Chapter 66 - Burn, Big Bald Head!

Chapter 66 of 200 chapters

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Mag took a look at the gold coins in Sargeras’ hands—thirteen, no more, no less. He said he wanted 10 more. Looks like he doesn’t have enough money on him today. Mag wanted to chuckle.

The two customers outside didn’t see anything disturbing happen. They watched a small-eyed man walk out and leave satisfied and relaxed, so they figured it should be all right for them to eat here. They hesitated for a moment and walked inside.

“Owner, I think 10 gold coins is too much for a wooden chair. I can buy one with two. I’ll give you four and buy another two roujiamos with the remaining six. What do you say?” Sargeras raised his voice, looking at Mag with his red eyes.

Sargeras always spoke bluntly with males. Now, he was using a much more polite tone because of roujiamo. Once, he would have held a big fireball in his hand.

The two men who had just walked in withdrew a little as they saw the angry lava demon. But when they heard his words, they were a little surprised. Looks like his stomach has succumbed to Mag’s food.

He is haggling with a human just to get two roujiamos—this demon is hopeless,they thought.

Even a demon didn’t care about losing face before this roujiamo. Their expectations had been raised a lot. They walked inside and seated themselves, waiting for Mag to deal with his problem first.

Obviously, Mag was not in the least frightened by Sargeras. He shook his head. “Sorry. All the tables and chairs are customized, and to make them more pleasant to the eye, they are all made from the same tree. Other chairs would break this uniformity, so they are not acceptable. A customized chair like this costs 10 gold coins.”

Even a log from the depths of the Wind Forest was worth a lot in the capital of the Roth Empire. A 10-gold-coin chair that matched the style of the restaurant was definitely worth the money.

If it were not for the fact that the system could get its hands on a lot of precious things, Mag wouldn’t be surprised if this chair were sold at 100 gold coins. He was just a little worried that elves might recognize their wood. It’d better not be some holy tree or something, Mag thought.

When the customers heard Mag’s words, their eyes lit up. They were all starting to check the chairs and tables. Now they noticed that the growth rings on every table were identical, and even the coloration was the same. No wonder they felt the restaurant was so harmonious.

More surprisingly, there were 16 tables and 64 matching chairs in total, and they were all from the same tree! It must have been huge! No such tree existed around Chaos City.

Even if there were one in the depths of the faraway mountains, it would undoubtedly cost a fortune to cut it down, carry it out, and make it into tables and chairs of the same style.

The restaurant has gone through all this trouble to make tables and chairs for us customers! They felt really honored and respected.

Three gold coins is too expensive for a roujiamo? No, even six is worth the enjoyment of eating such a delicious roujiamo in such a fancy restaurant!

Some customers were already starting to feel that way. They set their eyes on other decorations. Even tables and chairs are so exquisite, so other fancy ornaments must be marvelous too.

On second thought, they decided they had to be more careful—they might have to pay a lot of money for every object they broke here.

Mag’s words inadvertently raised the quality and class of the restaurant in customers’ mind. Most of the people who came here in the early morning to eat a three-gold-coin roujiamo didn’t have to work their as*es off for money; they were starting to truly live their life.

“I… I…” The flames on Sargeras suddenly rose again. He was truly very angry. He stuffed the half roujiamo in his mouth, chewed several times, and swallowed. The fire became even fiercer.

He had learned this time. He knew he had to keep away from the table and the door; after all, they looked more expensive. He was staring at Mag, ready to scare him with a big fireball.

Chairs were all the same as far as he was concerned. He decided that Mag’s fancy words were meant to confuse and trick him into paying a lot. He wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Amy was standing in front of Mag. She put Ugly Duckling on the floor. “Big Bald Head, you have to listen to my father, or I’ll use my fireball on you,” she said solemnly as she looked up at the lava-covered flaming Sargeras.

“Move away, kid. This is between me and your father,” Sargeras said in a hoarse voice. Amy was cramping his style.

The customers became a little nervous. In their eyes, little Amy and weak Mag didn’t stand a chance against the lava-covered flaming Sargeras.

Frowning, Mobai turned his head, but he didn’t seem very worried. Amy’s fireball had frightened Habeng, and Mag was certainly no ordinary man, so he was sure that they wouldn’t let anything dangerous happen to him.

Amy sighed. “Well, it can’t be helped. Why won’t you listen?” She extended her hand, and a bluish violet fire suddenly appeared and became a fist-sized fireball. “Pay now, or I’ll set you on fire!” she said seriously as she gazed at Sargeras.

Sargeras took a look at the little fireball in Amy’s hand and chuckled. “Do you plan to burn me with this little spark?” Then he frowned and looked at Mag. “Owner, you want to hide behind your little girl?”

“My father is very powerful. But collecting money is my job, so, burn, Big Bald Head!” Amy said angrily before Mag could say a word. With a swing of her hand, the bluish violet fireball flew towards Sargeras immediately.

“Oho.” Sargeras looked at the little fireball which wasn’t much bigger than his thumb, and didn’t seem to care. He reached out with his right hand casually, planning to grab and put it out.

However, the moment the fireball reached Sargeras’ hand, it exploded directly!