Chapter 128 - Weak

Chapter 128 of 200 chapters

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The onlookers had been surprised when Krassu had broken those ice walls with his staff. And now, they were astonished to find him in the sky, thinking that he was about to hit the dragon’s head with his staff.

Krassu was challenging their whole framework of assumptions about the way magic casters were. Turns out magic casters can be strong at melee combat too! He prefers using his staff to spells. He is literally a melee magic caster!

Gandalf? Mag lifted an eyebrow. Urien’s ice magic is superb. Krassu has combined magic with close combat. He derives strength from those magic runes—that’s why he can move so fast.

They both have good points. If Amy can study under them both, she might become a unique and versatile magic caster. She’ll have no weakness.

But I’m not sure if they’ll accept this proposal. It seems they really hate each other, Mag thought, worried. Now, he only needed to work out a way to make Amy become a disciple of both of them.

Amy clapped her hands. “Amazing! Father, I want to learn it all!” she said, excited. “Knocking ice with a staff is interesting, the dragon is interesting, and so is the snowfall! I want to make a snowman by the door every day!”

Mag’s eyes brightened. “Well, then you should ask them to teach you. I think they’ll say yes,” he said. It’s better if I have Amy do the talking for me. They won’t find her greedy.

Amy nodded meekly. “Okay.” Then, after thinking for a moment, she added, “But it’s they who are eager to take me on as their disciple, right?”

Mag was taken aback. “I guess so.” He was a little surprised to find Amy so smart and scheming.

The other people held their breaths, staring at Krassu with wide eyes. His staff was shimmering red, with mysterious golden-red runes over it. It looked as if it were on fire.

The Frost Dragon dived towards Krassu with a snowstorm. The wind swept the snow aside.

The three whirlwinds surrounded the old man, moving closer, and absorbed and crushed two small trees and a stone.

The wind cut right through the onlookers. They took several steps back in fright. They were risking their lives to witness this fight.

In the dragon’s mouth, an ice ball was forming, shining white. Apparently, it was preparing something big.

Is Krassu able to beat this dragon? they wondered.

Obviously, the old man was no match in size to such a big dragon.

“On Gray Temple duty! Make way!” a voice cried loudly behind the onlookers. They moved aside at once.

Barzel arrived with his two colleagues, his chest heaving heavily from the galloping. He frowned as he regarded the dragon and Krassu in the sky.

He was a 5th-tier knight, heading a patrol responsible for the Aden Square. His strength enabled him to deal with almost anything happening in the square.

However, it just so happened that the situation right now was above his pay grade.

This was a fight between two powerful magic casters who were both above the 9th-tier. Even his boss, an 8th-tier knight, could only calm them with quiet words right now, but he himself couldn’t do even that. He turned to his men. “Evacuate the crowd! Try to avoid or minimize casualties! Wait for backup!”

“Yes!” they said gravely. They were not new to this job, and they dealt with various situations every day, but seldom with a situation like this one. They hurriedly signaled the spectators to stay away.

More and more people were attracted here by the Frost Dragon and the blizzard. They didn’t want to miss such a rare sight.

Before Krassu’s staff landed on the dragon’s head, it opened its mouth and ejected a white ice ball. Almost instantly, the snowflakes turned into grains of ice and pattered against the ground. The ice ball was terribly cold, and something inside it was straining to come out.

“Break!” Krassu shouted, and brought his staff down on the ball.

The ice ball as large as a human head cracked open, and a small Frost Dragon flew out of it towards Krassu. It tried to dodge the deadly staff.

Only, the staff was faster than it. No sooner had the ball been broken than the staff landed on the small dragon. It was killed instantly.

The coldness in the air was dispelled by the flame on the staff. The snow stopped falling, and the sky was clear again.

The staff didn’t stop there, though. The momentum carried it to the dragon’s head.

They heard a loud thump.

The staff was like a match before the dragon, hilarious yet powerful. It smashed into its head.

A flame rose from the staff, and enveloped the dragon’s head and huge body immediately. The white Frost Dragon turned into a fire dragon, and then exploded, leaving mist in its place.

“You’re weak as before,” Krassu sneered as he landed on the ground, standing in the fog.