Chapter 25 - I Heard Your Tummy Rumble

Chapter 25 of 200 chapters

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Sally was taken by surprise. She froze for an instant and had mixed feelings about them as she looked at Mag’s sincere expression and his little girl’s expectant face.

The little half-elf was Mag’s daughter, which meant he had an elf wife.

The lifespan of elves was long, so they seldom made friends with humans. The prospect of living for a long time after they watched their friends die was too painful.

It was even rarer for an elf to marry a human, because the pain would be doubled.

However, love was blind, so half-elves who had half human blood and half elf blood in them came into this world.

Elves were proud. They decided that the blood of half-elves was not pure anymore, so, while they might not be hostile towards them, they wouldn’t let them enter the Wind Forest, because they didn’t see them as their own kind.

Half-elves were relatively more acceptable to humans, because their life was only 200 years, closer to humans’. However, their pointy ears which were very different from humans’ were always pointed at by humans.

It could be said that half-elves were meant to have a hard life ever since they were born, unless their parents were strong enough to protect them from the two species. Yet, nobody had ever done that successfully.

However, it seemed that the man half-crouching on the ground who asked her this question sincerely planned to do this. The firmness in his eyes touched her.

The little girl beside him in her cute bear sleepwear was looking at her expectantly. Her silver hair was so bright—a typical feature only possessed by the elves’ royal family—which made her think of an elf that she hadn’t seen for a long time. Yet there was no way they were related.

Still, she was indeed a pretty little girl, and had inherited her parents’ merits. Sally smiled at Amy after a little hesitation, and then she nodded, and said, “Yes, you’ll be as beautiful as me when you grow up.”

“Really? Father, will I really be as beautiful as this elf big sister when I grow up?” Amy’s face was full of pleasant surprise and doubt. She raised her little hands to cover her slightly open mouth and looked to Mag as if not believing what she had just heard.

“Sure. The elf big sister has told you herself. Amy will be very pretty when you grow up, even prettier than the swan.” Mag nodded as he looked into her eyes.

“Yes, I feel the same. You’ll be even better-looking than elves when you’re older,” Mobai said as he looked at Amy, smiling, spoon in his hand.

“Great! Amy is so happy! I want to grow up quickly and become as beautiful as the elf big sister!” Amy completely believed them as she looked at the smiles on their faces. Now that she had learned that she would be a beautiful girl instead of the monster that other children were always talking about, she spread her arms and ran around the restaurant happily.

Mag watched as Amy ran merrily; he smiled with relief. Nothing was more important than Amy’s happiness. He hoped to make amends for what she had endured by doing these things. He turned to Sally, and said, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Sally looked at the smiles on their faces and found herself in a good mood too. At least he’s not a bad father. She nodded at Mag, and said, “I’d like a plate of Yangzhou fried rice too.”

Mag nodded. “Okay. Please wait a moment.” Then he turned to Mobai and thanked him too.

Mobai waved his hand, and said enviously, “Don’t mention it. I was just telling the truth. You’re very lucky to have such a lovely girl, Mag.”

Smiling, Mag nodded. “Please enjoy.” Then he turned around and walked into the kitchen to make another plate of fried rice. He felt he was lucky too; otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a lovely daughter.

Amy happily ran two laps around the restaurant and greeted Mobai. “Hello, dwarf grandpa Mobai.” Then she climbed onto the chair opposite Sally, rested her chin in her hands, and asked curiously, “Elf big sister, what’s your name? Where are you from?”

If the person who was asking her these questions were not this little girl, her first reaction would be holding her bow. However, looking at the curious little face of this adorable girl, she couldn’t refrain from answering, “I’m Sally, from the Wind Forest.”

“Big sister Sally, my name is Amy. The Wind Forest is the place where a lot of elves live, right?” Amy’s eyes were shining. She asked with expectation, “There must be many beautiful elf big sisters there, just like you, right?”

Sally nodded, smiling. “Yes, a lot.” She felt much better hearing compliments from this little girl’s mouth rather than from others’.

Mag listened to their conversation from the kitchen and smiled. It looked like the little thing was very curious about elves, though she’d never showed it before.

Sally wasn’t impatient and proud, but instead answered Amy’s every question patiently, even if they were very naïve or related to the Wind Forest.

Mag walked out with a plate of fried rice. He put it down in front of Sally and smiled. “Your Yangzhou fried rice is ready, Miss.”

“Thank you.” Sally gave him a courteous reply. She was totally attracted by this Yangzhou fried rice. The pleasant smell of eggs and various ingredients tickled her nose, and it was even stronger than just now. She swallowed her saliva in spite of herself. She was too absorbed by it to care about the manners she had learned.

Elves’ food was relatively simple, and they mainly lived on various spirit fruits. Even when they cooked, they cooked the ingredients separately. They wouldn’t let the taste of one ingredient spoil another.

She had never tried the food cooked by putting several ingredients and oil together. She hadn’t even tried any other oil besides meat.

Yet she didn’t feel greasiness at all as she looked at the Yangzhou fried rice which had some oil on it.

Sally was even more amazed by Mag’s cutting skills. Every ingredient was cut into the size of the rice grain, including green peas. It couldn’t be done without thousands upon thousands of times of practice.

She looked at the fried rice before her with great expectation. She had never seen anyone who could make such an exquisite and well-combined food.

“Please try it, big sister Sally. Father’s rainbow fried rice is very good.” Amy looked at her with anticipation as she sat opposite her. Then she added in a whisper, “I heard your tummy rumble.”

Sally’s face flushed red. It was so embarrassing. Still, she couldn’t help but pick up the spoon and bring one spoonful to her mouth. The sweet taste of the rice spread in her mouth immediately. She closed her eyes unconsciously and let out a groan in spite of herself. “Mmm…”