Chapter 198 - He Must Have A Death Wish Or Something

Chapter 198 of 200 chapters

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Goodenia gaped at Mag, his mouth open. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

The Chamber of Commerce in the Aden Square has existed for over 50 years, and is one of the best on the whole continent. He wants it gone?! This naïve young man, an owner of a restaurant which has run for less than half a month, is going to ban me?!

Harrison was also looking very surprised. His old man had been trying to buy his way into the Chamber of Commerce and hadn’t succeeded. Every time he saw those board members, he had to act obsequious, so he had refrained from speaking up for Yabemiya.

I knew Mag probably wouldn’t fire Yabemiya, but I don’t think it’s wise to stand up to the Chamber of Commerce like that, thought Harrison. He has just lost all possibility to join. The top 10 best foods are all made by members of the Chamber of Commerce. Although the competition is arranged by the Gray Temple, I don’t think nothing was going on behind the scenes.

Anyway, I wish I could say something like that to those board members! Harrison looked at Mag with admiration.

Gjergj looked thoughtful. I don’t think I should join the Chamber of Commerce, either. I don’t want to kiss up to them.

Gloria was staring at Mag excitedly, her fists clenched. Suddenly, she remembered herself and bowed her head, abashed. She was still looking at Mag through the veil, though, her eyes shining like stars.

He’s a good father as well as a good boss, Gloria thought. He may not look strong, but somehow he makes me feel safe. Such a different man.

He is a little arrogant, but interesting, thought Lucia. Joining the Chamber of Commerce will bring a lot of benefits, and that’s what’s driving those crafty businessmen to try to use every way possible to get in.

Such a good boss, the customers thought, surprised. No one else would have gone to such lengths to protect a half-dragon.

Many people were relieved. They liked the young waitress’s smile, which could always put them in a good mood. They didn’t want to see her fired.

“Oh, I want to be his waitress. I want to be protected by him too!” the girl from before looked up at Mag with adoration, hands over her heart again.

“Shut up and eat!” bellowed the fat woman, hitting her daughter on the head with her spoon.

The girl held her head in pain. She spooned some food into her mouth, her eyes still fixed on Mag.

Many people were willing to obey the rules because of the good food. Now, after this little incident, they considered Mag honorable.

The fact that Goodenia had stooped to such lows to try to pressure Mag into bending the rules for him only made him despicable.

“Thank you, Boss,” Yabemiya said, looking at Mag’s back, crying. Her tears were falling onto the floor, but she felt so warm and happy inside.

Nobody insults me and nobody laughs at me anymore. My boss is protecting me.

I’m not alone anymore. My boss is weathering the storm for me.

Mag turned to face her with a smile and kind eyes. “Always remember to smile.” He pulled out a neatly folded gray handkerchief and handed it to Yabemiya.

“Yes, Boss.” She raised her eyes to look into his and found her courage again. She took the handkerchief, but wiped her tears with the back of her hand, grinning, revealing her two canine teeth.

Goodenia’s face clouded over with anger. I will make you regret saying that to me. Let’s wait and see how long your damn restaurant will last. Never had he been treated like this since he became a board member at the beginning of this year. He grabbed his purse and pushed back his chair so hard that it fell and was damaged a little.

“One tofu pudding, one Yangzhou fried rice, and one chair. That will be 18 gold coins,” Amy said solemnly, looking up at Goodenia with Ugly Duckling in her arms.

“Meow, meow!” cried the kitten.

“You should be grateful that I ate here,” Goodenia said coldly. “I’ve never paid a coin when eating out. So, get the f*ck out of my way!” No way am I going to pay for this meal or that ridiculously expensive chair!

All the customers were staring at him, aghast. Is he really threatening the girl in front of her powerful masters? He must have a death wish or something.

Amy put the kitten on the floor and held out her little hand. “Pay, now!”