Chapter 189 - This Is No Toy

Chapter 189 of 200 chapters

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The sword felt strange and familiar at the same time. Mag Alex’s memories had intertwined with his, and were gradually becoming his own memories. Sometimes he couldn’t even separate them.

Maybe it was a good thing; it might help him fit in with the people here more naturally. He loved Amy as well as his new life here. He wanted to make the best of his second chance.

He looks like a fine swordsman, Mobai thought with surprise. He had made over 3,000 swords and seen enough swordsmen to know one when he saw one.

Mag has the same look as many brilliant swordsmen have when they hold their sword.

But, he is just a cook. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wield a sword before.

Maybe he got his experience from using his cooking knife every day. Mobai had found an explanation for his question.

“Is it heavy, Mag?” Habeng asked with concern. If anything happened to his hand, I wouldn’t be able to eat roujiamo for lunch.

“Yes, it’s too heavy for me,” Mag replied, putting it back. Actually, the weight was just right for him, but he had managed to hold back his urge to show off his swordplay.

Of course, he was not strong enough to recreate all of Mag Alex’s sword techniques, but he should be able to beat a 1st-tier knight by now.

Knights were a major fighting force of humans. There were armies made up of knights guarding the borders, protecting the empire.

One had to pass the tests of the Knight Association to become a knight. They couldn’t call themselves a knight until they had been recognized by the Association.

2nd-tier knights and below were by tradition often called rookies in the army; it was a way to spur them to improve their swordplay.

To become a 1st-tier knight, one had to pass the Association’s written test first. Those who failed were not allowed to take the remaining tests.

The second was the strength test: lifting a 150 kg heavy stone up in the air and holding it for at least 10 seconds.

The last was the basic sword skills test: testing their skills in a fight.

These tests were pretty much like driving tests in a way.

Mag had failed his driving test three times, and ended up buying his license. He had got himself ticketed many times every year.

I don’t think I can pass the strength test now, even though I’ve become stronger; still, I should be a good swordsman with all the skills and experience in my head.

Strength is important, but so are skills and speed.

Mag stopped browsing and turned to face Habeng. “Has Haga come back?”

“No, but I received word last night that the war is over,” Habeng said, smiling. “Our tribe won and got back all the gold mines. Haga’s hand was wounded, but it’s nothing serious. He will come here in a few days.”

Mag nodded; he looked relieved. “I’m glad he is okay.” He liked that silent orc, and Amy had talked about him two days ago.

“I have to go meet a friend. Catch you guys later,” Habeng said, and then left.

“Do you like swords?” asked Mobai. He said that sword was too heavy for him, but it didn’t look very heavy in his hand to me.

“I had wanted to become a knight before I picked up my cooking knife.” Mag smiled.

He kept looking until he saw pieces of paper on a small table in a corner.

On one piece of paper was a drawing of a round object with several things in it, and he saw Mobai had scribbled something on the side: sulfur, charcoal, saltpeter.

What the hell?! Mag’s eyes went wide

“This is the thing I told you about. It can release a large amount of energy, but I haven’t figured out how to use this energy,” Mobai said.

“This is no toy. You must handle it carefully.” I don’t want to be blown into pieces in my sleep!

“I know. But, I don’t think it’s powerful enough to kill a dragon. Their scales are not easy to penetrate. Besides, I don’t know how to get this thing near the dragon.” Mobai frowned thoughtfully.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon. I have to get back to prepare for lunch. I’ll see you later.” Mag walked out. How does he know how to make gunpowder?!

I’m sorry for his loss, but I don’t want to help him make such a destructive weapon.

“How much is a sword like that one?” asked Mag.

“1,000 gold coins. It’s a good deal!” answered the system.

“Go lower.”