Chapter 176 - It’s Called “Spring Is Here”

Chapter 176 of 200 chapters

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Huh? Where does she know this song from? Then he saw the music box and understood. “No, I don’t know this song.”

“Do you want me to teach you, Father?”


“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are.”

Mag smiled. “You’re out of tune.”

Amy sat up, confused. “But Father, you just said you don’t know this song.”

“Uh, I know a little about this song, I guess.”

Amy grinned. “Then let’s sing together,” she said. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…” she sang, clapping her hands.

She was all smiles, her two pigtails dancing, and her pointy ears looking almost transparent in the starlight. Mag sang softly, smiling all the while. Their song floated up into the quiet night.

Ugly Duckling couldn’t climb into the chair. It was running around them anxiously, meowing to try to get their attention.

“Look, Father! That star is flying!” Amy said suddenly, pointing to the sky in excitement.

It was a bright star, dragging a long tail behind it, flying towards the east. “It’s a shooting star. If you make a wish to it, it will come true.”

“Really?” Amy closed her eyes, folded her hands, and prayed.

I pray that Amy will be happy every day, Mag prayed, looking at his daughter.

After a while, Amy opened her eyes slowly, excited.

“What wish did you make?” Mag asked, smiling.

“Sorry, Father. Teacher Luna said wishes won’t come true if I don’t keep them secret.”

“Okay. I’m sure your wish will come true.” Mag was grateful to Luna for her help in Amy’s education. Amy growing up into a kind kid was mostly attributed to her.

Amy nodded. “Yes. I’m sure it will.” She kissed Mag on the cheek, and leaned her head on his chest. “Father, you’ll never leave me, right?”

“No, I will never, ever leave your side,” he said, stroking her hair gently.

Amy smiled and sat up again. “You’re the best, Father. I’ll do a dance for you.”

Mag nodded. “All right.” Amy had only studied for less than a day.

Amy jumped off the chair and went to get the music box. “But, Father, what’s this dance called? I don’t understand a word of this song.”

“Um…” Mag didn’t understand Japanese himself, either. He thought for a moment, and said, “It’s called ‘spring is here’.”

Amy clapped her hands cheerfully. “I like that name! I like spring! No wonder Mushroom Fairy is so excited and happy.”

Mag smiled. “I like spring too.”

“I’ll start dancing.” Amy crouched down and tapped the screen. The music started. She had already learned how to use this music box in merely one day, though she couldn’t read many words.

Amy donned a serious face. She was standing sideways, her hands folded in front. Then she put her arms in the air and moved them around. She was dancing to the beat.

Her dance moves were not accurate or graceful, but they were definitely cute.

Mag smiled as he watched Amy dance.

She almost tripped herself up when she put her left foot behind the right. She had managed to make the dance moves much more adorable.

Her dancing was not good by any means, but it melted Mag’s heart.

Ugly Duckling was also jumping around, dancing in its own way.

When the music stopped, Amy froze in the last dance position, breathing heavily. “Father, how did I do?”

“You danced very well, even better than Mushroom Fairy.”

She has never learned how to dance before, but she has already remembered most of the dance moves after only one day. Her talent is remarkable. I’m sure she’ll master this dance in no time.

“Thank you, Father. I’ll study harder,” she said happily.

“Come on. Let’s go downstairs and take a bath. Tomorrow is a big day. You’ll be wearing new clothes.” Mag crouched down and picked her up.

“Yes, Father.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. Ugly Duckling followed them unhappily—no one paid any attention to it.

In the second prince’s palace, a handsome young man was talking in a refined manner with several young magic casters. They all looked at him with great admiration.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man looking like a butler hurried in and walked straight up to the young man. “My prince, a messenger from the elves,” he whispered in his ear.