Chapter 169 - I’m Just Chubby, Not Fat!

Chapter 169 of 200 chapters

Chapter 169: I’m Just Chubby, Not Fat!

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Parbor stood there, frozen. He looked up at Amy in confusion.

The customers couldn’t help but laugh.

Mag shook his head with a smile. Amy’s only four, and not much taller than him. There’s no way she can pick him up. But, maybe she should have said that less bluntly.

At last, the little boy understood. He turned to his father, aggrieved, as if about to cry. “The big sister said no hugs.”

Gjergj opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say to comfort his little boy. Now, his two sons were both in a bad mood.

“Shouldn’t you say something?” Harrison asked in a whisper.

“I’m afraid I’ll only make it worse…”

“My brother isn’t heavy!” Parmer said angrily, stepping between Amy and Parbor.

“Brother…” Parbor cowered behind Parmer.

“Yeah, right. Then why don’t you go ahead and pick him up?” Amy said coolly.

“I will!” He turned to look at his brother.

“Brother, hugs! Hugs!” Parbor said, extending his arms, excited and happy again.

The customers were all looking at Parmer now, wondering what he would do.

Parmer looked older than Amy, and was handsome in his horse-riding clothes; he must have inherited his looks from his mother. They were all looking forward to witnessing the sweet scene of him holding his brother.

“Sorry, Parbor. Maybe another time,” Parmer said, frowning. “You’ve got fat recently.”

The little boy looked like he was on the brink of crying. “I hate you, Brother. How can you say I’m fat?!” He pouted.

A girl burst out laughing. Luckily, she wasn’t eating. She covered her mouth and continued laughing.

Parmer felt abashed and aggrieved. He had intended to speak up for his little brother, but ended up getting disliked. Parbor had really got fat. Parmer used to be able to carry him on his back, but now, he was not sure his back was strong enough to carry him again.

Amy looked at Parbor, and then at Parmer. “He’s only a child. He’s just chubby, not fat.”

Why is she accusing me? She should be blamed as much as me! But when he saw his brother’s watery eyes, his face softened right away. He patted Parbor on the head. “Sorry, Parbor. I’ll be able to carry you when I’m taller and stronger.”

Parbor’s smile returned immediately.

Amy nodded, relieved. “You’re both good kids.”

Parmer turned to look at Amy strangely. Aren’t you a kid yourself?

“Go wait in the line. Don’t talk loud or run in the restaurant. You’ll be spanked if you disturb other people,” Amy said solemnly.

“Spanked?” Worried, Parbor looked around nervously.

“You can’t spank me!” Parmor said, clenching his fists.

“Maybe I can’t, but Blue Fatty can.” Amy looked at Gjergj.

Parmer raised an eyebrow. “Blue Fatty? My father?” He looked to his father for support.

“She’s talking about basic manners you should know,” Gjergj said gravely to his sons. “If you behave badly, I will spank you.” Then he gave Amy a kind smile. Girls are better than boys.

The two brothers exchanged a glance, suddenly afraid.

“Big sister. I like big sisters,” Parbor said, looking at Amy.

“But I like little sisters,” said Amy.

Parbor cried after all; tears welled in his eyes. “She doesn’t like me. I want to become a girl, and then she’ll like me…”

“Don’t be such a crybaby. You’ll become a man one day, and men never cry,” Amy said.

Parbor stopped crying right away. There were still tears in his eyes, though.

“Come on, Parbor.” His brother picked up his little hand.

“It seems your plan of making them become friends has failed,” Harrison said.

Gjergj nodded, and managed a wry smile. “Mag’s daughter is so smart. When I have a daughter, I’ll teach her to stay away from boys too.”

“Meow!” Ugly Duckling woke up and gave a cry.

Parmor’s eyes went wide. “An orange cat!” He trotted up to Amy, and looked up at her with longing. “Big sister, can I hold it?”

“She’ll never let you hold it,” Parmer said with certainty.

The customers were all looking at Amy. They had never seen anyone else hold the kitten before, so they thought the little boy might get disappointed again.

Amy paused a moment as she looked at Parbor, who still had streaks of tears on his face. She handed the kitten over. “Here. Be careful not to drop it. It has got fat too.”

I’m just chubby, not fat! Ugly Duckling thought sullenly to itself.

“Is it just me, or can this tofu pudding make scars fade?” a woman said delightedly.