Chapter 173 - The Fight Between The Two Sides Had Ended, For Now

Chapter 173 of 200 chapters

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I have never expected to see her here. I was told she left Chaos City half a month ago. We have already stopped searching for her here. Fikar seated himself in a corner, stealing glances at Sally.

The news of her leaving home had found its way to Chaos City over two weeks ago. Her family was among the most powerful elven clans, so her leaving home was no small business.

On top of that, Lady Helena had recommended her to the elven queen. Sally, who had always lived in the shadow of Irina, was now a popular candidate to become the elven queen.

However, at this crucial point, she left home and went south, just as the elven princess had done.

The reward for finding her was huge. Fikar could even hear his heart pounding with excitement. Maybe he would be able to return to the Wind Forest soon.

He spooned some tofu pudding into his mouth, savoring the tasty food. He smiled. The good food here has brought me luck!

Krassu pushed himself to his feet and walked to the kitchen door. “Check, please.” He smiled at Mag.

Mag smiled back. “That will be eight gold coins.” He was grateful to them for earlier since they hadn’t given him a hard time.

“I’ve found a magic room in the Chaos School. It’s on the third floor in No. 3 building of the magic school. Take Amy there at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Also, please bring a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and some sweet tofu pudding for me.”

Mag was very happy when he heard that he would teach Amy in Chaos School, since Amy could play with her friends.

Then he frowned. I have to deliver the food for him. He hesitated a moment, and then took the 16 gold coins from his hand. He is Amy’s master. That’s the least I can do.

Mag nodded. “Thank you. I will. Please take care of her.”

Apparently, Krassu had never seen this coming. He had thought Mag wouldn’t deliver the food for him. He smiled and nodded.

Mag smiled back.

After Krassu left, Urien paid his check and left as well.

The two sides were more determined now that they had tried the tofu pudding. The air was thick with hatred.

Luna and Sally put down their spoons at almost the same time, letting out a breath of satisfaction. They were both highborn ladies, but they had never eaten anything as good as this.

They were both convinced that the one they had eaten was the best, yet their good manners prevented them from making any remarks. They paid their checks.

“You’re such a good girl, Amy,” Luna said, stroking her head. Then she turned to Parmer and smiled. “You’re very good at math, Parmer. You are not daunted by that little setback, are you?”

“No, I’m not. Thank you, Teacher Luna.” The little boy’s eyes started shining with ambition.

“Come back soon, Teacher Luna. Father can cook many good foods, and there will be more new dishes,” said Amy.

Luna nodded with a smile. “I will,” she said, her eyes full of expectations.

The customers raised their heads in surprise when they heard what Amy had just said. They wondered if Mag could truly invent more unparalleled dishes.

They really looked forward to his new dishes.

Parbor gave the kitten back to Amy after a while since it was too heavy for him.

Later, when there were seats available for Harrison, Gjergj, and the two kids, Parmer ordered a bowl of savory tofu pudding, even though the other three ordered the sweet one. He smiled happily while eating tofu pudding and roujiamo together.

“Bye, Mushroom Bowl, Blue Fatty, Gray Fatty,” Amy said at the door, holding Ugly Duckling, waving her hand.

Parbor waved back. “Bye, big sister and fat kitty.” He torn his eyes away from the kitten unwillingly and held Gjergj’s hand.

“Later, little owner,” said Harrison and Gjergj, who was holding a box of Yangzhou fried rice in his hand.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye to me?” Parmer said, gazing at Amy with a sullen look.

“Because I haven’t figured out what to call you yet.”

“Bye!” Parmer said, and left angrily.

“Bye.” Amy went back into the restaurant, looking happy.

“Boss, how about we try this tofu pudding too?” Kil asked, looking around.

“What do we work so hard for?” asked Sargeras, looking at Kil and Monde.

“For roujiamo!” they answered instantly.

“Eat!” Sargeras said, pointing at the 15 roujiamos before them.

They were busy the whole night. After 9 PM, Mag politely turned away the customers who were too late. When the last customer left, Mag closed the door and let out a sigh of relief.

The fight between the two sides had ended, for now. It was more violent than he had expected.

“Father, we have sold 512 roujiamos, 90 plates of rainbow fried rice, and 240 bowls of tofu pudding,” Amy said happily. “Our income today is 175,480 copper coins. I have converted dragon coins and gold coins into copper coins.”

“Oh, you’re so amazing, sweetheart. You’re literally a math genius.” Mag smiled, held her in his arms, and kissed her on the head.

He was only 1,000 gold coins away from getting to buy the strength, and he had got 880 customers as of now.

The braised chicken and rice will be popular in this world, and I will probably be able to swing a sword after I get that 0.5 strength. The thought of this brought a smile to Mag’s face.