Chapter 166 - Can You Teach Me How To Cook, Father?

Chapter 166 of 200 chapters

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Amy’s fireball was screaming danger; they could feel its heat even from a distance.

Cute as she was, she had burned Krassu’s beard and defeated Sargeras.

They didn’t want to mess with her.

They didn’t want to get themselves banned at this restaurant.

They lowered their voices. Now they could hear the soft sound dishes made when they touched the table and Yabemiya’s energetic voice. The smells in the air became stronger.

Luna looked at Amy and smiled. She’s very helpful. Then she glanced through the menu and saw the rules. Looks like he has something in common with Novan. They might become friends.

Then there was a sound of swallowing saliva, too loud in this quiet atmosphere.

They turned to look, and felt envious when they saw Habeng and his savory tofu pudding.

Habeng gave a smile. “Time to eat.” He picked up the spoon. He had got the fourth bowl of tofu pudding since he was the fourth one in.

Krassu spooned some tofu pudding into his mouth. “Mmm, the sweet tofu pudding goes perfectly with Yangzhou fried rice,” he exclaimed, savoring the wonderful taste.

Urien took a bite of roujiamo, and then a bite of savory tofu pudding. “This combination tastes real great.” The roujiamo was working its magic on him, making him feel less hunched.

How did he make it so watery?! a rich-looking middle-aged man thought to himself, surprised. He brought another spoonful into his mouth. The intoxicating sweetness made him forget about everything else.

“I like this!” Habeng said. His spoon went up and down as he gave a blissful smile.

The customers stopped arguing, waiting patiently for their orders.

They were too preoccupied with the food and expectant right now to argue.

Those who had already had their food served were purring like kittens as they ate. Others were looking excitedly in the direction of the kitchen. Peace and quiet had been restored again.

“Thank you,” Amy said as the fireball vanished. She patted Ugly Duckling on its head, and the little thing understood and slid down along her leg right away. She climbed off the chair, stood on tips of her toes to pick up the two bowls, and walked towards the kitchen.

“Where should I put them, Father?” Amy asked, holding them securely in her hands.

“Here, let me have them.” Mag put the bowls in the sink and smiled. She has helped keep the order here, and she has done it without offending them. I don’t think anyone could do such a fantastic job other than she.

“Can you teach me how to cook, Father?” Amy asked as she looked at the kitchenware, expectant.

Mag was taken by surprise. “You want to learn to cook?”

Amy nodded solemnly. “Yes. Father’s food has made many people like you. I want to be liked by many people too.”

“Silly girl. Many people like you even if you know nothing about cooking,” Mag said, smiling. “You’re not tall enough to work the wok now. I will teach you when you’re taller than the cooking bench, so try to eat more and get taller!”

Amy was a little disappointed for a while, but then she got over it quickly. She walked up to the cooking bench and looked up. It was about 10 centimeters taller than her. “Just you wait. I’ll become taller than you in no time.”

Mag shook his head with a smile as he looked at his cute little girl.

Amy stayed and watched for a while before getting back to her usual chair again.

“Please enjoy,” Yabemiya said as she put down a bowl of sweet tofu pudding and a bowl of savory tofu pudding before Sally and Luna, respectively. The soft thing shook a little, but maintained its shape.

The two girls were attracted by the food. A smile touched the corners of their mouths as they breathed in the delicious smells.

Luna picked up her spoon and gave Sally a curious glance. She’ll surely remove her veil.

A middle-aged elf in the waiting line was also looking at Sally, squinting as if thinking about something of importance.

Sally was too engrossed in the food to notice anything else. She removed her scarf and put it away. Then, she scooped some in her spoon and gazed at it with surprise.

She’s so beautiful! Luna thought to herself.

The middle-aged elf’s eyes went wide. “She’s here!” Then he covered his mouth hurriedly and lowered his head, hiding behind an orc in front of him.