Chapter 89 - Mag Turned Him Down?!

Chapter 89 of 200 chapters

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“White-bearded grandpa” had become “half-beard grandpa”, and he got scorned by her. Krassu had no choice but to bite back his words. He blushed as he thought about what he had just said, and turned to give Sargeras a glare.

Sargeras was a little scared, but he couldn’t help laughing. He had been holding back his laughter, but Amy’s words had completely set it off. He lowered his head to avoid Krassu’s eyes and kept laughing with his mouth covered. His shoulders were shaking violently. Never had he seen anything so funny for decades.

“Half-beard grandpa, don’t scare Big Bald Head. If he got angry, he might burn away the rest of your beard. Then you’d become beardless grandpa,” Amy warned, looking at the old man.

Krassu turned to Amy with a big smile, and said in a soft voice, “It was just an accident. I can use fireball magic as well. And mine is bigger and more—”

“Your second Yangzhou fried rice,” Mag interrupted, putting the plate in front of the old magic caster. “I have told you. Amy is so little, I’m not going to let her leave me to study magic. If she likes to, I’ll find her a teacher to teach her here,” he said solemnly.

Before the customers had recovered from the shock of Krassu’s calmness, Mag’s rejecting him shocked them even more.

Sounds like it’s not the first time that Mag has rejected him. She must be real talented if she could make the old magic caster come down off his high horse to try to bait her behind Mag’s back.

“Mag turned him down?!” Harrison said as he gaped at Mag, mouth open. It would bring a great honor to his family if she became a royal magic caster’s disciple.

Every year, numerous people went to great lengths to send their children to that tower in Rodu. They were happy even if their children could be accepted only as servants. They were counting on the chance that someday their kids might catch a magic caster’s eye.

The old man has offered to take Amy on as his disciple, and Mag turned him down because he doesn’t want Amy to leave his side?! Harrison didn’t understand.

“I find it very natural. If I had such a cute girl, I’d do the same,” Gjergj said adamantly as he looked at Mag. “No one could take her away from me, not even a royal magic caster.”

“Yes. I will never leave my father,” Amy said to Krassu, nodding seriously. “Half-beard grandpa, I can teach you when I have time if you really want to learn. I have to collect money now. I’m very busy.”

Krassu took a look at Mag, who was so determined, and then at Amy, who had shown great interest in becoming his master. “I think I’d better finish this rice before it gets cold.” He picked up the spoon quietly and got back to his fried rice, frowning thoughtfully.

He had planned to take Amy back to the Magus Tower to teach her there. The tower had been constantly repaired and improved by the royalty. Other than elves’ Secret Dream Land, it was the perfect place to learn magic. Those magic rooms would make learning faster.

But it seems Mag is very determined to keep Amy at his side. He is pretty wealthy, so money won’t sway him. He has excellent cooking skills, but he chose to stay in Chaos City, so he probably doesn’t care much about the advantages he might get from the Roth Empire. And he hasn’t shown any interest in my magic, thought Krassu.

These three advantages he had seemed worthless to Mag. Above all, he loved Amy more than anything. Krassu was a little upset; he didn’t know what he had to do to change Mag’s mind.

Mag took a glance at Krassu, who stopped badgering Amy, and turned to walk into the kitchen.

He had been a little worried after Krassu had revealed who he was. After all, he had no chance against such a powerful magic caster.

The fact that Amy could burn his beard was mainly because he had been absent-minded for a moment, and because he hadn’t taken her seriously. Amy was to Krassu as an ant was to an elephant.

Fortunately, Krassu seems quite reasonable. He hasn’t forced us to comply with his power and social position. Still, I will never let Amy go to that dangerous tower alone, Mag thought.

This little episode blew over after Krassu started eating again. The old man hadn’t escalated it, so it was more like a joke between him and Amy.

Today’s customers had made sure that the owner’s girl was a badass. She even dares to burn a royal magic caster’s beard. We definitely must pay after eating.

Those that had been served became lost in the good food quickly, enjoying the pleasant taste.

The inviting aroma and the delighted looks on their faces made many of those that had entered out of curiosity order a plate in spite of themselves. They wanted to try this appetizing dish even if they could barely afford it.

Mag put three roujiamos before Sargeras and warned the nearby customers to stay away from him. He didn’t want the demon scaring his customers.

Sure enough, a ball of flame came out of his mouth after he took a large bite of roujiamo. His lava was burning red, and flames arose from his body.

Luckily, he had learned. He was sitting on the iron chair he had brought along, far from the table and the wall. The only part that wasn’t on fire was his roujiamo-holding hand. Other customers watched him in fright as he wolfed down his food.

“Mag, I’d like two plates of Yangzhou fried rice to go, please. Both my wife and kids like your fried rice,” Gjergj said with a smile as he took his second roujiamo.

Mag shook his head. “I’m sorry, but right now, one person can only have one plate of food to go because I have to serve the customers eating here first.” More and more new customers were arriving, and he had a mission to accomplish, so he had to limit the takeout food.

“I see,” Gjergj said. He had promised his wife and kids that he would bring supper for them. His wife might come down hard on him if he brought only one plate back. Two of his kids who could already eat had eaten some fried rice at lunch time from their mother’s, Miranda’s, plate, and they had pestered him to bring some for their supper.

“Mag, I’d like one plate of Yangzhou fried rice to go as well. Just one,” Harrison said with a smile as he took a bite of his roujiamo, winking at Gjergj.