Chapter 140 - No, Thanks. Go Sell it Somewhere Else

Chapter 140 of 200 chapters

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Mag wrinkled his brow as he listened to the familiar melody and watched the little elf’s weird dance.

As an internet hit, this extremely popular song on Bilibili naturally was not strange to him, but he had never thought to hear it from his little girl’s music box.

Besides, this elf’s dance was so terrible. Long of leg and wearing a dress, she was nonetheless still a puppet, and puppets were not known for their flexibility.

“Yes, it is. This song is intended for young people. It’s very popular, and can inspire children to dance,” the system said calmly.

“It can inspire children to dance? You must be out of your mind,” said Mag. If ‘Gokuraku Jodo’ can inspire children to dance, then ‘Ifuudoudou’ should be put into textbooks.


Amy’s blue eyes were wide open. She was staring up at the little elf on the counter, holding the kitten in one arm and waving the other, trying to dance.

Ugly Duckling was straining its neck for a glimpse of the dancing elf, its short legs shaking without permission.

Yabemiya was also staring at the little elf. Such a beautiful song! And her dance is interesting.

She found her dance a little rigid, but she had never heard such an unusual song before. She couldn’t make out the instruments, but the music was very powerful, just like magic; she could barely control her limbs.

The language was strange to her, yet something about the vocals was a little arousing.

“See? This song is appealing to your daughter, your young waitress, and even your cat,” the system said gloatingly. Apparently, it was very satisfied with their reactions.

Mag took a look at them, surprised. He was glad that the system hadn’t translated the song into the common language of this world; the lyrics were too explicit. “It’s the original version.”

“Yes. But I can translate it for you in five minutes,” the system said immediately. “I’ll only charge you one gold coin.”

“No, thanks. Go sell it somewhere else,” Mag replied coolly. That’s an elaborate way to make a gold coin. Its greed for money is beyond compare.

Amy tugged at her absent-minded father’s clothes. “Father, this dance is so interesting. I want to learn it!” she said expectantly.

The look on Mag’s face became a little strange. The worst case scenario came true. “You do?”

Amy nodded. “Yes! I like it. I want to learn it right now!” She put the kitten on the chair, and waved her short arms, trying to follow the dancer.

“Can I learn it too?” Yabemiya asked hesitantly, her voice low as a whisper, her mismatched eyes full of longing.

Mag looked at the two girls, and didn’t know what to do.

This song may not be appropriate for Amy, but the dance is fine, Mag thought to himself. He looked at Amy, and smiled as he pictured her dancing with her short legs. She would look even cuter.

As for Yabemiya, she had everything one needed to become a dancer—big breasts, a narrow waist, long legs, and a maid dress.

Mag didn’t deliberate for too long. “I guess it’s okay if you really want to learn it.” He wanted them to be happy, and he could correct their inappropriate dance moves.

“You’re the best, Father!” Amy said cheerfully, waving his hand.

“Thank you, Boss,” Yabemiya said, jumping up in excitement. Then she returned to her normal standing posture quickly, smiling.

Ever since she was a child, she had always wanted to win cheers and applause from the crowd with her beautiful dance, just like the girls in pretty dresses dancing on the stage in the Aden Square on the Peace Memorial Day.

However, only on that day could she watch them dance. She didn’t have time to learn how to dance.

Yet things were different now. Amy’s little elf was so magical as if it would never get tired. Yabemiya was confident that she could master this dance. She didn’t mind however long it might take.

Mag smiled back, but he frowned when he saw the rigidly dancing elf. He had to upgrade their dancing master first.

The four upgrading choices popped up in his head again.

“First: power source alteration. The four A size batteries will be replaced by a fast charging ultra-capacity lithium battery. Three minutes of charging can last the music box three hours. If it’s fully charged, it can last it three days. Sale price: 10 gold coins. Accessories: one original charger.

“Second: power source alteration and clothes. Apart from the same service as the first choice, you’ll get 10 sets of beautiful clothes for the doll. You can change its clothes just by pushing a button. Sale price: 20 gold coins.

“Third: power source alteration and LED screens. Apart from the same service as the second choice, you’ll get four LED screens facing four different directions, broadcasting the dance. Sale price: 100 gold coins.

“Fourth: power source alteration and a holographic projection device. Apart from the same service as the second choice, you’ll get a state-of-the-art holographic projection device. The projected 3-D image looks real from any angle. It is a perfect dancer, and can teach you how to dance based on your talent and learning progress.”