Chapter 165 - Your Tofu Pudding, Please Enjoy

Chapter 165 of 200 chapters

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Then, Amy dropped her gaze back to the food, and spooned another spoonful into her mouth, her body swinging in delight. She put down the spoon, picked up the roujiamo, and ate it. She took a bite of tofu pudding, and then a bite of roujiamo, smiling all the while.

The bald man had never seen that coming. Amy was killing him with that delicious tofu pudding.

Some people were starting to suspect that Mag was making Amy eat here on purpose. Nonetheless, they were unable to tear their eyes away from her or keep their mouths from watering.

“Looks like tofu pudding goes great with roujiamo.”

“Excuse me. I’ll have a roujiamo.”

“Me too!”

Mag’s little trick worked.

The sight of Amy eating her food was enough to raise their expectations. Many people began ordering roujiamo.

“See? Little owner likes the savory one too! Because it is much better!”

“And it goes well with roujiamo. I’ll bet the sweet one will make roujiamo taste awful,” a young man said.

“I like the sweet one, and I think no one forces you to eat it with roujiamo,” a demon said coldly, looking at the young man with his red eyes.

“Okay…” the young man said, frightened.

Waiting for their orders was kind of boring. They started arguing again now that they knew what the food looked like.

It looks good, Sally thought as she stared at Amy and the two bowls before her. The one with syrup must be the sweet one. He made the syrup with honey? It looks even more viscous than the honey from the Wind Forest.

The sweet one must be very tasty! Sally became expectant. She liked sweets. Sadly, the female cook hired by her family only knew how to cook several kinds of sweets, and she liked honey better than the sweets she made.

Then she saw the roujiamo in Amy’s hands. I don’t think I can eat anything that greasy. She opened the menu and frowned as she saw the price of tofu pudding.

She had to work a month to earn enough money to buy a plate of Yangzhou fried rice. And now, there was this tofu pudding.

She was blessed with a long life since she was an elf, but a decent meal every month wasn’t quite the life she had expected when she left home.

She had made a promise to herself that she would travel the whole continent with a dozen dragon coins like the elf princess had done.

She had arrived at her first stop, Chaos City, and she had worked hard for over 10 days, but the money she had earned was not even enough for a plate of Yangzhou fried rice.

She was unable to resist the food. She was stuck here.

She could feel her dreams drifting away. She thought she could hear a voice in her head saying, “Work, work, work…”

Luna watched with a smile as Amy ate. Seems like the savory one is good. But what if I make that sound again if I eat it with roujiamo?

“May I take your orders?” Yabemiya said, gazing at Luna and Sally in admiration. She had never seen even one customer as beautiful as them.

Growing up in a greasy kitchen, all she ever wanted was to become a pretty lady with slender and beautiful hands like them. She looked down and hid her coarse hands behind the menu.

“I’d like a plate of Yangzhou fried rice…” Sally said, looking up at Yabemiya with envy. This half-dragon girl wasn’t here when I last came. How lucky of her to work here! She can have at least one plate of Yangzhou fried rice for free every day, I think.

But I have to work for a month to buy her work lunch. I eat noodles with vegetables every day. Life is so unfair!

Sally raised her voice. “And a bowl of sweet tofu pudding!” she added as if she was making a hard decision.

Yabemiya nodded. “Sure.” Then she turned to face Luna. “Are you ready to order, Miss?”

“Yes. I’ll have a bowl of savory tofu pudding, and…” Luna remembered the feeling of when she first ate roujiamo as she looked at the almost finished roujiamo in Amy’s hands. “… and a roujiamo.”

Yabemiya nodded. “Okay.” Then she went on taking orders.

I’ll make more money if I work harder, Sally thought, clenching her fist. Then she looked toward the kitchen. I wonder if he needs more waitresses here.

Mag took a look at the people who were watching Amy eat. She would be very popular if she could eat live online. He smiled and poured the hot syrup on the tofu pudding. He was very pleased with his little trick.

“Two savory ones and two sweet ones. Do not recommend the flavor to them,” Mag said to the young waitress.

She nodded obediently. “Yes, Boss.” She picked up the tray and walked out of the kitchen.

Amy gave a burp, and put down the bowl, which had been licked clean. She stuck out her tongue to try to lick the syrup off her nose, but failed. She raised her eyes, and found they were still staring at her. “The savory one is delicious, and so is the sweet one!”

However, most of them were so stubborn. A child’s opinion would never sway their decision.

“Be quiet in our restaurant and don’t disturb others,” she said. “I’ll set you on fire if you don’t follow the rules here.” She held out her little hand, and then a bluish violet flame rose up, dwindled, and turned into a little fireball.

“Your tofu pudding, please enjoy,” Yabemiya said, putting down the food.