Chapter 160 - Come Back To Bed, Honey

Chapter 160 of 200 chapters

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The sun was setting. Outside the Geya Hotel, Sally was collecting sheets. She felt good as she smelled soap on them. “Boss, can I leave? I won’t come back for dinner,” she said to a woman sitting in a chair at the door, where she was embroidering a big golden bird.

The woman seemed to be in her forties and thin. She wore her black hair in a simple bun with a silver hairpin. She was plain-looking, but seemed very benign. She put down her work and looked up at Sally with a smile. “Sure. Don’t stay out too late.”

Sally smiled back. “I won’t.” She took the sheets inside, walked out of the door, and nodded at her boss. She took a look at her work and left.

She didn’t get paid very much, but her boss was very good to her. She had provided her with food and accommodation for free. The food was bland, but she liked it bland. She liked Yangzhou fried rice much better, though.

“I will only eat a plate. I can earn the money in a month.” Sally held tight onto her purse and quickened her pace.

“I owe you one, Novan. But I really have to go now. I have had enough to drink,” Krassu said, waving his hand at the gate of the Chaos School.

“We haven’t seen each other for, I think, more than 10 years,” said a man in a black-and-white robe. “I will take you to the Fryer’s tonight. Their roast suckling pig is unbelievable. I’m sure you haven’t eaten anything that good in Rodu.”

The man looked around 40, his hair parted neatly to the side. His square face was screaming authority, his cheeks red from drinking.

“I don’t want no suckling pig. I’m going to eat tofu pudding tonight. Now that’s an unbelievable dish!” Krassu was a little drunk, but he could still remember the taste of the tofu pudding he had had in the morning.

“Tofu pudding 1 ? Like pig brains and monkey brains?” Novan asked. “I thought you didn’t like that kind of stuff.”

Krassu shook his head. “No. It’s not real brains. It tastes a thousand times better!” said the old man, smiling. “You’re already 80, Novan, but there’s still so much for you to learn.”

Brandli and the administrator of the Chaos School were startled. They gazed at Krassu with a strange look on their faces.

Nobody dared talk to the principal like that, not even the Lord of Chaos City or the Lord of the Gray Temple. Once, the principal had fought with the Lord of the Gray Temple over some business concerning the school. Their fight had ended up leaving a big hole in the roof of the Gray Temple, which had taken over a month to repair. In the end, it was the Lord of the Gray Temple who had compromised.

But now, their principal didn’t seem angry at all.

“Yes,” Novan said, smiling. “We should be able to drink together more often since you’re living here now. Maybe I should go with you to try that unbelievable tofu pudding tonight.”

Krassu nodded. “All right. He has other dishes, also amazing. Besides, the owner is my beloved disciple’s father! Come on. We have to hurry. The waiting line is growing as we speak.”

“Sir, the Lord of Chaos City has extended you an invitation to dine in his castle…” the administrator said hurriedly, looking worried.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I won’t be able to try that tofu pudding tonight, Krassu. But, you didn’t make his daughter your disciple to get free food, did you?” The banquet was actually a get-together of the top brass in the Gray Temple, the castle of Chaos City, and the Chaos School. They held one every month to strengthen communication and cooperation. His presence was needed since he was the leader of the Chaos School.

“Do I look like a scrounger to you? Enough chit-chat. I really have to go.” The old man turned around, and made for the Aden Square. “Even his daughter’s meals are paid by me!” he muttered to himself as he walked.

“Come back to bed, honey!” a voice said seductively in a luxurious room.

“Please, baby, I can’t… I’ll go get dinner for you!” Vicennio scurried out of the house. He placed a hand on the wall to support himself as he walked, tired and disheveled. The sun made him squint. “Why is she not tired at all?! That’s not fair!”

On the bed, a voluptuous woman was leaning on her pillow. Part of her breasts was showing through the quilt. Her skin was soft and shiny, face still red. She looked at the door with bedroom eyes and smiled. “My husband can last longer in bed now…”

“Boss, why are we leaving? We have found the Flaming Raven’s nest. It will fly back come dark. It’s worth five roujiamos,” Kil said as Sargeras strode.

Monde didn’t understand, either. He was holding two sacks in his hands. Their first quest had certainly paid off.

“What are we working so hard for?” Sargeras asked, without stopping.

“For roujiamo!” answered Kil and Monde.

Sargeras nodded. “Exactly. The restaurant is about to open. We will cash in these animals, take a bath, and then go to that restaurant. Do you want the owner to tell us they have sold out of roujiamo when we get there?”

“No!” Kil and Monde said nervously. They picked up their pace.

The customers won’t be very happy tonight. Mag looked at the menu in his hand, which read: “Tofu pudding (sweet/savory), 200 copper coins each. Please note: one person can only buy up to one bowl for each meal.”

There was noise coming from the outside.