Chapter 149 - You Got Something You Want To Say?

Chapter 149 of 200 chapters

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Mag shook his head, smiling. “Don’t worry. I don’t think they have the nerve to do that.” He could see that they were not unreasonable people. They’re here to feel out my restaurant, Mag thought.

Even if they planned to make waves, Amy would take care of them, and I have two powerful magic casters here.

They’re probably just here out of curiosity.

When my restaurant becomes more famous in the Aden Square and all throughout Chaos City and the whole continent, more cooks will come, hoping to learn a thing or two from me.

“I think they’ll like our food too,” Mag continued. He removed the fried rice from the wok into a plate.

“I’m sure they will,” the waitress said, picking up the plate. Mag’s calm infected his waitress; her beautiful smile returned.

She didn’t believe anyone could cook as well as her boss.

She had worked in another kitchen for so many years, but most of the ingredients and seasonings that Mag used still looked strange to her.

Mag was a genius in her eyes. He had managed to cook all kinds of divine dishes using his magical hands. He was not an ordinary cook.

“Are you hungry, Amy? I can buy you something to eat if you want,” Krassu said as he smiled at Amy, holding the spoon in his hand. Then he gave a smug look at Urien.

Krassu was trying to irritate Urien here since the latter had promised to pay for Amy’s meals while she studied under him. Amy’s meals were not very cheap.

Urien gave a snort, and his spoon got frosted up.

Amy shook her head. “No, thank you, Master Half-beard. I’m already full,” she said, cracking a cute smile. “But you can always pay for my meals when I study under you if you really want to buy me something to eat.”

Krassu’s face went still. He had never thought his plan of provoking Urien would backfire.

A smile crept across Urien’s face. “I’ll pay for your supper too, Amy. No problem,” he said, his hoarse voice full of gloating pleasure.

Amy nodded happily. “Thank you, Master Turtle!” Then, she turned to look at Krassu as if waiting for his answer.

“Well, I’ll pay for your meals too on the days I teach you.” Krassu sighed, giving a helpless nod.

There was nothing for it but to admit defeat before her cuteness again.

I have more money than I can count. Surely I can afford her meals, Krassu thought as he remembered his salary paid by the royal family. He had tossed all his coins into a large room.

The room had been filled up with coins years before, and Arthur had moved them into a larger room and exchanged the old coins for new ones. Some rare old coins had fetched a lot of money.

He didn’t know how much money he had exactly, but it should be more than enough. He had decided to write to Arthur to ask him to bring the money with him. Money was really important if he wanted to win his little disciple’s heart.

“Thank you, Master Half-beard!” Amy said cheerfully, swinging her little legs on the long-legged chair. Ugly Duckling was sleeping on her laps, so Amy’s movement woke it up. It opened its eyes, and gave her a sullen glance.

Amy stopped swinging. “You got something you want to say, Ugly Duckling?” she asked, looking down at her kitten.

The kitten shook its head immediately, and looked up at Amy with an obedient look. “Meow, meow…”

“I don’t know what you want if you don’t show me.”

“Meow?” the kitten said reluctantly as if skeptical about Amy’s words.

“If I find what you want reasonable, I’ll be happy to oblige. I’m very kind,” Amy said sincerely.

The kitten hesitated a moment. Then it pointed at Amy’s legs, swung its own legs, shook its head, and gave a sleeping pose, staring expectantly at Amy with its sapphire eyes.

Amy mussed up its hair. “I knew you have a problem with me!” She laughed as the kitten’s face twisted in her hands.

“Meow…” the kitten cried despairingly.

Amy didn’t stop until she had had her fill of fun. She cupped its face in her hands. “You can always sleep on the floor if you don’t like me swinging my legs.”

Ugly Duckling took a look at the floor, and then at Amy’s legs. The spineless little thing went back to sleeping on Amy’s laps again.

With such delicious food, people were eating fast. The line was shortening by the minute.

Many patrons ate their roujiamo in the street. It was said it felt better eating roujiamo while walking.

Amy’s face lit up when she noticed those restaurateurs. “Green Onion Bing Grandpa, Mr. Pork Steak, Mrs. Flower Apron… Why’re you here?”

For a moment, they froze. They didn’t know these nicknames themselves, and they were not sure they knew this half-elf girl.

Their nicknames were strange, though to be fair, they were quite accurate. Is this girl the owner’s daughter?

“Are you here to make trouble?” Amy asked curiously.