Chapter 116 - The Debut Of Tofu Pudding

Chapter 116 of 200 chapters

Chapter 116: The Debut Of Tofu Pudding

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The beans were almost well soaked. Mag put the beans in the blender and prepared some ingredients for roujiamo. He took a glance at Yabemiya. Luckily, I soaked enough beans. I’ll have her try the tofu pudding to see whether people in this world like it or not.

As he boiled the soy milk in the pot, a faint fragrance floated out of the kitchen.

Yabemiya’s eyes brightened. Such a good smell! The fragrance of soy milk reminded her of her mother. When she was little, her mother had cooked soybeans with oil and salt after soaking them overnight. The beans were sweet and delicious, and had the same fragrance as she was smelling now, but she hadn’t eaten that dish for years. The new dish is boiled soybeans? she wondered.

After the tofu pudding was ready, Mag added syrup, gravy, and various sides. He walked out of the kitchen, holding two bowls of tofu pudding, and put them before Yabemiya. “Our new dish, tofu pudding. Try it and see if you like it,” Mag said, smiling.

“Tofu pudding?” Yabemiya’s face lit up; she was watching the two white bowls. The tofu pudding was very soft, and as white as jade. It had shaken a little when Mag put it on the table, so elastic and lovely.

The left bowl had red syrup on it, and the right one was sprinkled with a lot of sides. The sweet smell of tofu pudding and syrup tickled her nose and made her swallow her saliva. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the left one.

“The left one is sweet tofu pudding, and the right one is savory. You can try whichever you like,” Mag said. He could tell from the look on her face that she liked the sweet one.

Yabemiya’s eyes went from Mag’s face to the two bowls before her, agonizing. “But… it’s not lunchtime yet.”

Mag smiled and saw her worries. “It’s your job to try the new dish. Go ahead.”

The young waitress’s eyes lit up immediately. She had never thought that trying new dishes was also one of her duties. They both looked delicious, but apparently she preferred the left one. “Can I try the sweet one?” she asked, looking up at Mag.

Mag nodded with a smile. “Sure.” He felt a little upset, though—she had chosen the sweet one over his favorite savory one.

Yet he wasn’t agitated. He was a restaurateur now. He had decided to leave the past behind and be more open-minded about other people’s tastes.

Mobai only ate Yangzhou fried rice every day, while Sargeras preferred roujiamo. He had come to find it natural now that he was an owner of a restaurant.

Since he would sell the sweet tofu pudding as well as the savory one, it could be anticipated that many customers would choose the sweet one. There were no stereotypes here like those in his previous life, so he judged that people here would be more reasonable towards each other.

Yabemiya carefully held the sweet one up in two hands and put it down before her. She picked up the white spoon and scooped some from the edge slowly.

It was like steamed egg custard, only more elastic. The spoon left a white hole in the tofu pudding, and then the red syrup seeped into it. The tofu pudding covered by syrup shook slightly on her spoon, delicate like a piece of art.

Yabemiya froze for an instant. “It’s so beautiful!” The pleasant smell made her bring the spoon into her mouth. The sweet, tender tofu pudding almost melted on her tongue. The strong taste of the syrup worked perfectly with the tofu pudding. Eventually, her eyes closed without her permission.

The sweet taste made her feel like she had fallen into a sea of candies, surrounded by sweet candies. She liked candies, but they had been an extravagance to her when she was growing up. More often than not, she had to go hungry, so she didn’t even dare dream of this sweet feeling.

A tear dropped from her eye onto the table. A happy tear.

The tofu pudding was sweet, but not too sweet. After she swallowed, the pleasant taste lingered in her mouth. She opened her eyes and stared at the bowl in front of her. She brought another spoonful into her mouth, and another… She was eating it with mounting happiness.


The spoon clattered on the bowl. She opened her eyes, and was surprised to find that she had already finished it all. The only thing left was a little syrup at the bottom of the bowl. In spite of herself, she picked up the bowl and licked it. The sweet syrup had really fascinated her.

“Do you like it?” asked Mag, expectant. He already knew the answer, though.

She nodded vigorously. “Yes! It’s very good. Sweet, soft, and very delicious!” Yabemiya put down the bowl, blushing. She had licked a plate the other day, and the sweet tofu pudding today had made her lick the bowl.

She paused a moment and stroked her face. “And my face feels cool. I think my skin has become dewy.”

Mag was taken aback. It’s able to soften the skin? He had expected the tofu pudding to have some special effect, though. Women always craved softer skin, so they could never resist this dish if its effect was universal.

“Do you want to try this savory one?” Mag asked tentatively. Maybe she’ll find herself prefer the savory one.

Yabemiya shook her head. “No. Thank you, Boss. I think the sweet tofu pudding is the best.” As far as she was concerned, the savory one was no match for such sweet happiness.