Chapter 139 - Is ‘Gokuraku Jodo’ A Children’s Song?!

Chapter 139 of 200 chapters

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“Well…” Mag suddenly felt sorry for him. Seems like it’s not that he can’t keep it in his pants. He is like this because of his wife, who must be really lustful.

Yabemiya didn’t understand. “What do you mean, sir? We don’t sell drugs here,” she said solemnly.

She didn’t know why he was kneeling before Mag, but she wouldn’t allow anyone to speak ill of their restaurant.

Mag and Vicennio turned to look at the innocent girl, and exchanged a glance. They didn’t know how to explain this to her.

Mag held out a hand. “Let me help you up first, sir. I didn’t add any kind of drugs into the food. I swear it on my restaurant,” he said seriously. “But each dish has a special effect, and roujiamo can get your adrenaline pumping and charge you up for your work.”

Yet his wife didn’t need to work. She had to burn her energy through s*x.

Mag’s explanation was quite convincing. After all, so many people who had eaten roujiamo had acted rather normal. Even the three flaming demons had not seemed sexually aroused.

Looks like I can’t let her eat roujiamo in bed anymore. Vicennio sighed. Then he looked at Mag after he thought a moment. “You said each dish has a special effect. The Yangzhou fried rice and the new dish, what are their special effects?”

“Yangzhou fried rice can soothe your muscles and nourish your body,” Mag said, pausing. Then he added, “The new dish, tofu pudding, is good for the skin, I think. Female customers will like it.”

Vicennio was embarrassed by Mag’s little pause, but he was also very excited.

He had been looking for tonics to improve his health, but those things didn’t always help. He ended up like this partly because of those tonics.

That’s wonderful news! he thought to himself. He had watched as his wife wolfed down the two roujiamos; she hadn’t even let him have a bite.

He was pretty sure that she would like this tofu pudding. She was using pearl powder on her skin every day. He hoped this tofu pudding would divert her attention away from roujiamo. His life was depending on it.

“Sir, if you’d like something to eat, please come back early for lunch.” Mag pulled his hand back. He felt sorry for him, but he could do nothing but hope his Yangzhou fried rice would help him.

“Could you please make some Yangzhou fried rice for me? I can hardly walk right now,” Vicennio said, giving Mag a miserable look, his hand leaning on the doorframe, preventing him from falling down.

Mag shook his head. “Sorry, we only serve food during opening hours.”

“Money is no issue. I’d pay double, no, triple the price! I’ll give you 18 gold coins for a plate of Yangzhou fried rice. Here.” Vicennio pulled out his purse.

Mag declined right away. “Rules are rules. I wouldn’t do it even if you were willing to pay tenfold the price,” he said. “Walk in that direction for about 50 meters, and you’ll find a lamian restaurant,” said Mag, pointing. “You can find something to eat there. Yangzhou fried rice is no magic bullet. A plate of it won’t make too much of a difference for your health.”

“Well, I’ll come back for lunch, then. I have to find a teahouse to sit out the morning,” Vicennio said helplessly.

“Bye, Mr. Feeble. Stay awake. If you fell, you might not be able to crawl back in time for lunch,” Amy said earnestly, waving at Vicennio.

The feeble man lifted an eyebrow. Why do her caring words sound a little strange?

Then he realized the strange part. Whom is she calling Mr. Feeble? Me? I’m Mr. Feeble?! Vicennio turned to glare at Amy, but when he met her caring eyes, his face softened. He had no choice but to forgive her.

He had always wanted a child, but his wife didn’t like kids. It had been five years since they got married. He cast an envious glance at Mag, gave a nod, and went off slowly.

“Father, do you think Mr. Feeble will make it back here?” Amy asked with concern, watching Vicennio’s walk away.

“Perhaps,” Mag said as Vicennio tripped and almost fell. Then, he turned to face Amy. “You said you wanted to learn the second song, right? Come on,” he said, stroking her head.

Amy clapped her little hands happily. “Yes! Thank you, Father!” Ugly Duckling’s face got squished, but it didn’t even dare to let out a cry. It looked up at the ceiling helplessly.

Yabemiya was also a little excited. Amy will learn a new song? She really likes that toy, and the little elf sings very well.

Mag closed the door, walked over to the counter, and took the music box out. He turned the repeat off, and tapped the next song expectantly. What song will it play this time?

Colorful lights started flickering. The little elf began to dance rigidly to the music from loud electric guitar and drums. It was such a fast, rhythmic song, and sounded a little… familiar?!

Mag’s eyes went wide. “System, is ‘Gokuraku Jodo’ a children’s song?!” he said loudly in his head.