Chapter 152 - Most Delicious Food At The Aden Square

Chapter 152 of 200 chapters

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The other restaurateurs were all looking at Andrew. He handled pork every day, so they were all waiting to hear what he had to say.

Andrew chewed on the food slowly. The outside of the bread was crunchy, but the inside was soft and had just the right amount of chewiness and sweetness.

Also, the gravy seeping into the bread enriched its taste.

This gravy is made from… pork? Andrew wondered.

He didn’t understand. He had been slaughtering pigs for over 20 years. He knew the difference in taste among different parts of pork, but he had never tasted such different gravy.

This gravy had a strong aroma of meat. The spices had brought out the meat flavor. He could feel his taste buds screaming in delight.

After he bit into the meat, it was so soft that it melted in his mouth.

Just amazing!

Andrew’s eyes went wide. He had thought the streaky pork would be too greasy, but he had clearly been wrong.

Tasty juice seeped out. He swallowed. He felt warm, and then hot. He could feel his blood rushing and his heart thumping.


Andrew couldn’t help but let out a cry of delight. His body fat started shaking… not as violently as that of Harrison and his friends, though. After all, he had more muscles than fat.

“Well?” the other restaurateurs asked. Andrew’s reaction was too extreme. They would have thought that he was a fake customer hired by the owner if they hadn’t come here together.

“It’s good,” Andrew said simply, not taking his eyes away from the roujiamo. The taste still lingered in his mouth. He took another large bite, savoring the delicious food. His blood was rushing like river rapids.

This is no ordinary pork! Andrew thought with iron certainty. But what does it matter?

One bite after another, he was wolfing down his roujiamo quickly.

The other restaurateurs were gaping at Andrew. They could see he liked the food so much that he wouldn’t even spare the time to talk about it with them.

“Is it really that good?’ Bishop muttered, bringing the roujiamo to his mouth.

His green onion bing was the most delicious flatbread at the Aden Square, or so he thought. It was a pity his bing didn’t make it into the top 100 most delicious food at the Aden Square during the last competition, but his business was always good. He could sell more than 1000 green onion bings every day.

Bishop’s eyes widened after he chewed several times.

How can bread taste this good?!

He had thought that bread shouldn’t be eaten with meat, but the soft, sweet bread went perfectly with the delicious meat. One completed the other.

His green onion bing completely lost in taste department.

The thought that he might never be able to make something this delicious made him despair.

He felt very frustrated, yet still he gave a cry in delight after he swallowed.

The rushing blood made him feel young again. He didn’t know what it was in the roujiamo that made him feel this way.

He had invented this green onion bing based on pancake.

His three sons learned from him all these years, and had already mastered the dish.

However, whenever they wanted to try something new, he was always there to stop them, with curses or his fist. Making green onion bing was the only thing his first and second son had on their minds now.

Maybe it’s time I step down and let them do whatever they want, Bishop thought, looking at the roujiamo in his hand. He had to admit that the customer was right when he said his bing didn’t stand a chance against this thing.

His green onion bing was much cheaper, though. That was a good selling point.

But, he didn’t consider this roujiamo expensive. If he could make something this good, with such a magical effect, he would have it priced at 400 or even 600 copper coins.

“It’s very good,” Bishop said, and then got back to enjoying his food. A smile crept up onto his face.

Seeing that Bishop was already totally lost in the food, the other restaurateurs couldn’t wait any longer.


They let out a cry at almost the same time. They couldn’t hide their surprise. They had thought Andrew and Bishop were too easily impressed, but now they knew it had been a spontaneous reaction on their part.

“I’ve never eaten anything half as good as this before!” Bernice exclaimed.

Miles nodded. “The owner must be a genius. I’ll bet that one of the top 10 most delicious foods will have to be replaced by this half a month later at the competition,” he said excitedly, looking at Mag in the kitchen.