Chapter 161 - Sweet Or Savory?

Chapter 161 of 200 chapters

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“I’m told Mamy Restaurant has launched a new dish called tofu pudding, and two powerful magic casters have literally fought over the flavors!” a man said.

“Really? Then I must try it. I still remember the taste of his Yangzhou fried rice. But, I have to spend my secret stash of money again.”

The first man said, “Yeah. We can only afford to eat in that restaurant several times a month. My kid will start school soon, so I have to save money for him. But, it’s too difficult to quit his food.”

“Magic casters have fought over a dish?! Where’s this restaurant you’re talking about? The food there is as good as you say?” a third voice asked.

Mamy Restaurant was a hot topic these days. The fight in the morning was serving as a catalyst to promote the new dish. Many people who had never been to the restaurant were intrigued, wondering what kind of food would make two powerful magic casters fight.

People were waiting in line before Mag’s restaurant.

Strangely, there were two lines. At the head were Krassu and Urien. They stood more than one meter apart, but clearly the distance was not far enough.

Under Urien’s feet was a big ice flower, delicate and elegant, rotating slowly.

Meanwhile, by Krassu’s feet flew a flaming bird, which was staring at the ice flower with vigilance.

Obviously, they were combat-ready, but neither would make the first move.

They had confined their magic since there were innocent people around.

“The sweet one is the one true flavor of tofu pudding,” Krassu said gravely, banging his staff on the ground.

“To hell with the sweet one. I love the savory one,” said Urien, his voice harsh to the ear.

They were staring at each other. For an instant, it seemed they were on the brink of fighting, but then they looked away.

The other customers let out a sigh of relief. They might have been killed if they had fought so close to them. Waiting in line could be very dangerous sometimes.

The customer who stood the closest to them was two meters away, but the other people didn’t complain. They could totally understand. The Frost Dragon had struck fear into their hearts.

They hadn’t tried tofu pudding before, but somehow they had chosen their sides.

The door wouldn’t open for another half hour. Dozens were waiting. One line was as long as the other.

The hostility between Krassu and Urien might have affected the others. The air seemed to be getting tense.

“Hey man, why are there two lines?” Moyoshi asked a guy waiting in the line. He had come with his friend Andreas.

“Sweet and savory. Take your pick.”

Moyoshi understood immediately as he saw Urien and Krassu. “I like the savory one too,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Oh, hello.” The man shook his hand.

“He prefers the sweet one,” Moyoshi said, pointing at his friend.

The savory tofu pudding guys all looked to Andreas.

“Easy, guys.” Andreas flinched in fright.

“Hey, you don’t need to be afraid of them,” said a strong man in the other line. The other people in the same line looked at him encouragingly.

Andreas felt secure now. He joined the line.

More people were coming by the minute. Some wanted to try both, but no one was courageous enough to start a third waiting line beside the two old magic casters.

Sally was startled when she espied the people lined up. She had veiled her face with a silk scarf. It has become so popular after only a few days?

Sally stopped, hesitant. I have to wait with so many humans, dwarves, orcs, and maybe I have to share a table with them… She had dined with a dwarf in this restaurant, but this was a different matter entirely.

So many are waiting, and there are bound to be more when it opens. Will I be able to eat with a dwarf and an orc by my side? Sally thought to herself.

“The restaurant seems to be very busy. Beautiful things never go unnoticed,” Luna said as she stopped to look at the lines. Apparently, her worries that the restaurant might not attract many customers because of the prices had turned out to be groundless.

I can always take out. Sally couldn’t resist the delicious Yangzhou fried rice. She clenched her fist, and walked towards the lines.

Maybe they have new dishes now. Luna smiled, and made for the restaurant.

“Ladies, sweet or savory?” a young man asked as he looked at Luna and Sally.