Chapter 35 - You’re A Real Piece Of Work

Chapter 35 of 200 chapters

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“Brother, let’s go have some meat and drink. Don’t eat here,” Habeng said to Haga in their own language. If Haga ate the fried rice here, he would have to drink alone later.

“Would you like one too? I have a feeling that it’ll be good,” Habeng said with a smile.

Habeng shook his head. “Absolutely not. I’ll die before I eat anything here.” He used the common language this time, and said that in a tone that brooked no argument. He crossed his arms, ready to laugh at their fried rice.

Amy was sitting on the long-legged chair. “Someone will have to break his promise,” she said softly as she looked at Habeng.

Habeng was a little embarrassed, and Amy’s words made him nervous and irritated. “I swear on my club that I’ll never eat here!” he said firmly.

Mobai read his mind with ease; it was written all over his face. He didn’t say anything, though. And he didn’t need to. He just needed to enjoy himself.

Conti looked in the direction of the kitchen with expectation too. His was still smiling as if that little incident had never happened.

Soon Mag came out, holding a plate of Yangzhou fried rice. He put it down before Conti and put a spoon on the edge. “Please enjoy.” Slowly, the strong and pleasant aroma permeated the air.

What a good smell! Habeng’s face lit up all of a sudden. The faint aroma was like a kitten clawing at his heart. He hadn’t intended to turn, but after a while, in spite of himself, he moved his head slightly and gave a quick glance at the colorful fried rice in front of Conti from the corner of his eye.

“Smells good,” Conti complimented as he looked at his fried rice, astonishment in his eyes. He had never seen anyone cook like this before.

Every grain of rice was coated by eggs perfectly. All the ingredients were cut into the size of the rice grain. Such incredible cutting skills! The grains were almost of the same size, like they had been measured. So many ingredients, and they were all cooked together with oil. The aroma was very strong. It was already making him secrete saliva.

He brought a spoonful of fried rice to his mouth. Different tastes melted in his mouth together, making him close his eyes. The eggs were so tender, the rice was so sweet, the shrimp had a special taste of the sea, and the winter bamboo shoots and tree mushrooms were so fresh. They all blended together in this mouthful, and the aftertaste was long and pleasant. It was divine.

Habeng watched him and swallowed in spite of himself. Then he realized what he had done and looked away immediately. Seeing that no one had noticed, he glanced at Conti from the corner of his eye again.

Mag curled his lip slightly. He had seen everything.

Amy was resting her chin in her hands, her expression reflective. Then, her eyes brightened as if she had suddenly seen through everything.

“It’s very good!” Conti opened his eyes and gave a thumbs-up to Mag. Then he got back to eating his fried rice immediately. One spoonful after another, he didn’t ever want to stop. Little Black is very trustworthy. I’ve made a good choice coming here.

Moreover, what was more magical was that after he ate the fried rice, he felt a warm current inside his body relieving his fatigue. It was like the recovery potion, but gentler. He felt comfortable, just as if many little hands were massaging his body.

Mag went back to the kitchen to cook for Mobai. It might prove to be a busy noon.

Habeng didn’t know how many times he had swallowed his saliva. He had only glanced out of the corner of his eye in the beginning, but now he was staring at the Yangzhou fried rice before Conti, turning and leaning forward slightly as if he would pounce on Conti any minute.

Conti finished his first plate quickly. He took a look at the empty plate before him and lifted his head. “It’s very good. Owner, please give me seconds,” he said to Mag in the kitchen.

“Okay, please wait a moment,” answered Mag. He picked up his pace.

“Looks… good.” Haga looked expectant as he watched Conti finish his Yangzhou fried rice.

Despite himself, Habeng looked at Conti, and asked, “Is it really that good?”

Conti nodded, smiling. “I’ve never had anything better. It’s a great loss if you don’t try it.” He felt even better now, and didn’t take their little quarrel from before to heart.

Habeng took a look at that empty plate that was even cleaner than his face, and then at Conti’s face. He felt his smile seemed pretty sincere. He is not that bad save his big talk.

Suddenly, Habeng was a little regretful as he reflected on what he had just said. He shouldn’t have said it with such a certainty. If I went back on it now, I would lose face and the little girl would definitely laugh at me.

“Please enjoy.” Mag walked out with Mobai’s fried rice, and put it down gently before him.

It was fresh from the wok, still steaming. The chopped green onions on the top made the colorful fried rice even more appetizing. The strong aroma was tickling Mobai’s nose.

Seeing as Mag was there, Habeng crossed his arms again and looked grim. However, in spite of himself, his eyes were drawn by the Yangzhou fried rice on their table, his nose sniffing vigorously.

“Thank you.” Mobai had already brought a spoonful to his mouth, chewing with satisfaction. He had eaten a dozen plates by now, but he still believed he could eat it every day as he looked at the fried rice, savoring the pleasant aroma and the intoxicating taste.

Mag took a glance at Habeng who was moving his mouth, and then went back to the kitchen, wondering how long the orc would be able to endure. Perhaps the next plate will make him give up.

Habeng put his arms down as soon as Mag left. He watched while Mobai was eating quickly. “Is it really that good, Mobai?” he asked in a low voice.

“Why would I lie to you?” Mobai quirked his mouth and took another bite, feeling the warm current soothing his weariness in his muscles. It felt so comfortable that he wanted to call out.

Habeng watched Mobai’s happy face, and couldn’t take it anymore. “Let me try it,” Habeng said as he bent his head over.

“Absolutely not!” Mobai took his plate away, fearing that he would take it by force. He pointed at the menu on the table. “Order it yourself.”

“But…” Habeng looked at the menu, and then cast a furtive glance over his shoulder at Amy behind the counter, not knowing what to do. I have sworn on my club, and I’ll make a fool of myself if I order now.

However, this Yangzhou fried rice smelled really good, and he couldn’t hold back his desire to order one as he looked at Conti and Mobai stuffing themselves.

“If someone wants to order, Amy will have to pretend that she didn’t hear what he has just said. After all, Father’s rainbow fried rice is too good to say no to it. You’re a real piece of work.” Amy sighed as she turned around.