Chapter 167 - She Is Just As Vicious-tongued As Her

Chapter 167 of 200 chapters

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Luna dropped her gaze back to her food. Her manners told her not to stare at other people when they were eating. She sank her spoon into the tofu pudding, and it cut through the pudding like it was nothing but water. The white and soft tofu pudding was shaking in her spoon, with a little zha cai and a dried shrimp on top.

Luna’s eyes were shining with surprise. It’s beautiful. The dried shrimp looked almost transparent. The pleasant smell made her mouth water.

“Please try it, Teacher Luna. It’s very good,” Amy said with Ugly Duckling in her arms.

Luna nodded. “All right.” She brought the food into her mouth gracefully, and then her eyes widened.

It liquefied as soon as she took a bite. It was much tenderer than the eggs in Yangzhou fried rice. It was very watery, and went through her teeth like milk. The savory zha cai and shrimp really added fullness to the taste.

She felt like she was in heaven. She felt as if she were a child again, as if she were playing in the soft cloud and then a wave came and splashed some cool water on her face.

She swallowed, and her eyes were still closed. Savoring the taste lingering in her mouth, she smiled.

The taste brought her back to her childhood.

My childhood friends, how are they doing? Maybe I should go home this Peace Memorial Festival. I haven’t seen them for three years. Luna opened her eyes and took another bite, lost in her memories.

Sally took a look at Luna, and then focused her eyes on the food before her. It was like steamed egg custard, only more elastic. She scooped some. The spoon left a white hole in the tofu pudding, and then the red syrup slid right into it. The tofu pudding covered by syrup shook a little in her spoon, delicate like a piece of art.

It smells of flowers! This syrup may have honey in it. Sally was a little surprised. She brought the spoon into her mouth quickly.

It was so soft and watery. The sweetness of the syrup and the delicious taste of the tofu pudding blended perfectly in her mouth, bringing a smile to her face.

I was right! It has honey in it, and sugar too. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. I like it!

The Valley of Flowers was located in the Wind Forest. It was warm there, with a lot of flowers and bees. She liked searching for honeycombs there because they were much sweeter than elsewhere.

It was Irina who had taught her how to find honeycombs. When she was little, she had always tagged along wherever the princess went. In her eyes, the princess could do anything, and was the prettiest and the most powerful. She would take her searching for honeycombs and stealing spirit fruits.

When the princess left for Rodu, she said she would scribble a little something on the wall of the famous Magus Tower. After she came back, she got grounded for 15 days. It was said she had written: “The elf princess was here!”

It was really an impressive deed. Although the Tower was in Rodu, the elf magic casters also held it in high regard. After all, not every magic caster had a chance to enter that place.

Several years later, the princess packed up and left home with a dozen dragon coins, leaving a letter on her table. She had been gone for over 10 years. She had travelled to the Twilight Forest, the Demon Islands, and the Dragon Islands. She had left her footprints all over the continent. Many young elves looked up to her as their role model.

And Sally was one of them. She envied her her way of living.

Three years ago, she was told the princess had been brought back by the queen herself. Then she stayed in the cave with the Tree of Life, and Sally had never seen her again.

She had no idea what had happened to her. The princess was like a changed person, and would talk to no one but her maid, Firis.

She had spent a lot of time with the Tree of Life when she was little, and the tree had been nice only to her since she was born.

Sally hadn’t seen her for a long while, but she had followed in her footsteps, which was why she had only had a dozen dragon coins on her and left all her valuable jewelry home.

It turned out she might have overestimated herself since she had got stuck here, in Chaos City.

Why does the honey in this syrup taste familiar? Sally wondered.

Very few elves would look for honey in the Valley of Flowers, and even less would sell it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, he certainly has chosen the ingredients carefully. The tastes are wonderful. Sally took another bite, savoring the food slowly. This was the second time she was this happy after she left home, and the first was when she had Yangzhou fried rice.

Good food could indeed make people happy.

“Big sister elf, it’s very tasty, isn’t it?” Amy asked, smiling.

Sally turned to look at her. For an instant, she froze. She now realized why she would have had that strange feeling of familiarity. The little girl was just as vicious-tongued as Irina, who had liked to nickname other people when she was little.

And she had nicknamed her “Slug”.

To be fair, it had been nowhere near accurate.