Chapter 174 - It’s Perfect At Home Or On Vacation

Chapter 174 of 200 chapters

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Yabemiya looked at the father and daughter with a smile and an envious look in her eyes. “When will my father come back? Mother promised he would, but when? I’ve been waiting for many years…” she muttered to herself, taking the dishes into the kitchen.

Mag looked at Amy with a serious look on his face. “Amy, starting tomorrow, you will start your lessons with Krassu. Remember, you should call him ‘Master Krassu’ and always be courteous and respectful.”

“But I like to call him Master Half-beard.”

Mag shook his head. “It’s rude. He might feel offended. Words can cut deeper than knives, and students ought to respect their teachers. You’re their only student, so be good while attending their classes, okay?”

Amy nodded obediently. “Yes, Father. But can I call them Master Half-beard and Master Turtle after class?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” Mag said, looking at her expectant little face. They don’t seem very bothered by their nicknames.

Amy smiled. “Great!” She looked out the window and waved Mag’s hand back and forth. “I want to watch the stars, Father.”

“Okay, let’s go up to the balcony. We can see clearer from there.” He felt like an irresponsible father since he was always too busy to interact with Amy.

“Miya, go home if you’re finished. Stay safe. Also, don’t come early tomorrow morning. I have to take Amy to school, and won’t be back until around 6:50.”

Yabemiya nodded. “Yes, Boss. Do you want me to massage your shoulders?”

Mag shook his head with a smile. “No. Go home and get some rest.”

“Good night, Sister Miya,” Amy said, waving her little hand.

“Meow!” cried Ugly Duckling. It still kept its distance from her, but it had grown accustomed to her working here.

The waitress smiled. “Good night!” She felt so warm inside.

“Can we take Mushroom Fairy with us, Father?” Amy asked when they were about to go up the stairs.

“Sure.” Mag went to get the music box, and ascended the third floor with Amy.

Mag had tricked the system into remodeling the second and third floor while building the restaurant. The large balcony had a white rail and non-slip gray tiles, and was situated outside of a small empty room on the third floor. Facing the Aden Square, it provided a great view.

A lamp went on the minute they opened the door. “Wow, we have such a spacious balcony!” Amy exclaimed in delight. She put Ugly Duckling on the floor and ran around happily.

Mag was also a little surprised. This place is nice. We can grill meat and drink beer up here. The room is large enough for a grill, parasol, rocking chair, and other stuff.

“I need a rocking chair,” he said to the system. I wouldn’t lie on the floor to watch the stars.

“You have no right to change the restaurant. You will get two luxurious lounges for free after you upgrade it.”

“Will customers eat up here?”

“I don’t think they will,” the system answered after a while.

“Exactly,” Mag said, smiling. “The second and third floor are private sections. I won’t allow them to come up here. The restaurant is on the first floor, so I’m not changing the restaurant.” The system fell silent.

“Do you sell it or not? I don’t have all night.”

“Sorry, I was wrong. Of course you can buy a rocking chair. I have thousands of rocking chairs for you to choose from. Some even have massage functions. They are perfect at home and on vacation!”

Mag nodded as the pictures popped up in his head. “That’s more like it.”