Chapter 38 - Crowdfunding

Chapter 38 of 200 chapters

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The system fell silent for a long time. Finally, it said, “Please complete your mission in a normal way. Crowdfunding would cause serious problems for system!” The system seemed a little offended.

“I don’t care. I’ll start the crowdfunding campaign tomorrow and raise 3,000 gold coins. Then I’ll use the money to buy the ingredients.” Mag paused a moment. “3,000 gold coins, cash,” he said calmly.

“Deal,” the system answered instantly.

Mag curled his lip. The system indeed has no principles. He smiled and stroked Amy’s head. “I’ll make la zhi roujiamo for you the day after tomorrow, okay?”

“La zhi roujiamo?” Amy’s eyes lit up immediately. “What is that, Father?” she asked curiously as she looked at Mag.

“It tastes a hundredfold better than pancakes. You’ll know when you wake up that morning.” Mag kept her in suspense and didn’t say much.

“Then it must be very good.” Amy looked at Mag expectantly, thinking about the taste which was a hundredfold better than pancakes.

“Yes. Go wash up, change into your sleepwear, and lie in bed. I’ll tell you a story after I do the dishes and clean the restaurant.” Mag took back his hand.

“Okay.” Amy nodded meekly. She climbed down the long-legged chair, squatted on the floor beside the egg, and patted it softly. “Sleep well, ugly duckling, and hatch out quickly,” she said in a serious voice. Then she climbed the stairs with some effort on her short legs.

Mag chuckled and took a look at the big egg, feeling a little sorry for the little creature that had been named ugly duckling before it even hatched.

Mag put the dishes in the dishwasher, wiped the 16 tables clean, and mopped the floor. He smiled as he looked at his restaurant that was clean and tidy. He was a little tired, but he felt fulfilled. It could be considered his form of exercise, and he didn’t need any employees for now.

When Mag turned off the lights and went upstairs, Amy was already asleep in her purple bear sleepwear. Her beautiful eyelashes were slightly moving, and she looked like a little angel.

Mag put her little hand under the quilt and tucked her in. The little thing seemed very sleepy today.

“System, I want to buy a pair of pajamas, and make sure they have a big brown bear,” Mag said in his mind.


“I’ll pay in cash.”

“Your sleepwear is in your wardrobe.”

Mag opened his wardrobe. Inside, he found a pair of fuzzy brown pajamas with a big bear on the front.

Mag nodded contentedly. “Good.” He picked them up and went to the bathroom.

He would never have worn pajamas like these in his previous life. Not for one second would he even entertain the idea of wearing them.

Yet, right now, he thought, Amy will be very happy when she sees this in the morning.

Mag took a bath, changed into his sleepwear, and walked to the bedroom. He pondered on the crowdfunding campaign. This concept must be beyond the people in this world. Besides, the restaurant has only operated for two days. It’s not easy to raise such a large amount of money.

After a while, Mag had a general idea. The customers that came to his restaurant these days could be seen as members of the middle class; they had some money. He had learned some information from their talks.

Mobai was one of the few dwarf craftsmen in Chaos City. His work was worth 1,000 gold coins each. He ate two plates of Yangzhou fried rice three times a day. He liked its taste, and probably also liked its effect on his muscles. He could become a long-term customer.

Habeng and Haga were an orc chief’s two sons, responsible for making purchases for their tribe. They were wealthy enough to afford the weapons for their warriors from Mobai, which made Mag think of the police in Dubai, who were equipped with supercars as their patrol cars.

As for Conti, he didn’t reveal too much information, but his accessories that he showed casually—except for his donkey—proved he was definitely wealthy, maybe a rich second generation.

He still remembered the elf lady from yesterday. Since she didn’t come back, she might not have much money in her pocket, so Mag didn’t count her in.

There were still a few others who had come today. Mag didn’t know much about them, so it would be too forward for him to ask them. Therefore, he didn’t count them in, either.

Mag had made up his mind. He took a look at his sleeping girl, turned off the light, and fell asleep quickly.

After a good night’s sleep, Mag opened his eyes in the morning and saw a little girl standing by his bedside. She was looking at him with a pleasant surprise, her little mouth slightly open.

“Our Amy woke up so early.” Mag sat up and stroked Amy’s hair, smiling.

“Yes. Father’s clothes have a bear like mine, and it’s a big bear. Amy’s bear is small. So it’s little bear and her father?” Amy asked as she pointed at the big bear on Mag’s sleepwear.

Mag nodded, smiling. “Yes, do you like it?”

Amy threw herself into Mag’s arms, rubbed his chest with her face, and narrowed her eyes in comfort. “Yes! I love it! It’s so soft and warm.”

Mag looked at Amy, who was leaning on his chest like a cat, and felt his heart was going to melt. He played with her for a while before he washed up and went downstairs with her.

When they were downstairs, Amy disentangled herself from Mag, stroked her ahoge, and looked at him. “Other fathers all tie up their daughters’ hair. When will you be able to tie my hair, Father?” She pouted.

“Um… I’ll learn.” Mag scratched his head awkwardly. It was a difficult problem for him. If today’s crowdfunding campaign goes well, I’ll buy the experience bag for braiding hair first, and then I can do any hairstyles she wants.

“Father, you can do it, I’m sure.” Amy clenched her little fist and gave him an encouraging look.

Mag nodded, a little amused. “Thank you.”

After he had breakfast with Amy, Mag took some paper and a pen and wrote six identical receipts, with each one being 500 gold coins. Then he checked them again carefully. By then, it was already time to open his restaurant, so he went to the door and opened it.

“Business was good yesterday, Mag.” Mobai came here first again. He took a seat at his usual table. “As always, two plates of Yangzhou fried rice,” he said, smiling.

Mag nodded with a smile. “It was all thanks to you. Please wait a second.”

Habeng and Haga arrived when Mobai had just seated himself. “Mag, we’re here again. Five plates each.” Then, hoofbeats came from outside.

Mag nodded with a smile, but he didn’t walk to the kitchen immediately. He waited until Conti entered. “Since the restaurant has just opened, we have a little trouble with money. So I plan to start a crowdfunding campaign for a new dish. Are you interested?” Mag asked as he looked at them.