down at the piece of paper in his hand. He put a cross on “Magus Tower”, “first prince”, “second prince”, and “elven queen” separately. Although he wasn’t in a rush to avenge Mag Alex, he didn’t mind setting them up if he had a chance. He still remembered that someone had suggested killing Mag Alex and Amy that night.

I’m not interested in politics, but I’d sooner support the third prince, who is obsessed with carpentry, than see his two brothers become the king. Mag twisted his mouth, tore the paper up, put a lighted match to the pieces, and watched them burn to ashes in the trash can. Then he turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

The blender was already in place, and so was the new oven. The kitchen was so big that it didn’t seem crowded even with so many cooking utensils, while the tools were not fixed, and could be put away when they were not needed.

Mag opened the fridge. The soybeans and all the ingredients needed were already inside. The system is very motivated when it comes to food.

Mag didn’t worry about the price of the ingredients. He would simply sell the dish at a much higher price.

He soaked some beans in a large bowl. He had intended to make two bowls of tofu pudding for Amy and himself, but then he thought for a moment, and added some more beans in the water. After that, he turned off the light and went upstairs to sleep.

In a simple yet elegant room, Krassu was drawing something on a piece of paper attentively by the light of an oil lamp.

“Lord Krassu, are you seriously building a magic room in Chaos City?” a lean middle-aged man asked, incredulous. There was a little black tower on his chest—the Magus Tower.

“Yes. Arthur, tomorrow morning you’ll go back to Rodu and ask them to bring me all the things I need. Don’t forget those things I’ve been saving. Bring all of them to me intact,” Crassus said without raising his head. He paused a moment, put down his pen, turned to Arthur, and added seriously, “And tell those old farts that if I’m one item short, I’ll tear down a floor; 36 items short, and I’ll tear down the whole Magus Tower.”

“Yes!” Arthur said quickly, giving a serious nod. The old man got back to drawing. He had been serving Krassu for 20 years. Maybe few people remember this white-haired magic caster. He is the only one who fought a dragon in close combat—and won too.

Krassu was admitted into the tower at 18. Now, he was over 120 years old. Arthur’s grandfather had served him, then his father, and now he was serving him. He had heard his stories growing up. He knew that the old man liked to live on the 18th floor not because he was the 18th best magic caster in the tower, but because he liked the number 18. He could live on the 36th floor if he liked.

100 years ago, he had been no less famous than Alex had been several years ago. The Magus Tower’s quick rise in fame had been mainly on account of him.

But he’s not young anymore. We travelled far to try to find a disciple for him. Never thought he’d settle here. Looks like he wants to spend the rest of his life here, Arthur thought, feeling a mixture of emotions.

“Prepare a carriage for me early in the morning. I will go to the Mamy restaurant. You may leave now,” Krassu said.

“Yes, Lord Krassu,” said Arthur. He went out quietly.

The old man sat alone, drawing for a long while after his servant was gone. He put down his pen and looked at the magic room design drawing on the paper. A smile appeared on his old face. He rose to his feet and walked up to the window. Above, several stars were peering through dark clouds. He sighed. “Irina said she would have a daughter and let her be my disciple,” he muttered to himself. “She wanted me to build a beautiful magic room and teach her the most powerful magic. But, I’m afraid I’m too old to wait any longer. Luckily, I’ve found a talented little girl. But I don’t know if she’ll like this magic room…”