Chapter 186 - The Transaction Is Done!

Chapter 186 of 200 chapters

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“Thank you, Boss.” Yabemiya smiled and sat down to eat her food. The sweetness spread in her mouth and warmed her heart.

Mag took a look at her scarred hands, and went back into the kitchen. No girls like scars. That’s the least I can do.

Besides, she really deserves it considering her productivity.

She finished it quickly, licked the syrup off her lips, and gave a blissful smile. The sweet food had put her in a real good mood. She stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Roujiamos are about a third less this morning, but we have maybe 200 more bowls of tofu pudding. We’ll be busier than yesterday morning, and you’ll have to collect money since Amy is not here. Can you do it?” Mag said, putting a clean bowl on the cooking bench. Now it was full of bowls.

She nodded. “Yes, Boss. Amy has taught me the multiplication table.”

Mag smiled. Amy is so thoughtful! Yabemiya is such a quick learner too. “Okay. Then let’s do this.”

The morning turned out to be busier than expected. Finally, the opening time was over.

Mag turned over the sign on and took a seat by the door. “Get some rest first,” he said as he looked at Yabemiya, who also seemed a little tired.

“I’m not tired, Boss.” She went into the kitchen and brought a glass of warm water for Mag. “Do you want me to massage your shoulders?”

Mag took the glass. “Thank you. Uh, no. I want to talk to you about something first,” he said, beckoning her to sit opposite him.

“Okay.” Yabemiya seated herself, looking at Mag.

“We’ll just talk. There’s no need to be nervous.” Mag smiled. The young waitress was wearing her blond hair in a side ponytail. She didn’t look as pale as when he had first found her anymore.

She hadn’t had enough to eat before, but her meals were much more nutritious now. She was growing fast. It had been only a few days, but she seemed to be taller. Her maid dress got tighter, showing off her curves.

“I’m thinking about hiring another waitress,” said Mag.

Yabemiya stood up. “Did I do something wrong, Boss? You don’t want me here anymore?” she asked anxiously.

“No, I said another,” Mag answered, smiling. “Amy can only help after school, so your workload has increased. I want to hire another waitress to help you.”

Yabemiya was taken by surprise. She had never thought Mag would worry about her workload. She shook her head immediately. “Thank you, Boss, but I don’t find my job hard, and I’m happy doing it. However…”

“However what?”

“If you find me too clumsy to do the job well, you should hire another. You can halve my salary,” she said hesitantly with her head bowed, her fingers wriggling nervously.

“No! I’d never do that. You’re very diligent, and can always put customers in a good mood. Actually, I have planned to raise your salary after probation.” Her work attitude had moved him. After a moment, he added, “I’ll leave all the work to you then, if you insist. But, you can always tell me if you find it too hard for you.”

Yabemiya’s face lit up. “Thank you, Boss. I’ll try my best.” She smiled and walked up to him. “Let me massage your shoulders. You must be very tired.”

Mag nodded. “Thank you.” He felt so good that he closed his eyes.

He was really very tired after slaving away in the kitchen for an hour and a half, but on the flip side, he had finally saved 10,000 gold coins.

“System, I want to buy strength,” Mag said urgently. He had had enough of his weak body long ago. Between exercise and tofu pudding, I’ll get in a good shape in no time.

More importantly, of course, I’ll be able to swing a sword at last.

He had all the skills in his head, but his body was too weak to lift a sword.

As his restaurant became more popular, more people would cast their covetous eyes on his money.

Although he had Krassu and Urien protect him and his daughter, it wouldn’t hurt him to become stronger, since this world was full of danger.

He wanted to be able to protect Amy when needed.

“It will cost you 10,000 gold coins. Are you sure you want to buy it?” The system’s voice sounded very excited.

“Why are you even more excited than me?” said Mag with contempt.

“Who said I’m excited? I recommend you win the strength through accomplishing missions, but—”

“I won’t buy it, then,” Mag said calmly.

“Please don’t interrupt me,” the system said hurriedly. “But I’m little moved by your struggle to make money, so I’m going to allow you to buy strength this time.”

“I don’t want to impose on you, really. I can wait for the lucky draw.”

“I’ll save you the trouble of waiting. The transaction is done!” said the system.