Chapter 47 - Your Rainbow Fried Rice

Chapter 47 of 200 chapters

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Luna was much relieved when she heard Amy’s voice, but as she dropped her gaze to look at Amy, she was taken aback.

Amy was wearing a beautiful purple dress today, with an exquisite golden red embroidered flower on the front. She had two skillfully braided cute little braids, and her clean face was full of joy.

Amy used to wear old linen clothes and crouch in a corner all by herself with messy hair, which was a really sorrowful sight. However, now she had become a lovely princess; Luna was both surprised and relieved.

What surprised her even more was that the man was Amy’s father, who had been badly ill as far as she could remember. Once, when she saw them from afar, he was wearing shabby old cotton clothes; he hobbled, hunched up, his face half-covered by his whiskers, looking like a very old man.

Luna didn’t know what dramatic changes had fallen on him in such a short time, but still she nodded at him with courtesy. “Nice to meet you. I’m Luna Field who taught Amy math before. I haven’t seen her at school for a few days, so I wanted to check on her before I go to work,” she said with a smile.

Mag nodded, smiling. “Nice to meet you, Miss Field. I’m Mag, Amy’s father. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for Amy.” He could sense certain vigilance and distance the smiling girl maintained, and he liked it too.

She was the teacher Amy had often mentioned, and treated Amy well in this Chaos City; she’d taught her math, let her inside the classroom, brushed her hair, and often gave her something to eat, which would be taken home by her and shared with her father.

It could be said that she had warmed Amy and protected her last bit of innocence when he was at his lowest point in life. Doubtlessly, Mag would always remember that.

His predecessor might have not talked to Luna directly, but he had done his research on people who would come into contact with Amy; it was not very detailed, but still detailed enough to know whether they were dangerous or not.

Luna should be of noble birth in the Roth Empire; somehow, she ended up in Chaos City and became a math teacher in the Chaos School under the Gray Temple.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad to see Amy is okay.” Luna smiled and stroked Amy’s hair. Her vigilance was totally gone when she looked at Amy, her smile sincere and gentle, like a mother’s.

“Teacher Luna, don’t worry. I’m all right. Father conjured up a big house and made Amy delicious rainbow fried rice and roujiamo,” said Amy with a smile. Then she held out her little hand and grabbed one of Luna’s fingers. “Father, will you make a plate of rainbow fried rice for Teacher Luna, please?” she begged as she looked back at her father.

Mag nodded, smiling. “Sure.” Then he looked at Luna and said, “Miss Field, please come in if you haven’t had your breakfast.”

“Well…” Luna hesitated. It was true that she hadn’t eaten her breakfast, but she only came here to see Amy, and it would take her more than 20 minutes to get to the Chaos School. She might be late for class if she ate here.

“Teacher Luna, please come in. Father’s rainbow fried rice is really great,” Amy begged as she swung Luna’s finger.

Luna took a look at Amy’s expectant face and saw that she really wanted her to try this fried rice very badly. Her heart softened, and she nodded with a smile. “Okay. Then I’ll have a plate of this rainbow fried rice.”

“Please come in.” Mag held the door open for her and turned sideways to let her pass.

Luna nodded gently. “Thank you.” She took Amy’s hand and walked in the restaurant, feeling good and comfortable because Mag had held the door open for her, and because he had a kind smile and kept his distance. She hadn’t seen a man so gentlemanly for a long time since she came here.

Mag took a look at Mobai’s forge as he turned over his sign, feeling a little surprised that he hadn’t come for his breakfast today. Then he went back inside.

Luna took a look around as she held Amy’s hand. The restaurant was decorated with brown and gray, which made her very comfortable; the paintings on the wall were of surprisingly high taste; the brown log tables and chairs were evenly placed. It wasn’t crowded at all. The beautiful chandeliers and bright restaurant were grand, but made her feel at ease.

She hadn’t ever been to a restaurant like this before; such a comfortable restaurant couldn’t be found even in the whole capital city. She took her seat by the window. “I’d like a plate of rainbow fried rice that Amy recommended. Thank you,” she said as she looked up at Mag.

Mag nodded with a smile. “Okay. Please wait a second.” He took a look at Amy who had already sat opposite Luna, and then walked towards the kitchen, smiling.

“Teacher Luna, it’s really very good,” she said as she looked at her teacher, her chin in her hands and her face very serious.

Luna nodded, smiling. “I believe you, Amy.” She saw the menu at her elbow and picked it up out of curiosity. The bison-hide cover was soft to the touch. She opened it, and froze for an instant.

There was only one dish on such a big menu.

“Yangzhou fried rice?” Luna read in a low voice. It should be the rainbow fried rice that Amy has talked about. But what is ‘Yangzhou’? Is it some kind of ingredient? Or some place?

Then she saw the price and frowned. 600 copper coins each?

She didn’t know what this Yangzhou fried rice or rainbow fried rice was, but it sure cost a lot of money—an amount that could last a normal family for days.

She only got 30 gold coins every month teaching in the Chaos School. She might receive hundreds more from home each month, but normally she didn’t spend that money on herself—there were lots of children in this city who didn’t even have enough to eat.

It was truly extravagant for her to spend 600 copper coins on a single meal. However, looking at Amy’s expectant face and Mag’s focused back, she closed the menu with a smile.

Seeing that there is only one dish on the menu, and with such a high price, their restaurant should have opened very recently. Maybe I’m the first customer. They’re trying to start a new life, so I’ll have a plate and start them off, Luna thought.

Of course, this was an extravagance that she could only afford once in a while.

After a little while, Mag walked out, holding a plate of Yangzhou fried rice. He placed it gently in front of Luna. “Your rainbow fried rice, also known as Yangzhou fried rice. Please enjoy.”