Chapter 122 - Please Enjoy

Chapter 122 of 200 chapters

Chapter 122: Please Enjoy

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The word “tofu pudding” meant nothing to the two old men. They took a look at Amy, and drew back their auras. The last thing they wanted was to tear down Mag’s restaurant.

Although they had an old score to settle, they knew better than to settle it here. They were not reckless young men, and they had to make Amy happy.

“Mag, is this tofu pudding a new dish?” Krassu asked, looking at Mag with a smile.

Their offers were equally enticing, so they had to suck up to Mag now.

“Mag, your business is very good, so the food here must be good too. I’d like some tofu pudding, please,” Urien said quickly.

Mag knew what was going on. He still had enough tofu pudding for both of them. I didn’t plan to sell it today, but I can’t embarrass Amy. Actually, he was also wondering if his tofu pudding would please Krassu and Urien. “Yes, it’s a new dish. But it’s not officially on sale yet. You can try it for free if you like. It comes in two flavors, savory and sweet. Which one would you like?”

“I recommend you charge them,” the system said. “The ingredients are not free. Let me tell you the price of each ingredient…”

“Stop. Just tell me the total price for all the ingredients in one bowl of tofu pudding,” Mag interrupted. “One of them may become Amy’s master. Why I can’t give them some tofu pudding for free? Besides, they’ll be fascinated by it and come back again. System, you’re so stingy and have no vision! You’ll never get far.”

The system fell silent. After a while, a line of words appeared in Mag’s head. “Cost of a bowl of sweet or savory tofu pudding: 40 copper coins.”

I guess I’ll sell it at 200 copper coins each bowl, Mag thought, since it’s good to the skin. It’s worth the price. It’ll definitely drive women crazy.



Krassu and Urien started at almost the same time. They exchanged a look, and sat down at two adjacent tables.

Amy’s eyes brightened. They chose different flavors. But, I’m sure they’ll both like it, because Father’s tofu pudding is very delicious.

The sweet one is the best. That old magic caster has a sharp eye, Yabemiya thought as she smiled at Krassu.

Mag nodded. “All right. Please wait a sec.” The look on his face became a little strange as he turned around. They didn’t even need to think about it.

The two old men sat there, silent. They were not trying to sweet-talk Amy. They were well-matched in power. They found themselves in the same position as 20 years ago. They wouldn’t show their anxiety.

Krassu looked to the kitchen, expectant. What is this tofu pudding? Mag’s Yangzhou fried rice is good, and many people like his roujiamo, so it should be good. And it’s recommended by Amy.

He came here almost every day to see Amy and eat Yangzhou fried rice, which was better than anything in Rodu. It was an important reason why he had chosen to stay here to live out his days.

Urien took a look at his surroundings. The restaurant had been open for days, but it was the first time he had come here. He liked the decoration—it was neither resplendent nor flamboyant.

He dropped his gaze to the menu on the table, and remembered that he had offered to pay for Amy’s meals. He put the birdcage on the floor and opened the menu. For an instant he froze. What? Only two dishes? Then he saw their prices, and was shocked.

600 copper coins for a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and 300 for a roujiamo?! A bottle of middle-grade recovery potion can only fetch me 10 gold coins. It’s not even enough for me to eat two plates of this fried rice.

Is this their trick to rip me off? Urien took a glance at Amy. People always line up at their door, so I thought the dishes here were varied and at reasonable prices. How can the restaurant be so busy with only two dishes? And their prices are outrageous!

I guess I can’t complain too much. Several thousand copper coins a day is nothing compared to a talented disciple. I’ll earn this money by making more high-tier magic potions. Urien turned to look at the kitchen. A faint fragrance of soy milk floated in the air; he also smelled stewed meat. This meat aroma was a little strange to him. He became expectant.

“Meow, meow…” Ugly Duckling cried at Black Coal. It licked Amy’s hand, seemingly anxious to get down on the floor.

“Ugly Duckling, do you want to play with Black Coal?” Amy asked softly.

The kitten nodded right away, waving its paws in excitement.

“Stay there if you dare!” Black Coal said nervously, looking at the kitten.

“Meow, meow!” Ugly Duckling became more excited.

“Okay. No fighting,” Amy warned as she screwed up its face, putting it down on the floor.

“Sweet Amy, can you hold me for a while?” Black Coal implored as the kitten padded slowly towards him, baring its sharp teeth.

Amy shook her head. “No! I don’t want to hold a featherless bird.”

Mag walked out of the kitchen, holding two bowls of tofu pudding. He put down the sweet one and savory one before Krassu and Urien, respectively. “Sweet tofu pudding and savory tofu pudding. Please enjoy,” he said, smiling.