Chapter 72 - It Will Get Fat

Chapter 72 of 200 chapters

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The young lady had looked at him for a moment. Then she’d removed a gourd from her belt and tossed it to him, saying that it was some spring water from her home and that it would quench his thirst. After that, she started going up the stairs again.

Not everybody had the right to enter the Magus Tower, and it was off-limits to other species. The concern and warmth he felt before he breathed his last made him open the gourd and take a drink, and he realized immediately that it was the milk of life, which was more precious than the water from the Spring of Life.

There were only three drops in that gourd, and they prolonged his life by more than 10 years.

She gave away such an invaluable thing to him—a random old man—as if it were just a bottle of water. And she didn’t even know his name.

He learned later that she was the princess of elves’, the sole successor to the throne. She had brought that milk of life from home for when she was thirsty. She saw him coughing and gave it to him.

It was her first time to come to the Roth Empire. The elf officials were paying a friendly visit and she tagged along. She somehow managed to trick the guards into letting her in. She went up to the top floor and wrote down “The elf princess was here!” Then, she left contentedly.

She was the princess, so the king could not discipline her. He even retained the green writing of hers as a proof of friendship between two countries.

Krassu brought his thoughts back and nodded at Amy, smiling. “Thank you,” he said. This little girl is much like her. Maybe because she is half-elf. He pushed open the door and left.

He hadn’t heard from elves for years. The truth of that incident had been totally blocked, and all he knew was some hearsay that Alex had been badly wounded and then killed in a demon ambush. Nobody had heard from the elf princess ever since. No one would link these two things together, except for the few people holding high ranks in those two species.

“Looks like the owner doesn’t want his girl to leave him. Should I bring him to the Tower as well?” Krassu muttered as he took a glance back. Then he limped away, leaning on his staff.

Not far away, at the door of the magic potion shop, Urien stood in his black robe, narrowing his eyes watching Krassu leave. “Why did he leave that Coffin Tower?” he muttered to himself as a deep green flame was dancing in his hand. Then he turned his head and saw Mag and Amy walk out. He frowned as he looked at Amy. “That old man wanted to make the little girl his disciple?”

Mag caught Urien’s look. It’s a good thing that Amy is a genius, but somehow it doesn’t feel good to see her being targeted by others.

Krassu looked decent. It was an honor to serve the royals, and with this honor came responsibility and restraint. His black-robed neighbor, however, was making him worry that he might be a dark magic caster. His look, his voice, and his slow actions were oozing cold and darkness.

Amy stopped at their neighbor’s shop. “Good morning, Turtle Grandpa. Black Coal, Green Pea, hello!” she said with a smile.

Mag raised an eyebrow. “Turtle…” To be sure, Urien was a little hunchbacked, but normally, people didn’t like this kind of nickname—it was a little rude 1 . Amy was too little to know such a thing, but Mag was embarrassed. He wanted to apologize.

Urien lifted his eyes slightly. “Good morning,” he said, his voice harsh and terrifying like the sound of metal rubbing together.

Mag bit back his words. Seems like he isn’t averse to his nickname. But I know this look from Krassu. If he wanted to take Amy on as a disciple too, that would be a real headache.

“Amy, what’s that ugly thing in your arms?” Black Coal asked as he moved closer. He still had two leaves on his body.

“It’s clearly more adorable than you,” Green Pea said, casting a disdainful glance at Black Coal. “But aren’t cats only black or white? Why is it orange and white?” she asked curiously.

“Meow!” Ugly Duckling cried out at the crow. It reached out its pink paws as if trying to show its claws. It sounded like a baby, though.

“A cat!” Black Coal jumped back in startlement, but he cocked his head as he took another look at the kitten. “I’m the honorable Fama Odin Ben. I’ll never be frightened by an abnormal, ugly kitten,” he said proudly.

Amy shook her head. “It’s not a kitten. It’s an ugly duckling.” She stroked its hair to comfort it. “Black Coal, you’re the ugliest one here, and Ugly Duckling can only be the second ugliest. And it will grow up.”

Black Coal became a little nervous again. Watching the little kitten wagging its tail proudly, he sneered, “I’m not afraid of that little thing. Look at his short legs. It’s not able to reach me. Besides, growing up in a restaurant, it will get fat.”

Mag gave Amy’s head a stroke, smiling. “Let’s go, Amy. I have to prepare the ingredients when we get back,” he said. The ingredients for la zhi roujiamo have to be processed in advance, and this magic caster’s staring is making me uncomfortable.

“Bye,” Amy said, waving her hand, and left with Mag.

“Maybe I can look into her as well. If she has a talent for the dark magic, I will steal her from that old man. It would be very interesting…” Urien muttered to himself as he watched Amy leave.

After they got back from the market, Mag bottled some sheep milk for Amy and the kitten. He watched as they sucked happily. Then he poured some for himself. He knew his strength couldn’t recover in a short time, but he could feel his strength growing slowly.

As he was kneading dough, he checked his mission schedule in his head. He wasn’t worried about selling 1,000 roujiamos. Working at this pace, he could finish it in about six days.

However, the mission of getting 1,000 customers was not looking good. Only 10 new customers had come in the morning. Regular customers were too many. He was a little anxious.

I have to be more efficient. The ordering and serving are taking too much time. Amy clearly can’t handle these two things. Maybe I should hire someone to work for me,Mag thought.

As for the purchasing limit strategy, he still didn’t want to try it. If customers couldn’t have their fill of food, should they starve or go to another restaurant?