Chapter 119 - I’ll Smash Your Head!

Chapter 119 of 200 chapters

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The restaurant became so quiet that the sound of Amy’s swallowing was very clear.

Amy opened her eyes. “The sweet one is very good too,” she said happily. Then she dug into it quickly.

Mag was taken by surprise. She didn’t say which one she liked better… And she is eating with the same expression of delight she wore when she ate the sweet one.

Come to think of it, Amy looked just like this when she first ate Yangzhou fried rice and roujiamo. The intoxicated look and innocent smile on her face are making her even more adorable.

After a little while, Amy licked the bowl, and put it down reluctantly.

Smiling, Mag asked, “Which one do you like better? The savory or the sweet?”

“I like…” Amy started as Mag and Yabemiya watched her nervously. She thought a moment, and nodded. “I like them both. The savory one goes great with roujiamo, and makes it taste better. And it’s better to eat the sweet one last. I feel so satisfied and so comfortable! They are both super delicious!”

Mag and Yabemiya exchanged an unhappy look. They had thought Amy would side with either of them, but Amy didn’t choose sides. She liked both flavors. If the savory tofu pudding guys were to fight the sweet tofu pudding ones, they might all treat Amy as a friend, Mag thought.

There came a soft knock on the door. “Mag, it’s me, Krassu. I need talk with you about something. Can you open the door?”

“It’s half-beard grandpa!” Amy said merrily, looking to the door. “Father, can we give him a bowl of tofu pudding? I’m sure he’ll like the sweet one. He is so old; I think he has no teeth to speak of. And the tofu pudding is very soft.”

Mag shook his head with a smile. “We haven’t started selling it officially. I’ll go get the door.” His feelings of hostility towards Krassu had grown weaker now that he had found out more about the old man. He knows the elven princess. Maybe I’ll find more information from him. He’s a much more reliable source that detectives.

When Mag was about to open the door, Krassu said, “Urien! Why are you here?!” His voice was thick with surprise and anger.

Apparently, the detective was right when he mentioned in his report that there might be some grudge between Urien and Krassu. They know each other, and maybe they hate each other too, Mag thought.

“Krassu, I’ve been living here for a decade. Why can’t I be here?” Urien sneered. His voice was as harsh as the sound of metal rubbing together.

“Why! Why!” Black Coal echoed.

Krassu looked at the crow. “You featherless bird, one more word, and you’ll be roasted,” he said, giving Urien a glance from the corner of his eye. Why is he here? For food? Or for Amy? he wondered, irritated and worried.

Black Coal fought to keep the fear out of his voice, but failed. “I’m not afraid of you!” he said, moving closer to his master.

“Don’t take that tone with my bird,” Urien said icily, staring at Krassu with a sullen look. The air seemed to have become colder.

“I take that tone with whomever I want. I took that tone with the king when he was a prince,” Krassu came back. The air had become a little hot.

The door opened with a “ding”. The two magic casters turned to look at Mag.

“If you want to fight, fight somewhere else. I have a business to run. I don’t want to see ice or fire near my door,” Mag said as he stood between the two angry men, feeling hot and cold.

Krassu was still leaning on his tall magic staff, his white robe as clean as a whistle. Urien was wearing a black robe, a magic wand in one hand and a birdcage in the other. The bird was shivering in the corner with two leaves.

Krassu and Urien were taken by surprise. The king might not dare to say that to these two powerful magic casters if they fought in front of his palace.

They had never seen that coming.

They were shocked.

Krassu and Urien exchanged a glance. They hesitated for a moment, and drew back their auras.

“Mag…” they said at the exact same instant, and stopped, staring at each other.

“Let’s talk inside,” Mag said quickly before anything worse happened. Apparently, Urien also wanted to take Amy on as his disciple.

Krassu nodded. “Thank you.” He entered the restaurant.

Urien paused a moment, and followed him in.

Mag closed the door, and pulled down the window shade.

I can’t find a teacher for Amy from Chaos School, so maybe I should approach these two magic casters first.

Krassu’s resume was fantastic. No magic caster had beaten a dragon with a staff other than him.

Urien might not be as famous as Krassu, but he was obviously as powerful. And, it seemed he had nothing to do with the Magus Tower.

Krassu stopped his feet, and turned to look at Urien. “Urien, 20 years ago, Irina didn’t become my disciple because of you! If you want to try anything again this time, I’ll smash your head even if it’s the last thing I do!” Krassu declared seriously.