Chapter 33 - You Must Follow His Rules

Chapter 33 of 200 chapters

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“What?” Conti was taken by surprise. He followed Amy’s gaze and looked to the kitchen. There he saw a lean Mag, who was busy cooking. He smiled and shook his head. “No. Their names may be the same, but Mag Alex is a mighty and proud knight. He would never cook in the kitchen; besides, he has no daughter.”

Mag shrugged. Conti was not wrong. His predecessor would perhaps still have been a mighty and proud knight if that incident hadn’t happened. He had never entered the kitchen, to say nothing of cooking.

Still, as he listened to his compliments, somehow he felt a little… good?

“My father’s rainbow fried rice is very good. Father is the best in my eyes, no matter what you say,” Amy said seriously as she looked up at Conti.

“Yes. I’m sure he is a great cook,” Conti said, smiling. He resumed his seat, not arguing with Amy.

“Yes.” Amy’s smile returned.

The bells rang again. Mobai came in first, followed by two orcs. They were two meters tall, and each had a spiked club as thick as a man’s thigh in their hands.

“Mobai, when did this fancy restaurant open? Do they have anything good?” Habeng asked. He was wearing a necklace with a ring of fangs around his neck, and his voice was so loud that Mag could hear it from the kitchen.

“It has just opened recently. Of course they have. That’s why I’ve brought you here. I won’t pay for yours, just for the record,” Mobai said with a mysterious smile. Then he shouted at Mag, “Mag, I’m here again.”

“You’re much pickier than us. If you say it’s good, it must be good. As long as they have meat and stuff to drink.” Habeng nodded and didn’t think much. Haga looked around curiously with a smile. He only grinned when they talked, and never spoke a word.

“Welcome.” Mag had just finished processing the ingredients. The rice in the cooker was not ready yet. He walked to the door. “Please be seated and take a look at the menu on the table,” Mag said, smiling.

Mag studied the two orcs quietly. They were each wearing a hide around their waists and a top also made of animal hides, showing their long black chest hair. They were a head taller than normal humans. They had brownish black skin, and their fangs were three centimeters long, reminding him of the orcs in the Warcraft immediately.

These two orcs should be brothers; they were so alike. The one on the left with a fang necklace had to be the grumpy one as the rightmost one was smiling innocently. He might be an orc, but he looked nice and harmless.

“I don’t need to look at the menu. I have a lot of work today, so give me three plates of Yangzhou fried rice,” Mobai said as he took a seat at his usual table. Then he looked at Amy and smiled. “Hello, little lady.”

Amy nodded. “Hello, dwarf grandpa Mobai.” Then she pointed at Conti. “He is a new friend. A dragon slayer,” she said.

“Dragon slayer?” Mobai took a look at the young knight with surprise.

Habeng seated himself opposite Mobai. He smiled sarcastically as he looked at Conti. “Pfft, dragon slayer? He probably couldn’t even beat a goblin.” He wears armor, but his sword hand has no callus. He is only a wealthy human with a fair face, I guess.

“I want to be a dragon slayer, and I haven’t fought with any goblins, so you can’t say I couldn’t beat one.” Conti smiled as he looked at Habeng, seeming not caring about what he had just said.

“So you’re saying you can beat me?” Habeng stood up and his extremely big muscles hunched, the spiked club in one hand. He stared at Conti with wide eyes.

Conti shook his head, smiling. “We haven’t fought, so I don’t think I can’t beat you. But I won’t fight you; I only fight dragons.” He looked past Habeng’s head and saw a painting on the wall, in which a giant dragon was belching flame. “That is what I aim to fight.”

“You false knight, you have really pissed me off!” Habeng shouted, putting the club on his shoulder.

“Guys, this is a restaurant, not a fighting pit. Take it outside if you want to fight,” Mag said coldly as he walked towards the two angry people.

Mag was a little angry too. The world without laws is much more chaotic than I’ve thought. They would fight each other for one insult or another. What if they wrecked the restaurant?

Habeng turned to Mag and shouted, “Shut up!” In his eyes, this human must have sided with the knight.

“Habeng…” Mobai said with a sullen face. He had planned to bring two customers to please Mag and Amy, and hadn’t expected this to happen. He felt so embarrassed as he tried to calm his grumpy friend down.

Haga was a little worried too. He tugged at Habeng’s clothes and wanted to say something, but stopped.

Mag narrowed his eyes, but before he could say anything, Amy already shouted out.

“Don’t yell at my father!” When their fight started, Amy was a little shocked. Now, she was standing in front of Mag, trying to protect him. She lifted her hand, and a bluish violet flame about half a meter high appeared immediately. It burned a white hole in the air.

“So hot!” Habeng’s face changed. He jumped back and took a look at his left sleeve that had been curled up by the high temperature, and then at the flame in Amy’s hand. He swallowed.

Such a gruesome fire! I could feel its heat from here! I might be burned to ashes if I took it directly, Habeng thought.

She might be a little girl, but she is already a powerful magic caster. She is even quicker at conjuring a flame than those old magic casters. And the temperature is more terrifying.

When Habeng had shouted at Mag, Conti already held his sword in hand. However, to his surprise, Amy appeared and summoned a flame. He gazed at it for a while and put down his sword. It looked like his help was not needed this time.

“Magic?” Mobai was also astonished. He hadn’t expected that Amy could use magic, and that her flame would frighten Habeng.

“This is Father’s restaurant. You must follow his rules, or Amy will get angry and set you on fire,” said Amy, acting like an elder. She gazed at Habeng as the flame grew smaller, turning into a little fireball.