Chapter 159 - Big Sister! Big Sister!

Chapter 159 of 200 chapters

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“Stop reading that book, Luna. It would be a pity for such a pretty girl to become a bookworm.” A girl in a blue dress snatched the book from the hands of Luna, who was sitting on a bench in a pavilion in some garden. She smiled. “Tell me something interesting. Living in the castle is so boring.”

She looked to be around 18, with a pretty oval face and beautifully arched eyebrows. She wore her hair in a neat ponytail, baring her forehead.

“Give it back, Vivian. I’m almost finished,” Luna said with a smile, looking up at the young lady.

Vivian hid the book behind her back and shook her head. “No. I’ll keep it for you until you come see me next time.”

“If you give me back my book, I promise I’ll come here on my next rest day.” Luna held out her hand.

Vivian slapped this hand, and said, “As if I would believe you. You said the same thing last time, but it has been half a month since you last came here.” She put the book on a stone stool and sat on it. There were several benches around the sides of the round-roofed pavilion. In the middle was a stone table with four stone stools. Two plates, on which were some fruits, were on the table.

“Sorry. A child was sick last weekend. I tended to her for two days,” Luna said, taking a look at her book.

“Is she okay now?” Vivian peeled a mandarin and handed half to Luna. She then brought a segment to her own mouth.

Luna gave a shake of her head. “She died.” She lowered her sad eyes, depressed.

Vivian’s hand froze. She felt sorry for her friend as she watched her staring at the mandarin in her hand. She held a segment of mandarin orange before Luna’s mouth and smiled. “Maybe it was a release for her. I’m sure she was happy to have you by her side during her last days.”

“Thank you, Vivian. I feel much better now.” Luna smiled, and opened her mouth to eat the mandarin. “Mmm! So sweet and juicy!”

“Taking care of children is no job for a lady. You should enjoy your days in peace and comfort in Rodu,” Vivian said. “Take care of yourself, or I’ll write to tell your grandfather on you.” Mandarins have been on the market for weeks, but I don’t think she has even bought one, and she likes mandarins the most! She must have spent all her money on the children again.

Luna smiled. “He’s over 70 years old. Don’t trouble him with a mandarin orange.” She poked her forehead with her finger. Apparently, she was in a good mood now. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself. I have more money this month. Oh, I do have something interesting to tell you about, or rather, someone.”

“Ouch.” Luna’s poke sent her leaning back. “Someone? A man? You have found your Prince Charming?” Vivian’s eyes were shining with curiosity.

“No!” Luna said quickly, abashed. She found Mag mysterious and unusual, but she had never thought about marrying him. Amy’s mother may come home yet, and she must be a very beautiful elf.

“Are you blushing? My God! I guessed right!” Vivian leaned forward, staring at Luna.

“I’m not, and you guessed wrong. He owns a restaurant. His daughter is one of my students.” Luna poked her forehead again.

“So he’s married,” Vivian said disappointedly. “Then it would be wise not to get too attached to him. The Chaos School might have to let you go because of your little affair.”

“Don’t worry. I’m already married to the school,” Luna said, smiling.

Vivian shook her head. “Trust me, you don’t want to die alone. What’s so interesting about him?”

“He cooks delicious food.”

Vivian’s face lit up immediately. “Really? How delicious? As delicious as the roast suckling pig in the Fryer Tavern?”

“I… Why don’t you go find out yourself?” Luna decided to keep her in suspense. “It’s at the far end of the Aden Square. The name is Mamy Restaurant. I’ll have dinner there tonight.”

Vivian rose quickly to her feet. “You know I’ve been grounded and that I have a banquet to attend tonight. Why do you torture me like that? You bad girl!”

Luna giggled.

Vivian joined her laughter.

“Father, we are going to the restaurant where you eat every day?” asked Parmer. He was in a black riding jacket, brown riding pants, and black leather boots, sitting on a white pony in a stud farm. He was looking at Gjergj, surprise written all over his face.

On another white pony sat a boy around three years old, who wore his hair in a mushroom bowl. He was holding tight onto the saddle. He paused three seconds before he realized what was going to happen. “Rainbow fried rice! Rainbow fried rice!” he cried happily, waving his little hands.

Smiling, Gjergj nodded. “Yes. The owner there has a very pretty little girl. I think she’s younger than you, and older than Parbor. I’m sure you’ll like her.” He looked at his two sons, eyes full of love.

“Really? A cute little sister?” Parmer said excitedly.

Parbor paused three seconds again. “Big sister! Big sister!” he exclaimed, waving his hands.