Chapter 99 - Yes, You Lose

Chapter 99 of 200 chapters

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Parmer resumed his seat. He looked at the five problems on the blackboard, and said to Amy confidently, “I’ll count to three and then we start. The one finishing them faster wins. One…”

“64, 42, 72, 48, 63. I’ve finished,” Amy said calmly, looking at the board.

Parmer had just counted to three. Before he could close his mouth and write down the problems, Amy had finished.

The classroom fell silent. They didn’t know if Amy had got all of them right, but she was unmistakably a lot faster than Parmer. Amy gave the answers before Parmer even started calculating. They all looked to their teacher, waiting for her to tell them the correct answers.

“Did you just say some random numbers?” Parmer asked, incredulous.

“I have calculated,” Amy said seriously, looking at Luna.

Luna looked at the board and gave the answers. “64, 42, 72, 48, 63. Amy’s answers are correct!” Her voice rose a little in astonishment.

Of course, these problems were easy to her, but even she had to calculate in her head to know the answers. It seems Amy knows the answers without having to think. Maybe only a genius can calculate this fast!

“Amy’s really amazing!” Daphne exclaimed. She had just said what other kids wanted to say. Parmer is incredible, but now it seems Amy is even more incredible than him.

“Holy moley! I can’t play with her anymore. All good-grade children are nuts,” Ignatsu said in fright, shaking his head disappointedly.

For a while, Parmer didn’t say anything. Then he nodded solemnly. “I lose,” he said. “Father said, win or lose, a man must always act like a man, especially before a woman.

Although maybe Father only said that to comfort himself because he is often beaten by Mother and doesn’t dare to hit back, I still think he has a point.

Amy nodded. “Yes, you lose.” Her voice wasn’t too proud, but she sounded as if she had seen it coming.

Her tone frustrated Parmer even more.

She’s so incredible! That was many children’s only thought about Amy. The shabby little girl has become even cleverer than Parmer.

Mag smiled. Our 9×9 table is beyond compare! Then he looked at the gentlemanly boy. His face looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen him.

The bell rang. The children immediately put this entire incident behind them and couldn’t wait for Luna to say “class dismissed”.

“All right. Class dismissed,” she said, not prolonging the class. Right now, Luna had a lot of questions on her mind. She took Amy by the hand and walked out of the classroom. “I’m sorry, Mag. Can I ask you a few questions?” she said. “If you don’t mind, can we talk in my office?”

Mag nodded, smiling. “Okay.” He had something to ask her too.

After they arrived at her office, Luna gave Amy a candy and had her play by herself on a chair nearby. She wasn’t able to hold back her questions any longer.

“How did Amy learn to do those problems so quickly in such a short time? I taught her a multiplication table before, but it has so many terms, she didn’t memorize them all. There’s no way she can solve those problems so quickly using that multiplication table.”

“I taught her a new multiplication table and a new numeral system. It’s much easier, so she could work out those answers so quickly.” Mag didn’t lie, because he trusted Luna, and there was no need to hide something like this.

It would be interesting to see the 9×9 table dominate this world.

War might be the fastest way to achieve integration, but it would also cause the most problems. It would be much better if culture could promote integration.

Luna’s eyes lit up immediately. “A new numeral system?” She had thought Amy had studied harder under Mag these days.

If this much easier numeral system really exists, it will be a milestone in the mathematics’ world! Her hands started shaking with excitement. “Mag, is this system universal?” she asked solemnly.

Mag nodded. “Yes, I think so,” he said. It has been used in China for thousands of years, so of course it’s universal.

But it would be impractical to just rely on Luna to spread this system. We need to involve a much larger institution, like the Gray Temple.

“Teacher Luna, Father is really incredible,” Amy said, holding Ugly Duckling in her arms, the look on her face very proud.

“Mag, I know it’s too forward, but can I have a look at this new system of yours?” Luna asked earnestly. “If you plan to publish it, maybe I can help. My grandfather is one of the educational officials in the Roth Empire. I can’t tell you his name, but he is dedicated to spreading knowledge of arithmetics. Our numeral system is too complicated, so not many people have the patience to learn it, and even less have mastered it. In Chaos School, every year only half the children can pass the arithmetic test when they finish their studying in the primary section.

“If your system is easier and universal, I’m sure he’ll be glad to help. Your name will live in the arithmetic history.”

It was all well and good to be able to live in history, but Mag didn’t want to be so conspicuous right now. The name Mag Alex had been a thorn in the flesh of many people in Rodu. If he stuck out now, a lot of people would be provoked.

He was a little surprised to find that Luna’s grandfather was an educational official. He had thought she was just a lady from a normal noble family.

Most of the people in Mag Alex’s life had been military men, so he didn’t know many officials from other departments. Now that I think about it, the name Field does ring a bell. I seem to recall that an old man from a royal banquet was a Field. We had a drink together. He could drink a lot. Maybe he and Luna are related.

Mag nodded, smiling. “Sure. I can show you the numeral system. But can I use the name Mamy instead of mine?” It was a perfect chance to advertise his restaurant.

If they name such epoch-making numeral system and the 9×9 table after a restaurant, I wonder what the kids here will think when they study the Mamy table,Mag thought.

Luna nodded. “Sure,” she said. It’s too early to talk about this sort of thing. I have to see the system first.