Chapter 129 - I Can Use Fireball Magic Too!

Chapter 129 of 200 chapters

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The throng roared after falling silent for a while. They found it hard to believe that such a small human could smash a Frost Dragon.

“Wow! Half-beard Grandpa is amazing!” Amy exclaimed as she clapped her little hands, wide-eyed. She gazed at his staff, blue eyes glinting with excitement. His staff is so powerful! If I can have it…

Mag was also taken aback. He is already over 120. Of course he didn’t break the dragon with his own strength. His perfect use and control of his magic is astounding.

“Such a fearsome old man!” Sargeras’ two companions said, terrified. They had never thought the old man would beat the dragon, which had scared the heck out of them, with only one swing of his staff. The old man’s power shocked them. They had considered “mankind” a byword for weakness before, but now they found them powerful and gruesome.

Sargeras remained calm since he had seen the old man beat a real dragon with his staff before. “But, his beard got burnt by the innkeeper’s daughter,” he said.

“That’s unimaginable!” the tall and lean demon said in a stunned voice. He hesitated a moment, and tugged at Sargeras’ clothes. “How about we go to another restaurant? We don’t really have to eat here.”

The short and fat demon nodded in agreement. “Yes, Boss. We haven’t seen you for decades. We’ve come here as soon as we received your message. More brothers are still on the road. Mond and I have planned to have a drink with you, but I don’t think that restaurant will do.”

Sargeras shook his head. “They don’t serve drinks here. Besides, I didn’t take you here to have a drink with you. I want you to try some roujiamo. You’ll know why I want you here when you try it.” Sargeras left them in suspense.

The two demons exchanged a look. They knew Sargeras wouldn’t change his mind, so they said no more.

Sargeras was the strongest warrior among lava demons. He had led his people to fight against other demons many times.

50 years ago, he had left the Demon Islands to seek a way to get to another level and restore the glory of the lava demons. No one had heard from him since.

… Until several days ago. A flamingo came to his tribe, bearing a letter saying that he had found the way, and that he wanted his friends to come to Chaos City.

Lava demons had been having a tough time all these years. Many were wandering the continent, so only two had come here, and many were still on the road, maybe.

The name Sargeras had become a byword for hope among lava demons. They had thought he was dead since they hadn’t heard from him for so many years, so when their chief received the letter, he thought it was a trap set by other demons.

When the two demons found Sargeras in Chaos City, they felt very excited, even though they hadn’t seen their leader for 50 years. Lava demons no long have to be oppressed by other tribes! they thought.

“You’re slower than before. You’re growing old.” Urien sighed, looking at Krassu with his deep eyes.

“My days are numbered. If you want to make Amy your disciple, you’ll have to kill me first,” Krassu said, tightening his fingers around the staff. Flames rose from his staff and spread over his whole body. He looked very conspicuous in the snow.

Urien frowned, and fell silent for a while. “Few people who went through that war are still breathing. We have outlived them all. Who would have thought?” he said hoarsely.

“Death awaits us all, and we’ve been living long enough,” Krassu said more gently this time, staring at Urien, who was as old as him and as hunchbacked as if carrying a turtle shell on his back. Indeed. Few people who went through that war are still living.

Urien inclined his head. “Yes. So, why don’t you just die? I don’t mind living a little longer than you.” He gave a cold grin, and waved his wand. Icicles appeared from the ground around Krassu, and they were growing exceedingly fast towards the old man.

The crowd’s hearts leapt up into their mouths. It’s not easy for the old man to dodge this sneak attack!

Krassu smiled. “I will, but not before I see your dead body.” He lifted his staff up, and brought it down hard. Then, the flames rushed outwards, and formed a fire wall around the old man. The icicles broke and evaporated when they met fire. Krassu diffused the attack with ease.

Krassu flew at Urien suddenly, shattering every icicle that appeared in his way. Nothing could stop him.

An instant later, Krassu was right before Urien. He swung his staff at his head without hesitation. With a crack, Urien shattered into a hundred pieces of ice!

“Krassu, I’m here…” said Urien, appearing behind him. Krassu turned around, and found numerous Uriens there. They were identical and all smiling that cold smile of his, staring at Krassu.

“So many Turtle Grandpas! Which one is real?” Amy said as she looked around curiously, trying to find the real Urien. But, they were all exactly the same.

Krassu frowned as he looked at so many Uriens. “Urien, you really know how to hide, just as before. Are you a magic caster or a coward?”

“It’s you who have led many magic casters astray,” Urien replied angrily. “They wanted to become a melee magic caster like you, but they ended up getting beaten by knights. A magic caster is supposed to be able to toy with his foes. Only stupid knights like fighting up close.” He raised his hand, prepared to attack again.

“Stop fighting! You’ll break our restaurant! I can use fireball magic too. Don’t make me toast you!” Amy said, exasperated.