Chapter 171 - Can I Have Another Bowl Of Sweet Tofu Pudding?

Chapter 171 of 200 chapters

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“Relax, buddy. You scars are still there,” his friend said, smiling.

“Bullshit! The one left by a blue-haired wolf when I went hunting for the first time 25 years ago is gone! And so is the scar made by an orc’s fang. And…” Yeoell told him with sorrow about all the scars that had disappeared.

“Don’t worry, Yeoell. You’ll get new ones.” His friend patted him on the shoulder.

“But I liked my old ones! They meant a lot to me!” Although Yeoell was already the vice-leader of an adventurer group, he always liked showing off. He really enjoyed bragging to the rookie adventurers about his scars.

His friend smiled. “So if there were another bowl of tofu pudding in front of you, would you eat it?”

Yeoell thought a moment and nodded. “Of course I would!”

“Even my birthmark is not so clear anymore!” a voice called out.

“Would you do me a favor and tell me if the pits on my face are gone?” said a second voice.

The customers had noticed that their skin had actually got better.

Yabemiya’s eyes lit up when she lifted her hands before her eyes.

She had been too busy to pay attention to the changes to her hands, but now she noticed that some of her old scars had vanished.

The scar left by a hot wok when she was seven, the scar she had got from a dog at the age of eight… All those ugly scars were either gone or fading.

If I keep eating this tofu pudding, my hands might become pretty again! Yabemiya thought to herself, excited.

She had found her life miserable as she had been a lowly worker slaving away in that dark kitchen. Others had shown her no respect, so she couldn’t have cared less about her hands.

She was getting all the love and respect here in Mamy Restaurant, and started to really live her life. It was natural for a girl to crave to be beautiful. She had been saved from her miserable life.

She blamed herself for having failed to take care of her hands every time they looked at them. She didn’t want to ruin their appetite. She didn’t want to fail her boss.

She clenched her fists. I’m sure I’ll get rid of these scars and calluses if I have two bowls of tofu pudding every day! She strode towards the kitchen, feeling really grateful to Mag.

It didn’t only soften their skin, it literally gave them each a facelift! Mag was also amazed even though the system had prepared him for it. He had never expected it to be this effective.

“You should have told me that this tofu pudding can work wonders, system! I should have priced it at 2,000 copper coins each!” Mag said to the system. This food was basically a magic bullet for people with scars, pits, birthmarks, etc.

“I didn’t know that it would be this effective. The test result said it was rich in protein. Maybe that mysterious microelement has powerful effect on the skin.”

“You didn’t do any animal experiments?!”

The system fell silent. At last, it said, “All the ingredients are subject to 18 different tests to ensure they are edible. Don’t worry.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I don’t need to conduct experiments on animals. My tests are more accurate and scientific. The test results are much more reliable than those experiments involving animals as long as I have enough samples.”

“Maybe you’re experimenting on us right now…” Mag said. He believed the system, though. Its database and knowledge made it more than capable of testing the edibility of food.

He had to limit the selling of tofu pudding for the customers’ own safety since the system had warned him of the harm in eating too much tofu pudding.

“Can I have another bowl of sweet tofu pudding?” Krassu said with a smile, looking at the young waitress.

“I’d like a second serving of savory tofu pudding,” Urien said in his hoarse voice, putting down the spoon.

The noise in the restaurant died down. They were all staring at Yabemiya.

They had finished their tofu pudding and would like more, but they had noticed the rule on the menu.

Many people who were not very happy with how they looked were gazing at Yabemiya with great expectations.

They were thinking that Mag might not say no to the two powerful magic casters, who were also Amy’s masters.