Chapter 125 - Give Me A Hug And Lift Me Up

Chapter 125 of 200 chapters

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“Such terrifying ice magic!” someone exclaimed.

They could hardly believe their eyes as snow started falling in the square.

“This black-robed magic caster must be very powerful, or he wouldn’t have dared to challenge Lord Krassu to a fight.”

“They both came out of the restaurant with angry looks. What happened inside?”

The customers stepped away from the two powerful magic casters. They didn’t want to be caught up in their fight.


The door opened again, and out came Amy, holding Mag’s hand. When she saw the snow, she jumped up excitedly. She waved her father’s hand, and said, “Father, look! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”

Mag gave a nod. Yes. And there is a dragon in the snow. His eyes were fixed on the Frost Dragon that was forming in the sky. It was a silvery-white western dragon 1 covered by white scales, with a 20-meter wingspan. Snowflakes moved aside as they approached it. It flapped its wings slowly, staring with its enormous blue eyes at Krassu, who was standing 100 meters away from it.

Mag Alex had killed many dragons before. His heavy sword had hacked off their heads. A shower of blood pouring down as the dragon roared despairingly was not an uncommon sight to him, so the Frost Dragon didn’t scare him, but rather tempted him.

The sight of the dragon brought out the blood lust within him.

Mag clenched his fist. When will I be strong enough to wave my sword again? He had taken to extreme sports in his past boring life, BASE jumping, standing upside down on Trolltunga, and playing on the Giant Canyon Swing. Killing dragons will be a great entertainment in this world, although I’m not very fond of fighting.

“Look! A dragon! A giant Frost Dragon!” someone exclaimed in horror.

“An 8th-tier magic caster isn’t able to summon such a strong dragon. This black-robed magic caster has reached the 9th tier. Or 10th,” an old man said in amazement. Apparently, he knew some about magic casters.

Yabemiya stood behind Mag, her mouth slightly open as she eyed the dragon. So this is how a dragon looks like. Dragons were not uncommon in Chaos City, but she had spent most of her days in the kitchen, so this was the first time she had seen a dragon. Her mother had only told her once about her father.

It had been a cold night. Her mother had held her in her arms, and said that her father was very gigantic in his golden armor, and that he could turn into a giant dragon 100 meters long and take her wherever she wanted to go.

After that, her mother cried a whole night. Yabemiya hadn’t asked her about dragons again since then.

“A big flying lizard! But can lizards fly?” Amy asked Mag.

“It’s a dragon. A Frost Dragon,” Mag answered, smiling. Amy had never seen a dragon before, but it indeed looked like a giant lizard.

Amy’s eyes brightened. “A dragon?” She stood on tips of her toes to try to get a better look, but the customers blocked her view. She turned to Mag and extended her arms. “Father, give me a hug and lift me up. I want to see the dragon,” she said, pouting her lips.

Mag felt his heart was melted down by her cuteness. With a cute daughter like this, what more do I need?

“Okay, sweetheart.” Mag stooped down, and picked Amy up. Yangzhou fried rice and roujiamo had been improving his strength. He wasn’t as strong as a normal man yet, but he was in a better state than when his strength had been a mere 1.5. Lifting Amy up was still difficult for him, though.

The little thing was very soft, and smelled so good. She had used cherry flower scented body wash.

Amy wrapped her arms around Mag’s neck and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re the best, Father.” She turned to look at the Frost Dragon, and then at Krassu. “If this dragon fights for Turtle Grandpa, will Half-beard Grandpa be in danger? Father, should we stop them?”

Mag shook his head with a smile. “Don’t worry. They’re well matched in power,” he said. Krassu could beat a dragon with his staff. He’s the strongest melee magic caster. Surely he can handle a dragon summoned by magic, or he wouldn’t be Urien’s nemesis.

He felt happy to find that Amy was worrying about the two old men’s safety even though she had encouraged them to fight. She loved to watch people fight, but she had a gentle heart.

“Mag, what happened? Why is Lord Krassu fighting with that magic caster?” Proll asked.

Other customers turned to look at Mag. They didn’t come across something like this every day in Chaos City. Even people from the Gray Temple could do little about this situation.

They came out of the restaurant and started fighting. Just what happened in the restaurant? they wondered.

“Because they have different opinions on which flavor of tofu pudding is the best,” explained Amy.

They were lost. Tofu pudding? A new dish? Two powerful magic casters are fighting over the flavors of a dish?

Stout Mobai pushed his door open. A gust of cold wind made him shiver. He raised his eyes and espied the Frost Dragon. “A dragon?!”