Chapter 200 - Only, He’s Married

Chapter 200 of 200 chapters

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This little incident ended pretty quickly. Mag went back to cooking, not worrying too much about Goodenia taking revenge.

He is just a board member of the Chamber of Commerce. What can he do? I wouldn’t care if he were an official from the Gray Temple. I have conquered many important people’s stomachs.

Besides, I have two trump cards: Urien and Krassu. I don’t think anyone can beat them if they fight together.

Mag had stood up for Yabemiya and made an example at the same time. I might not be strong, but I had to remind them that there are lines that cannot be crossed.

Amy was one of those lines.

Maybe I can’t beat them, but I can always ban them.

That’s a cruel punishment if they like the food here.

As for that racist Chamber of Commerce, I will be happy to destroy it.

Of course, I don’t have the influence needed yet.

But, one day I may.

I have seen too many organizations come and go, especially during technological revolutions. The rise of a new technology will always spark major changes.

If the ruler here isn’t worthy enough, I don’t mind helping bring about the Industrial Revolution. Mag took a look at his bike.

I might have wasted a lot of time during my four years in the university, but I have managed to graduate, and my major, mechanical engineering, is very prestigious in the world. Mechanics will change this world.

“Really, honey? My scars have faded? Oh, I love you so much!”

“Goodbye, ugly scars!”

“The scar on my forehead is finally gone, Mother!”

Many people exclaimed in delight. The tofu pudding was working its magic on them.

Yeoell looked down at the scars on his chest, and then at the savory tofu pudding before him, hesitating. Hope it doesn’t work well on me.

After a short while, he picked up the spoon despite himself. It smells so good! I can’t resist it anymore! I’ll draw some fake scars on my chest! He started eating happily.

He wolfed it down in no time. He put down the spoon and checked his scars quickly. “Two scars from 20 years ago are gone…” he muttered regretfully. “At this rate, I’ll have nothing to brag about soon… I have planned to brag till I’m 80.”

Lucia paid the check. “Let’s go,” she said to Gloria.

Gloria nodded. “Okay.” She rose gracefully to her feet. When she walked to the door, she looked back to the kitchen. Men are most attractive when focused on working.

“Gloria?” said Lucia as she held the door open. She followed her gaze and smiled. He is truly attractive. He’s a talented cook, good-looking, thoughtful, and caring. I bet many women want to marry him.

Only, he’s married.

Gloria blushed and looked away. “Let’s go,” she said, walking out.

They got into a fancy carriage out front.

“Take off your veil. Let me see,” Lucia said excitedly once they had seated themselves.

Gloria hesitated for a while as Lucia looked at her with encouraging eyes. “Okay.” She took the veil off slowly.

Lucia’s eyes widened. She’s so gorgeous!

She had light blonde hair, long eyelashes, big purple eyes, beautiful small mouth, and soft, smooth skin.

She was slim, but her breasts were pretty big, pushing up against her black dress.

Everything about her face was perfect, except the freckles. They had spoiled her pretty face so easily.

“It worked! They have faded into brown!” Lucia cried in delight, holding Gloria’s hand.

Gloria’s eyes lit up. “Really?” She touched her face with her slender fingers, excited. She had never thought the food would have worked so well.

Lucia nodded, smiling. “Yes! When did I ever lie to you? Just look at yourself in the mirror when you get home.” She rolled up her sleeves and revealed her scars. “See? They have got even smaller, right?”

Gloria’s eyes widened and raised her voice in delight. “Yes!” Her scars had indeed lessened, and at this rate, they would be gone in a few days.

Lucia touched Gloria’s head and smiled. “Trust me, your freckles will be gone before you know it, and then you can wear your pretty clothes. Men will fall head over heels in love with you.”

Will he… fall in love with me? Gloria wondered, thinking of a certain man.