Chapter 62 - The First Demon Customer

Chapter 62 of 200 chapters

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“Mag, your roujiamo is very delicious, and can help me lose weight at that.”

Harrison’s excitement was partially because of the tasty food, and partially due to the feeling he felt after he swallowed it. His fat was slightly shaking as blood was pumping through his veins. He felt his fat was burning more violently than when his father forced him to practice with his sword.

What did this mean?

It meant if such a delicious thing was able to help lose weight, then that would be good news for the obese!

It was each and every foodie’s dream to lose weight while wolfing down tasty food, but nobody had ever heard of the existence of such food.

Now, it seemed such food had appeared, and he had just eaten it. He could feel very strongly and clearly that his blood was rushing, and that his fat was burning.

Although I can’t lose a lot of weight all of a sudden, one roujiamo still has almost the same effect as practicing with my sword for half an hour. Maybe I can lose weight by eating several of these every day instead of practicing with a sword, he thought.

Harrison became more excited when he thought about this. He didn’t feel ashamed of his fat body, but it was quite natural for him to want to lose some weight; after all, he knew too well the uncomfortable feeling of panting after only a few steps.

He had several friends who were more or less in the same situation as him. They hung out together, eating and drinking a lot. They were fat too, just like him. He had planned to bring them here in a couple of days and show them what real delicious food was like.

Now that he had felt the fantastic effect of this roujiamo, he felt like bringing them here sooner. It’s so good and can help lose weight. Perhaps only a genius like Mag can pull this off.

Mag watched the sweating Harrison, whose fat was still slightly shaking, and accepted his praise with a smile. He was also a little surprised, though.

Apparently, roujiamo has a stronger effect on fatter people. Look at the shaking speed of his fat! If it could help lose weight, that would be great. Maybe this point alone is enough to ignite a surge in the sales of roujiamo, Mag thought.

But the system said the frenzy elements in the pork would only affect the blood. Then why fat is being burnt now? Mag was a little confused.

“Severely obese people’s veins would be pressed by fat,” the system explained. “So, to an extent, the rushing blood would exercise the fat inside and around the veins and thus can help lose weight. But this effect stops when the blood flow is normal again, so it doesn’t have much effect on moderately obese people. The main benefit of this la zhi roujiamo lies in its ability to stimulate the blood. It cannot be used to lose weight.”

Now Mag understood. No wonder he and Amy didn’t react like Harrison.

Still, this effect was good news for severely obese people. Even if they couldn’t become lean by eating this roujiamo, at least they could become much healthier.

After system’s explanation, Mag looked at Harrison, and said, “This losing-weight effect may only be effective until your body returns to normal. If you want to lose weight, dieting and exercising is still the best way.”

This selling point would certainly popularize his roujiamo very fast, but there might be problems if it was not as effective as customers had expected.

The taste alone was worth the price, and these extra effects came free. Mag’s roujiamo was so unique that even if there were knockoffs, he didn’t have to worry about his business.

Harrison nodded. “Oh.” He took a look at the small-eyed lean man and found that his face became rosy and refreshed, and that he indeed wasn’t reacting the way he was. Then he thought on it and nodded with a smile. “Normal is good enough for me. Now I can’t do anything in this shape. I can’t even walk a few steps without breathing heavy. I’ll bring my friends here tomorrow. They will love this roujiamo. Please give me another two.”

Mag nodded, smiling. “Sure. Please wait a moment.” Customers’ friends were more than welcome now. He had to sell a large quantity of roujiamos and also reach the goal of getting 1,000 customers, which was not a small number.

Other customers also picked up their roujiamos and took a bite. They all showed a happy smile and let out a strange sound as they savored the tasty food in their mouth. The food was so powerful.

“I’d like one more please!”

“Me too!”

After just one bite, some customers already started to order again.

“I knew it. Father’s food is the best,” Amy muttered to herself as she stroked Ugly Duckling’s hair. Looking at the happy customers, she grinned happily.

Outside, a big man named Sargeras frowned as he looked at the restaurant. This is a restaurant?

He had been to many places before, and arrived at this city several days ago. He couldn’t remember how many times he had come here, and had never thought he could find a restaurant at this corner on the Aden Square this time. Looks like a human-owned restaurant from outside.

He took two steps forward and looked at the clear crystal glass. It was so transparent that he wanted to touch it with his lava-covered hand. Then he stopped immediately. It might break, and it must be very expensive. I don’t have a lot of money on me.

He didn’t have much money now; he had decided to go to the adventurer’s guild to find some quests that were harder but paid better. He would continue his journey when he had enough money.

It wasn’t very difficult for him to complete quests that were much harder for normal human adventurers, and the pay was very good. He could earn enough money to cover his next six months’ travel expenses in just 15 days here. Then he would resume his journey in search of a way to get to a higher level.

Sargeras looked inside through the glass. He found several humans and a dwarf. They looked very happy, eating something from a small bag. Judging by their looks, the food seems to be tasty. Then he nodded after a little hesitation. Let me check it out. Human cuisine is truly the best on the whole continent. I’ll have some breakfast and then go to the guild. He opened the door and walked in.

The bells rang. Mag was just putting down a plate of Yangzhou fried rice before Mobai. He looked towards the door and was a little startled when he saw who came in.

It was his first demon customer.