Chapter 148 - Are They Here To Make Trouble, Boss?

Chapter 148 of 200 chapters

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Then, the customer took a large bite of his roujiamo, and continued, “Mmm! I’ll never get enough of this!”

The seven restaurateurs hurriedly looked away, abashed.

They had never thought they would be recognized by the customers eating here; worse still, the customer had overheard them speaking ill of Mag, and harshly criticized them. How embarrassing!

Bishop blushed. His spring onion bing was fairly popular at the Aden Square, and had made it into the top 100 most delicious dishes the year before last.

He couldn’t pretend he hadn’t heard that insult. He could feel his anger rising.

“Relax, old man. We’re here to eat, not to cause trouble,” Miles said, tugging at his sleeve.

The last thing they should do right now was hurl insults at this customer in Mag’s restaurant.

Bishop had been in this business for dozens of years; he was no fool. He took a deep breath to calm himself down, gave a faint snort, and said not a word.

That customer hadn’t intended to pick a fight. He got back to eating his roujiamo.

Afterwards, more people recognized them, and asked what they were doing here.

“We’re just here for a little get-together. It’s a nice place,” Miles replied with a dry smile. They wouldn’t have come if they had known they would encounter so many of their regulars.

Yabemiya noticed them too. She was a little worried about what they might do, but still she approached them with a smile and a menu. “May I take your order?”

The old woman sucked in her breath when she opened the menu. “What?! Your prices are ridiculous!” she said, staring at the young waitress.

“Yes. They are much too expensive,” a voice added.

They could buy half a roast suckling pig in the Fryer Tavern with 600 copper coins, which was the sixth most delicious dish at the Aden Square. They didn’t see much meat in this Yangzhou fried rice.

And Bishop’s green onion bing was only five copper coins each.

The most expensive dish in their restaurants was not over 200 copper coins. The prices on this menu were just unimaginable.

They thought Mag was ripping people off, or that he was trying to scare them away with these ridiculously high prices. They were all gazing at Yabemiya, waiting for an answer.

The young waitress shook her head, smiling. “Sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with this menu. Our prices are reasonable.” So many people had questioned their prices recently that she had gotten used to it.

People who were daunted by the prices would leave, but those who stayed were all conquered by the dishes, which made Yabemiya very happy and admiring Mag even more.

She didn’t know what these restaurateurs were here for. She was afraid they might look for trouble.

She was not afraid to fight, though; perhaps she could take care of them all by herself. Yet, she wasn’t a big quarreler.

The old woman raised an eyebrow. “You call these prices—”

“I’d like a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and a roujiamo,” Andrew interrupted. Then he turned to face the old woman. “So many people are eating here. They can afford it, and so can we.”

Bernice nodded. “I’d like a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and a roujiamo too,” she said to Yabemiya.

There must be a reason for so many people to eat here. Also, I don’t think they’re all fake customers hired by the owner, Bernice thought as she looked at Brandli. Nobody can hire a magic caster from the Gray Temple, and he looks very powerful too.

“I’d like a roujiamo, please,” Bishop said after he thought for a while.

“I can only earn 300 copper coins a day, and I won’t spend it all on a roujiamo,” said the old woman. She turned and left.

The other restaurateurs exchanged a wry glance.

The old woman’s restaurant was having a hard time these days. Her palate was not as refined as it used to be. Her mutton soup had made it into the top 50 most delicious food once, but it was many years ago. It was nearly impossible for her to recreate that taste now.

Her son and his wife had died years ago. Her grandson was a real handful, and he had no talent in cooking. Their mutton soup tasted worse by the day. Only a handful of regulars would eat there out of sympathy for her. She could barely make enough to get by.

The rest of the restaurateurs placed their orders.

“Okay, but it’s not easy to eat Yangzhou fried rice while standing. I can get you roujiamo if you want,” Yabemiya said with a smile.

“No, thanks. We’ll wait. Please serve us the food after we’re seated,” Bernice said. The others nodded their agreement. They had come here to taste and enjoy the food.

Yabemiya nodded. “Sure.” She turned and walked into the kitchen. “Are they here to make trouble, Boss?” she whispered worriedly.