Chapter 136 - I Feel Drained

Chapter 136 of 200 chapters

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Sargeras’ eyebrow rose in surprise. “I thought about the same thing, and then a fireball landed on me.” He took a look at Krass and Urien. “Go ahead if you think you can beat those two old men.”

Kiel suddenly felt a cold shiver from fear as he remembered the frightening Frost Dragon and the old man who smashed the dragon with only one swing. He shook his head. “I think it’s best if we just buy from him.”

Sargeras felt relieved, and then he turned to Mond. “How do you feel, Mond?”

“I think I’m close. I need two more roujiamos, I think,” Mond said after he thought a moment.

“Two roujiamos?” Sargeras said excitedly. “We can totally use roujiamo to show how strong we are.”

Kiel’s face lit up. “Like 1st-tier one roujiamo, 1st-tier two roujiamos?” He stood on tips of his toes to pat Mond on the shoulder. “That’s not bad.”

Sargeras nodded. “Yes. We can use this naming mechanism on 1st-tier and 2nd-tier fighters. I don’t know how many roujiamos I need to reach the 4th-tier myself.” He thought for a while, and added, “Our 2nd-tier fighter can be as strong as a 4th-tier human magic caster or knight. So, this naming mechanism is much better.”

“I agree,” Mond said with a grin.

“Big Bald Head, Bald Head No. 2 and 3, keep it down! Don’t disturb other customers. You don’t want to make me angry,” Amy said, staring at them with wide eyes, shaking her angry fists.

Krassu and Urien turned to look at Sargeras at the same time.

Sargeras became uneasy suddenly, but it was not getting banned he was worrying about. It was his life. “Be quiet,” he said quickly to his men, gesturing for them to keep their voices down.

Kiel and Mond stopped talking immediately, excited and not annoyed.

Kiel had broken through the second barrier, and Mond was only two roujiamos away from getting to another level. Lava demons would get back on top of the Demon Islands again.

The three demons went back to their happy talk in a low voice. They were afire, but they didn’t seem angry. Even the table and chairs were safe from their flames. Other customers saw that the demons had followed the little girl’s words, and judged they were safe eating here. They were relieved, and resumed their seats.

The customers standing outside of the door saw the whole event. They gaped at the little girl in astonishment. Seems they’re afraid of her. She’s so cute even when she’s angry, making one want to pinch her cheek.

This restaurant must be very interesting, they thought, and walked in expectantly.

The regulars smiled. Something about Amy’s angry face made them feel good. They hadn’t seen such an adorable girl for a long time.

“Waitress, we’d like eight more roujiamos,” Sargeras said to Yabemiya in a voice as soft as he could manage, raising his hand.

The young waitress nodded with a smile. “Yes, sure.” She found this demon oddly obedient. He’s scary, but rather polite.

The restaurant was full to the point of bursting. Those who arrived late had to stand. Yabemiya introduced them to the two dishes with a menu in her hand. It might be inconvenient to have to eat fried rice from a plate while standing, but the same thing couldn’t be said for roujiamo.

The mouthwatering aroma drifting in the air and the satisfied looks on customers’ faces were better than any advertisement.

Some left when they saw the prices. Not everyone could afford such an extravagant meal, no matter the taste.

Many had stayed. 300 copper coins was nowhere near cheap, but it was worth a try as far as they were concerned. Those who couldn’t wait for vacant seats were ordering roujiamo.

“I’d like a roujiamo too. Please make it quick. I have to go to work,” said a middle-aged man in a long gray gown who looked like a shop owner.

“I’d like two. Maybe my wife will like it,” said a tall, lean man in casual clothes and a pair of geta 1 , running his fingers through his messy hair.

Vicennio had been kicked out of bed by his wife early in the morning. He had to buy breakfast for her. Yet, the fight between two magic casters had dispelled his bad mood. He was suddenly glad that he had woken up early. The look of the restaurant drew him in. He planned to buy breakfast here.

His wife owned 10 shops in the Aden Square, mostly near the exit. She could make tens of thousands of gold coins from the rent alone. She was really rich.

He had been called a shameless gold digger when he married her.

But he didn’t care. He had been born into a business family, yet business family or not, it didn’t matter to him, since he was a bastard. He counted himself lucky to have married a rich, fairly good-looking lady with his pretty face.

It was not bad to be a landlord.

He wasn’t interested in his family’s wealth anymore.

His wife was pretty horny, and always ordered him around, but other than that, she was quite nice. He could spend her money on anything, except women.

He always wandered around with a pocket full of coins every day. He couldn’t visit whorehouses, because his wife had hired a man to watch him.

Anyway, he didn’t want to. After he had s*x with his wife, he wouldn’t even pay too much attention to a beautiful elf—not even if she were naked before him.

I feel drained, Vicennio thought miserably, yawning. He had been kept busy the whole night by his wife. I need some boner-making pills.

“Okay, please wait a sec,” Yabemiya said with a smile, and turned to make for the kitchen.