Chapter 132 - Money Can Buy Anything

Chapter 132 of 200 chapters

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Mag took a glance at Barzel, and quickly turned to smile at the crowd. “I’m sorry if their fight frightened you. We’re open now. Please come in.”

It was natural for the people from the Gray Temple to come here considering what had just happened. They were the law enforcement officials here. It was impossible not to catch their eye now that he owned a restaurant.

Mag didn’t want too much attention from them, though. They might find out what he’d rather to stay hidden, like his relationship with Mag Alex.

However, no one would have believed that this great cook had slain dragons with a heavy sword.

Proll gave Mag a thumbs-up. “Impressive!” he said. The fight frightened me, but clearly not Mag. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so calm and stood his ground.

Mag sighed silently. I have no choice. I need money to buy strength. The cost of Amy’s meals is not a small amount of money.

Money was really important.

Money could buy anything, at least from the system.

“System, each 0.5 strength is 10,000 gold coins, right?” Mag asked suddenly.

“The price of the next 0.5 strength will be announced after you have bought the first one,” the system answered.

It seemed the system wanted to raise the price. Mag narrowed his eyes slightly. “You’re not going to rip me off, are you?”

“Focus on you mission. If you upgrade the restaurant, you’ll have a better chance at getting missions involving increasing your strength.” It didn’t answer his question.

“Yeah, right.” The system was doing everything to try to make him upgrade the restaurant. But he needed 50,000 gold coins.

Yesterday’s profit was the highest. He had sold 500 roujiamos and 100 plates of Yangzhou fried rice, and earned 1,400 gold coins. He needed more than a month to earn that 50,000.

Luckily, I can spend that money on anything but ingredients. I think I can use it to buy strength.

He had got 410 customers as of now. He had sold a lot more roujiamos yesterday. Many new customers came as the restaurant’s popularity mounted.

“Such a fancy restaurant!” a neatly-dressed young man murmured to himself. “So many people are lining up here, and two powerful magic casters have fought over a dish. I suppose it’s worth a try.” He made his way towards the restaurant.

“Never thought I’d find a restaurant here,” a middle-aged woman in fancy clothes said as she studied the restaurant, and walked in.

Many onlookers followed the two magic casters in, wondering what this come-out-of-nowhere restaurant had on offer.

“That really pisses me off! He stole my customers again! Two even left with my bowls, without paying their check! Unbelievable!” the owner of a lamian restaurant said angrily, looking toward Mamy Restaurant with hands on her hips.

Who is this guy? It’s an ingenious way to draw customers, but it would be very expensive to hire two powerful magic casters, a fat man thought, standing outside his baozi 1 restaurant. He had only sold three baozi today.

A short while later, a gray-haired old man arrived on a horse. He took a look at the snow, and swung off his horse. “Barzel, tell me what happened.”

“Lord Brandli!” Barzel walked quickly over to the horse, and grabbed the reins. Brandli was a respected 7th-tier magic caster of the Gray Temple. “The fight is over. The square has been damaged a little. No casualties or injuries. The two have reached an agreement, and walked into that restaurant,” Barzel said in a low voice.

“So soon?” Brandli was taken by surprise. He had been shocked when he got the news, and come here as fast as he could on the messenger’s horse, afraid Barzel couldn’t handle this level 5 incident.

The magic remnants left on the square startled the old man. The deep snow, splinters of broken ice, dented ground, and the mess from tornadoes spoke volumes about the power of the two magic casters. All of this happened in such a short time. They’re much more powerful than me.

“Who were they?” Brandli asked, frightened.

“Two very old men. One carries a staff, and wears a white robe with short beard. Strangely, though, he never launched any long-range attacks with magic, but smashed a Frost Dragon with his staff. The other one wears a black robe and uses ice magic. He summoned a Frost Dragon…” Barzel gave him a quick account of what had just happened.

“The one in a white robe is Lord Krassu. I heard that he has arrived in Chaos City. So it was he who got into a fight with someone here.” Brandli frowned. “Lord Krassu is among the top three most powerful magic casters in the Magus Tower. And that black-robed magic caster is on a par with him?! Black robe, ice magic, and hunchbacked…”

Brandli’s eyes went wide suddenly. Could he be… He took a look in the direction of the restaurant nervously.

Barzel gazed at Brandli, confused. “Is there something wrong?”

Brandli shook his head. “No. This incident is over since no one was injured or killed. Call off the reinforcements. Leave the mess be, and don’t come near this place today.”

Barzel didn’t understand, but he asked no questions, since he could see from the old man’s face that their hands were tied. “Yes,” he said. He passed the orders to his two subordinates.

He is probably Urien, the Lord of Ice. Never thought the two legendary magic casters would meet again. Ice and fire. Who will win this time? Brandli thought, suddenly excited.