Chapter 192 - Lift Me Up, Father

Chapter 192 of 200 chapters

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After a moment, the system said, “Making the wheel needs money.”

“I will pay for it.”

“Deal! One lucky wheel, three gold coins!” the system said cheerfully.


“Thank you! The money has been deducted. Making the lucky wheel now!” the system interrupted.

Mag raised an eyebrow. This little money-grubber is absolutely unbelievable, but three gold coins is nothing compared to the prizes.

It’s making the wheel now, but I don’t think it will tell me what prizes are in store for me.

Mag started making tofu pudding when the soy milk was ready.

“Are you telling the truth, Lucia? That tofu pudding can rid me of these black freckles on my face?” a girl said nervously yet expectantly in a carriage, her voice clear as a bell. She was wearing a black dress, a black silk hat, and a black cloak.

She had long light blonde hair which was slightly curled up. A black veil hid her face, but not her beautiful light purple eyes. She was looking at Lucia, all expectant.

“Yes, Gloria. You’re so beautiful. My heart aches every time I see you dressed like this. You’ll drive men crazy once you take off that veil.” Lucia looked at her with affectionate eyes, holding her fair hands gently.

“I will drive them away,” Gloria said sadly, lowering her eyes, covering her face even more.

“No! Trust me! Soon you won’t have to wear you veil.” Lucia tightened her grip around her hand. “You remember my scars?” She rolled up her sleeves and smiled. “Look! They have lessened a lot!”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe my eyes!” Gloria exclaimed in astonishment, her beautiful eyes lighting up.

“Father, I’m home!” Amy called out outside around 11:15 am. Ugly Duckling was sleeping. Amy’s voice woke it up, and made it claw at the door excitedly.

“Stop it, Ugly Duckling!” Amy said behind the door. It stopped immediately and turned to meow towards the kitchen.

“Put it on the table, Miya,” Mag said as he moved the fried rice onto a plate. He undid his apron and walked to the door with a smile.


Mag opened the door. “Father!” Amy said, throwing herself into his arms.

Mag crouched down and held her. Smiling, he swung her around, lifted her up, and put her down carefully.

“Lift me up again, Father! Lift me up again!” Amy smiled happily. It was the first time her father had lifted her up so high.

“All right,” Mag said. Amy’s smile was enough to put him in a very good mood.

One of the good things about him getting stronger was that he could lift Amy up today. Before, even holding her in his arms had been quite strenuous.

Ugly Duckling ran around them, meowing, trying to get their attention.

“Must be wonderful to have such a cute daughter,” Harrison said, turning back to look at his friend.

“I’m so jealous!” said Gjergj.

“Don’t worry. If it’s not a girl, you can always have another child,” said his another friend.

“Or you can totally raise your son as a girl,” yet another friend said.

The six fatties had all come here today, standing in the sweet line. They were extremely conspicuous.

Many customers smiled as they watched Mag play with Amy. He was handsome, rich, child-loving, and a great cook. It was natural for many girls to be attracted to him.

“If I marry him, I will get unlimited tofu pudding, Yangzhou fried rice, and roujiamo, all for free!” said a girl around 14 with her hands over her heart. She was staring at Mag’s face, lost in her fantasy.

The fat woman before her turned around and slapped her on the head. “How old are you?! Stop thinking about stuff like that or I’ll break your leg!” she roared.

“Ouch!” the girl cried, tears welling up in her eyes. But, when she looked up at her mother’s angry face, she had no choice but to hold back her tears, pouting in grievance.

Some customers smiled. The girl had just spoken what many women were all thinking, but only a girl her age dared to say it.

Urien was standing at the head of the savory line. The head of the sweet line was vacant; no one dared to stand there.

“Whoo, Amy runs too fast.” Krassu arrived with his staff, panting. Apparently, he had had a hard time catching up with Amy.

“Thank you for bringing Amy back,” Mag said to Krassu, putting Amy down on the ground.

“You’re such a disgrace, old man,” mocked Urien.