Chapter 27 - Start With Your Daughter

Chapter 27 of 200 chapters

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Mag walked out with Sally’s second plate of Yangzhou fried rice and put it down in front of her. “Please enjoy,” he said, smiling.

Sally answered gently, “Thanks.” All she could see right now was the fried rice before her. She picked up the spoon and took a bite. She was eating more slowly this time, savoring the taste of different ingredients as they mixed together inside her mouth. This fresh experience was intoxicating.

“Father, here, 12 gold coins. Amy calculated how much we should charge right away.” Amy looked up at Mag with the gold coins in her hands, her face oozing with anticipation as she awaited her father’s praise.

“Yes. Amy is incredible. You have applied what you’ve learned. The money is right. Looks like you have mastered what you’ve learned today.” Mag smiled and stroked Amy’s hair. He took the coins from her hands. She is truly very smart.

“Thank you, Father. Amy will study harder tomorrow.” Amy nodded happily. It turns out the 9×9 table is not very difficult, except the three six… three six… Oh, I’ll leave it for tomorrow. “Father, Amy’s hungry too.”

Mag nodded. “I’ll make the fried rice for you.” He put the money in the counter’s drawer with a lock and entered the kitchen.

Amy sat down opposite Sally gently and watched as she ate gracefully. She tried to imitate her and sit properly.

Sally was so absorbed in the delicious fried rice that she didn’t notice Amy until she finished her last bite. She smiled when she found that the little girl was sitting with her ankles crossed just like her.

“Big sister Sally, you look so nice when you eat,” Amy said as she saw that she had finished her meal.

“You can do it too when you grow up.” Sally nodded, smiling. She was a little surprised when she said those words. She hadn’t been very keen on the little elves back home, but now she was encouraging the little girl like a senior.

Amy nodded happily. “Thank you.” Then she asked, “Big sister Sally, have you had enough?”

Sally nodded as she put down the spoon. “Yes.” To keep her body in a good shape, she hadn’t eaten this much for a long time, but today, it couldn’t be helped.

“Well then, you have eaten two plates. Two six twelve. Twelve gold coins please.” Amy’s eyes brightened immediately. She held out her hands on the table towards Sally.

Mag was just walking out with a plate of fried rice. He wanted to smile when he watched this scene. Looks like she does enjoy collecting money.

“I’ll give you one dragon coin and two gold coins.” Sally took out one dragon coin and two gold coins from her purse and put them on Amy’s hand. She hesitated for an instant before she opened her hand, but on recalling the delicious food she had never eaten before, she loosened her hand immediately.It’s definitely worth the money.

Sally arose from her chair and picked up her bow and quiver. She looked at Mag and narrowed her eyes slightly. “I was wondering why I have tasted the Spring of Life in this Yangzhou fried rice.”

Mag shook his head, smiling. “I don’t know what you mean by that, Miss. I didn’t add any water from the Spring of Life into this fried rice.” He was telling the truth, so he was very calm. It seemed she was not an ordinary elf, though. She had tasted the Spring of Life.

Sally stared at Mag for a while, and didn’t see any nervousness in those deep eyes. She nodded, and said, “Mag, right? Your Yangzhou fried rice is very good. I will come again.” Then she turned around and left.

“Thank you.” Mag put down the plate in his hand, not feeling very alarmed. After all, he had already known he couldn’t keep a low profile when he’d decided to open this restaurant. It’s not a secret that this rice has a taste of the Spring of Life. As long as the system’s farmlands stay safe, I wouldn’t admit anything else even if they beat me to death. Anyway, the system wouldn’t just stand by if I were beaten to death, right?

“Your safety is not system’s responsibility,” said the system.

“I have already died once. I’ve nothing to fear,” answered Mag in his head. He put the fried rice in front of Amy.

The system did not answer at once. Eventually, it said, “You should have more regard for your life.”

“Actually, I don’t want to die that badly. Why don’t you improve my strength? Increase my strength by ten or twenty. If I could tear giant dragons apart with my bare hands, nobody would dare to come look for trouble. Then, I can focus on cooking and try to become the God of Cookery.” Mag took the system for granted.

The system was silent for a longer time. After a while, it answered, “System has no such right. Improving strength will be done by triggering and completing the relevant missions. After my assessment, I recommend you start with your daughter to improve the restaurant’s security level.”

“Amy?” Mag was taken by surprise. He glanced at Amy, who was about to take a bite of the dragon coin. Mag chuckled. The system’s assessment should be reliable. Perhaps it was referring to the bluish violet fireball magic in the morning?

“Father, look! Dragon coin! You said at noon that 10 gold coins equals one dragon coin, so Amy didn’t make a mistake, right?” Amy looked up at Mag. There were a small line of tooth impressions on the edge of the coin.

“No, Amy has done a very good job.” Mag nodded, smiling. He put the fireball thing on hold and took the dragon coin in his hand. It was almost the same size as the gold coin, except that it had a piece of white jade inlaid in the middle. There was a small golden dragon carved around the jade. It was a little heavier than the gold coin, and was the most valued currency on this continent.

“Amy will eat then.” After getting her praise, she took her spoon and started eating, shaking her little body slightly all the while. She was very happy.

Mag put the coins in the drawer. Seeing that no customer would come for a while, he went into the kitchen and cooked a plate of fried rice for his dinner.

After a plate of Yangzhou fried rice, Mag felt warm all over, and his fatigue had disappeared.

When Amy finished the half bowl of fried rice that Mag gave her, she put down the bowl and looked at Mag, a little worried. “Father, I … I feel a little hot again.”

“Again?” Mag was a little anxious, but when he recalled what had happened in the morning, he said immediately, “Don’t worry, Amy. Try to remember the fireball magic this morning. Try to release the fire inside you.”

“Release it?” Amy reflected carefully. Then she lifted her arm, and a bluish violet fire suddenly appeared from her hand. The moisture in the air was immediately evaporated, as if it had burnt a hole in the air.

Originally sitting on the other side of the table, Mag fell back several steps despite himself. He watched as the fireball in Amy’s hand grew smaller and into a small one finally, his eyes full of astonishment.

He understood the system’s words suddenly.