Chapter 197 - You’re Banned From This Restaurant

Chapter 197 of 200 chapters

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“This sweet tofu pudding is just amazing. Waitress, I’d like one more of this!” a businessman-looking middle-aged man said to Yabemiya, putting down the empty bowl.

Knowing that he would never get a second helping of tofu pudding, the customers at nearby tables smiled, feeling a malicious sense of pleasure.

Yabemiya shook her head as she served food. “I’m sorry, sir, but tofu pudding is limited to one per person.”

“I’ll pay double. I’m rich,” Goodenia said, slamming his purse down on the table, staring at the young waitress. How dare you reject me? You lowly half-dragon.

Yabemiya was a little scared, but she knew very well what she had to do. She didn’t want to bother Mag with such a trivial matter. “Sorry, but it’s the rule,” she said bravely.

“Oh, you want to talk to me about rules? I’m the owner of that biggest clock and watch shop, and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce on the Aden Square. I have the veto power if your restaurant wants to join, and we don’t allow hybrids to work as waitresses, or the owner will be fined. You don’t want your boss to get fined, do you?”

“I… I…” Yabemiya was too scared to respond. She suddenly realized why her last boss had hit her so hard; she still vaguely remembered hearing him bragging about himself being a board member or something.

She didn’t want to lose this job, where she could feel respected, recognized, and warm, and she didn’t want to get her boss fined. She could feel tears welling in her eyes.

“So that’s why I didn’t see many hybrid waitresses in the Aden Square these years.”

“I know about this rule. Some hybrids do look frightening, but not all of them. Little owner here and Miya are very pretty.”

“I don’t think Mag will have her working here any longer, then. I heard only one-third of these shops in the Aden Square joined the Chamber of Commerce, and they are the most popular ones. Now, they only allow 10 more members each year, and many shops want in very badly.”

“Such a shame. She’s working so hard. I’d like her if I were her boss.”

Some customers talked in whispers, looking at the pitiful girl.

“But she’s such a nice waitress,” Gloria said, clenching her fists.

“Yes,” said Lucia, “but there’s nothing we can do. Many important families have joined the Chamber of Commerce, including yours and mine. Additionally, the Lord of Chaos City also has a hand in it.” She cast a sympathetic glance at Yabemiya.

Goodenia wasn’t exactly right, but he wasn’t wrong, either, Lucia thought. If Mag wanted to join, he would have to let Yabemiya go. They are very strict with the rules.

Goodenia’s smile was cocksure. He had been a slick businessman for more than 30 years; he was good at detecting people’s weaknesses and then playing on them. More often than not, he got what he wanted. “Now bring me what I want.”

“I don’t think so,” a cold voice called out from the kitchen.

Everyone looked to the kitchen, surprised. Mag was walking out with a plate of Yangzhou fried rice, expressionless, but his eyes were glittering coldly.

Yabemiya turned around, eyes shining with tears. “Boss…”

Mag put down the plate in front of a customer and smiled. “Your Yangzhou fried rice.”

The customer froze for a while, and then nodded. “Thank you.”

Mag stepped up in front of Yabemiya and stared at Goodenia. “Sir, Tofu pudding is limited to one per person. It’s our rule.”

Goodenia was taken by surprise. Damned fool. He clearly doesn’t know what the Chamber of Commerce is capable of. “You’re the owner here, right? I’m Goodenia. Let me tell you—”

“I’ve never heard of this Chamber of Commerce, but you don’t allow hybrids, right? Then I don’t think I want to join,” Mag interrupted. Goodenia’s eyes went wide. Then Mag put a kraft bag on the table, and continued, “My daughter is a half-elf, but I’m using her picture as my trademark. See the name of this restaurant? Mamy Restaurant. Do you know why I chose this name? ‘Cause my daughter’s name is Amy.”

Mag’s face darkened. “I’m not interested in your Chamber of Commerce, and I’m looking forward to seeing it gone.”

He turned over the menu. “You see the rule here? No one is allowed to threaten the owner or any employees. Mr. Goodenia, you’re banned from this restaurant, for life. Please leave.

“Oh, don’t forget to pay you check first,” he added.