Chapter 157 - Make Sure Each Person Can Only Buy Up To One Bowl For Each Meal

Chapter 157 of 200 chapters

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The young waitress turned out to be a great masseuse. She had stronger hands. Mag’s weariness faded, and he truly fell asleep this time.

After some time, Mag woke up, only to find it was already 2:30 PM. He had a blanket on himself, and so did Amy, who was sleeping on the table with Ugly Duckling asleep on her laps.

Smiling, Mag shook his head. I have really fallen asleep. He rose to his feet and stretched, feeling great.

Dishes clattered in the kitchen. The floor was reflectively clean. Everything was neat and tidy.

It seemed she was almost done. Mag put the blanket on the chair, and made for the kitchen.

It would be a pity to let her talent in massage go to waste, Mag thought to himself.

To be sure, Yangzhou fried rice could relieve his fatigue, but he didn’t want to eat it every day. Her massage worked as well as Yangzhou fried rice.

“Miya, I have a little job for you,” Mag said as Yabemiya carefully removed the dishes from the dishwasher. “The payment is a free dinner, same as lunch.”

Yabemiya turned around, surprised. She liked the food here very much. She was already extremely grateful to her boss for the free lunches. After all, she couldn’t afford to eat in this restaurant.

Tantalizing as the food was, she shook her head. “I’ll do the job, but you don’t need to pay me anything. You have already given me too much.”

“It’s not included in your job description, so it’s only fair that I pay you extra,” said Mag. She’s such a nice girl.

Besides massaging his shoulders, Mag was very happy with her work. She could work as much as three people. He couldn’t bear the sight of her eating pancakes for dinner anymore.


“I haven’t told you what this little job is,” Mag interrupted. He looked at her curious eyes and smiled. “You see, we’re quite busy. I get tired sometimes, so would you please massage my shoulders when we’re closed?”

She had thought Mag would ask her to help in the kitchen. She shook her head immediately. “No. I mean, it’s not something that will take a lot of time and effort. Just tell me when you feel tired. You don’t need to pay me to do that.”

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Mag smiled, and added, “We have sweet tofu pudding tonight.”

Yabemiya swallowed despite herself. Looking at Mag’s kind eyes, she hesitated a moment before nodding. “Thank you, Boss. I’ll work harder!” she said formally.

“That’s the spirit!” Seeing that she had already finished cleaning everything, he said, “Get some rest. You can dance with Amy when she wakes up.”

“I can help in the kitchen. Just tell me what I need to do.” She felt more uncomfortable watching her boss toiling in the kitchen while she sat around now that he had offered her free dinners. She decided she had to work harder.

“You are not allowed to teach what you have learned to others, otherwise you will be punished by losing 0.5 of your strength!” the system said gravely.

Mag raised an eyebrow. “I work my a*s off every day!” He had been tempted to take her up on the offer, but the system put a damper on him right away.

“You’re just a rookie cook. You’ve only mastered three dishes. You don’t have what it takes to be a teacher.”

“The people here are crazy about my roujiamo and Yangzhou fried rice, and the tofu pudding has led to a fight between two 10th-tier magic casters. You call me a rookie cook?!

“And are you saying I can teach others how to cook when I have mastered more dishes?” asked Mag.

“Upgrade the restaurant first, and then you’ll know the answer to your question.”

The system was using every way possible to try to talk him into upgrading the restaurant. “No. You can keep the answer to yourself,” replied Mag.

The last thing he wanted was getting his strength weakened. “Thank you, Miya, but I can handle it,” he said to his waitress.

He wasn’t very confident that she could be of much help, since his work needed a lot of skills and experience.

Yabemiya nodded, and didn’t insist. She had pretty much figured out how he was. “Okay. Please tell me when you need me to do anything.”

“I will.” Mag put on the apron. He would sell tofu pudding tonight, so he had more preparations to make.

“New mission: make sure each person can only buy up to one bowl of tofu pudding each meal for 10 consecutive days. You will be given a shot at the lucky draw after you complete the mission.”