Chapter 74 - Maybe Because They Are Not Cute Enough

Chapter 74 of 200 chapters

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Ugly Duckling stuck its head out of Amy’s arms and watched with wide eyes. It had never seen so many fatties before. Its eyes were shining with curiosity.

Mag was also a little startled when he came out holding four roujiamos.Harrison said he would bring his friends here. Never thought he would bring five.

As he gazed at these six unusual customers, suddenly, Mag pictured a certain sight: six fatties were gobbling down roujiamo while their body fat was shaking all over…

It was too beautiful a picture for Mag to imagine.

He was very happy to have five new customers, though.

“Mag, I’d like three roujiamos,” Harrison said as he took a seat. Ever since yesterday noon, he had been eating here for his every meal. He had woken up a little late this morning, so roujiamos had been sold out when he arrived for breakfast. That was why they came here shortly after the restaurant opened at noon.

Mag nodded. “Sure. Please wait a sec.” He turned to go to the kitchen.

They split up into groups of three.

The one in yellow took several deep sniffs the moment he sat down. “Smells great!” He looked around, trying to find the source.

“Yeah. What’s this meat? Why does it smell this good?” they asked Harrison as they swallowed. It’s unlike grilled meat. It’s much more appetizing.

Then their eyes caught the roujiamo in the hands of that small-eyed man. The enticing smell tickled their noses. They could see a white bread in a brownish yellow bag and a thick layer of meat stuffed inside the bread. They watched as he narrowed his eyes and took a large bite, chewing happily. They watched as he slowly swallowed.

They practically swallowed at the same time.

“What’s that?!”

“I want that!”

They all turned their heads to look at Harrison, waiting urgently for his answer. It was not easy for foodies to watch as others were gorging on delicious food.

“This is the la zhi roujiamo I’ve told you about,” Harrison said calmly. Inside, he was having a blast. He loved to see their astonished faces.

“Owner, I’d like three la zhi roujiamos!”

“Me too!”

“Same here!”

No sooner had Harrison spoken than they started ordering. They could eat as much as Harrison, so they had all ordered three.

“Okay. Just a moment, please,” Mag said as he put a plate of Yangzhou fried rice before a customer. Then he turned and went into the kitchen. He was busy like a bee.

“What’s that colorful dish? It looks good too,” the fatty in red asked curiously as he looked at the Yangzhou fried rice.

“Rainbow fried rice. It’s very good,” Amy answered behind the counter. She found it really interesting to watch the Melon Regiment.

They all looked in the direction of the sound, and their eyes lit up when they saw a lovely Amy sitting there while holding a strange-colored cat. Such a cute little girl! She looks like a half-elf, but she is much more adorable than a true elf.

“This is the owner’s daughter…” Harrison warned as he put a hand over his mouth to muffle his voice.

This morning, he had seen with his own eyes when Amy’s fireball beat a lava demon. She may look adorable, but she is a real badass.

“She’s so cute and not as terrifying as you described,” the fatty in blue said as he waved his hand. “Demons and orcs must have been defeated by her cuteness.” He thought Amy was harmless, and refused to believe the fact that she possessed horrible power.

The one in red nodded in agreement. “Exactly. I’ve never seen such an adorable girl before.”

“Say what you will.” Harrison put a hand on his forehead. Making them believe Amy is terrifying is a headache.

“Little lady, I’d like a plate of this very good rainbow fried rice,” the fatty in blue said to Amy with a smile. Gjergj Francois was the oldest among them. His family owned several forges, and two were his, but he didn’t have to do anything, so he just followed Harrison and others around.

The difference between him and the others was that he was married and had three sons. The oldest was five.

Gjergj always wanted a daughter, but all he had were boys. Now, the fourth one was already in his wife’s belly. She had told him if the fourth one was also a boy, he could get a concubine to bear him a girl, and that she wouldn’t bear another child no matter what.

Of course, he didn’t dare to get a concubine. His normally kind wife had been holding a pair of scissors when she said that. If it hadn’t been for his sharp eyes, he might have been castrated.

His resentment and anticipation made him care for little girls. He envied Mag having Amy. Such a lovely girl. He must be very happy.

Amy nodded. “Okay.” Then she turned and shouted, “Father, Blue Fatty wants a plate of rainbow fried rice.”


Harrison and others burst out laughing. They were of similar build, but they still laughed out loud hearing Gjergj’s nickname.

Gjergj froze for an instant, and his face became a little odd. Did she just call me a blue fatty? But looking at Amy’s lovely and sincere face, he was unable to get angry; instead, even he was tempted to laugh.

“Yellow Fatty, Green Fatty, Red Fatty, Cyan Fatty, and Gray Fatty, why are you laughing?” she asked curiously as they threw back their heads and howled with laughter.

Their laughter broke off suddenly. They looked at each other’s clothes, and then their faces became colorful.

The same thought went across their minds. She is indeed not as simple as she looks! They found her both irritating and cute.

“Haha, Red Fatty.” Harrison couldn’t hold back his laughter. He guffawed at the fatty in red opposite him.

“Shut up, you Gray Fatty.” The one in red seemed a little embarrassed, but he felt like laughing too.

“Why? We’re being laughed at, but we want to chuckle. There was a time when we would have overturned the table if someone laughed at us,” the one in yellow said confusedly, trying to refrain from laughing.

“Maybe because they were not cute enough.” The one in cyan sighed deeply.